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Biz Ladies: DIY Online Display Advertisement

by Stephanie

Today’s Biz Ladies post comes from Veronica Stenberg, a graphic designer, online marketer and digital consultant. In addition to writing her recent e-book on successful digital marketing, Veronica has helped many biz ladies and fellas manage their online presence, from design to email campaigns. Today she offers some advice on how to create your own successful online display ad through several different methods. Thanks, Veronica, for this informative post! — Stephanie

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You don’t need to have a vast budget to get started with online display. You don’t even need to sign a contract with any display network company. You actually have flexible and low-cost options you can explore on your own that do not require any long-term commitment.

This post is for you, the small business owner who wants to be in control of both her budget and marketing activities without having to spend too much time doing so!

Another benefit of doing the ad-space sourcing and buying yourself is that you can create new, fun connections and also prompt deeper collaboration between yourself and the website owners, leading to new opportunities valuable for both parties.

For an easy “do it yourself” display advertisement, try the following:

  • Facebook display ads — Great for targeted ads at a lower cost that gather insight into the people who clicked your ad.
  • Google Display Network — Reaches approximately 80% of all the websites on the internet with great behavioral targeting options available if you spend some more time setting this up
  • Or you can source for suitable websites and blogs on your own.


If you don’t have a vast budget, you can start small by buying or even swapping ad space with suitable blogs, websites and niche magazines.

What to consider when sourcing suitable websites:

When contacting websites, ask for their media packs. This is a PDF or PowerPoint that will describe the demographics and site interactions of their website visitors. But it should also indicate how many unique visitors they have per week/month, as well as their options for placements, formats and prices.

What to consider when sourcing websites for display advertisements:

  • The general quality of the website — it’s look, feel, content, etc.
  • Visitors’ interests and profiles
  • Any activities the website may be doing to attract visitors
  • The number of unique visitors per week/month (indicates the site’s popularity and how fast your budget will be spent)
  • The number of page views per week/month/visitor (also indicates the site’s popularity and how fast your budget will be spent)
  • Whether the site matches your key customer and brand


With these three options, you can be in control of and also independent from bigger display networks, thus investing your marketing budget directly into the campaign and cutting the cost of any middleman.

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  • I’m not an advertiser, but Project Wonderful has always seemed like a well-run and easy to understand online display ad placement service, if your target demographic includes visually-aware computer-literate and also regular literate folks who like webcomics.
    Link: http://www.projectwonderful.com/
    Disclosure: Sort of? I do read a lot of Dino Comics, so I guess I am sort of biased to like other stuff Ryan North creates.

  • Sue – you are welcome – I hope you found the article useful.

    Jessica – thanks for the tip – I’m going to check that one out!

  • I agree with Jessica, Project Wonderful is how I’ve sloooowwly started to get more comfortable with putting ads on my site. Definitely a great way to get into it.