Made by Manos

by Grace Bonney

Textiles and tiny fragile vessels are my primary weaknesses in life (along with kittens). If I spot a good patterned rug, I’ll turn on a dime, and if a small ceramic bowl crosses my path, I will immediately stop and examine it like a stubborn dog on a leash. These gorgeous pieces from the Made by Manos Etsy shop combine my love of tiny ceramics with a passion for gold flecks on everything. The teensy walnut shells above are cute and perfect for the season, but what really gets me are the shop’s miniature vessels that seem to fit in the palm of your hand. What would you do with them? I have no idea, but I’d be tempted to group them on a table and just push them around and stare at them. They’re such perfect little packages of beautiful texture and color. And the bone china bowls with pearl luster around the rims? Swoon. Click here to check out the full Manos collection and shop online. xo, grace

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  • I’m so delighted you like the porcelain walnut shells. I can vouch that they are truely wonderful as I have seen them in the flesh! All of Manos’s work is excuisite and have a few pieces myself. He is a passionate designer and it shows in his art. Enjoy :-)

  • They are gorgeous! I’m glad I’m not the only one with small bowl obsessions. I love using them for small jewelry on the bathroom counter.