Shino Takeda Ceramics

by Amy Azzarito

After days of gray weather, the blue in the bowl above just hits the spot. Today, Shino Takeda lives and works in New York City, but she grew up on Kyushu Island in southern Japan, which has a rich tradition of ceramics that dates back to the early 17th century. At an early age, Shino was exposed to both Japanese ceramics and art through her mother’s collection. As a child, she traveled around Japan attending art shows and visiting ceramics studios. And when she decided to become a ceramics artist, Shino traveled back to Japan. Her ceramics strike the perfect balance between rustic and delicate, and I’m absolutely in love with the star fruit bowl. In addition to her work as a ceramic artist, Shino is the manager at one of my favorite restaurants, Blue Ribbon Sushi Brooklyn. Shino’s ceramics are sold at Nightwood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as well as on her Etsy shop. — Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Max Tielman

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