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vintage inspiration: lubok verlag bag

by Grace Bonney

Everyone has that one thing, whether it’s an obsession or a possession, that they know no one else loves but them. For my beloved Debbie from Singles, it was a pair of dangly earrings. For me, it’s this incredible black and white linocut paper bag from German art book publisher Lubok. Much like Debbie, I sometimes use it as a litmus test. If people love it, I feel an instant kinship with them — it’s like they’ve seen the weirdest part of me and still want to be my friend. For some people, this bag is terrifying, but for those of you who get and love its intense and kind of creepy/cool appeal, this roundup is for you. Technically this column is for vintage objects, so I hope you’ll grant me a one-time pass to celebrate my favorite possession. And thanks so much to Sarah Bedford who introduced me to this bag and helped me track it down. xo, grace

Photograph by Maxwell Tielman

“I love these earrings that nobody loves but me.” — Debbie Hunt from Singles

Images above, clockwise from top left: Slim Crew Sweater, $295; Lappljung Ruta Pillow, $10; Paulistana Armchair, $1550; Geometry Cup, $21; Enamel Triangle Studs, $58; Striped Candle, $24 for 2; Dansk Butter Warmer, $39.95; Bridget Kilim Rug, $595; Antwerp Floor Lamp, $500; Falcon Wright Clutch, $50; Arrow Sign, $20

Images above, clockwise from top left: Type Parfum, $110; Angle Shelf, $130; Speckled Pony Hair Oxfords, $89; Kaweco Pen Refill, $3; Slate Vase, $300; Barbell Table, $1250; Canvas Organizer, $45+; Ferm Living Shower Curtain, $115; Ferm Living Wire Basket, $85+; Go-Cart Table $169; Wave Hangers, $60 each; Batik Utensil, $38 for 3; Hadley Throw, $69.95

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Images above, clockwise from top left: Lappljung Ruta Rug, $69.99+; Salt & Pepper Set, $40; Dansk Casserole, $99.95; Kivet Sham, $39.95; Stockholm Rand Rug, $299; Räsymatto Bowl, $25; Bright Orange Filing Cabinet, $159; Virginia Johnson Scarf, $195

Images above, clockwise from top left: Capiz Pendant, $395+; Batik Salad Serving Set, $30; Glitter Canister, $138; Anchor Lamp, $345; Falcon Wright Change Purse, $20; Asema Fabric Notebook, $26; Short Paramount Earrings by Pamela Love, $230; Kensington Sofa, $3995; Yassin Lahmar Scarf/Wall Hanging, $186; Pallo Mug, $22

Images above, clockwise from top left: Red Arthur Kilim, $145; Joonas Cotton Fabric, $62.88 per 1.3 yard; Wall Calendar, $45; Ferm Living Cushion, $82; Noir Tassel Earrings, $264; Räsymatto Teapot, $87

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  • those pony hair shoes! i think instead of wearing them i would frame them and look at them all the time.

    thank you for letting your funkiness show!

  • I am wearing those very shoes today in another color way! love them! Maiden shoe voyage day. I wanted those but they were out of my size. :(

    I adore Debbie!

  • You read my mind this week with Singles movie, i wanted to watch for the 54568 times this week. I always wanted you guys to do a living in with Singles decor! xo

  • Is it bad that my favorite part of this post is the Single reference? I immediately flash back to “Debbie Country” and spotting Tim Burton in the background of her dating video scene. Dating video! Ha, that’s something you don’t hear about anymore.

  • LOVE the Lubok bag. After that post I spent hours on the site obsessively clicking through every single image. My husband thought I had lost my mind, but the work was amazing! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Aw funny Grace! I’m catching up on some very delayed DS reading but always find myself laughing at your artful humor and noting the inspired objects with LUST. I’m just happy you got your Lubok bag:)) They rock the edges of lyno printing in the land of boiled wool and sauerkraut.
    Debbie and that bag lady are twins in so many ways; eyes, mouth, eyebrows… now we just need those earrings.