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sneak peek: gilbert ford

by anne

Gilbert Ford is an illustrator and picture book author who works from a studio in his Clinton Hill, Brooklyn apartment. His style is what Gilbert calls “a combination of class and trash,” where he combines mid-century classic designers with cheap artifacts from the ’50s to the ’80s “that might appeal to the likes of Pee-wee Herman.” In his own work, he recently completed illustrating a picture book titled 12 Days of New York by Tonya Bolden, to be published by Abrams in March 2013, and is currently illustrating the interior of the latest Pseudonymous Bosch book from the popular middle-grade Secret Series, among other high profile book covers. Thanks, Gilbert! — Anne

Image above: I have vintage Heywood Wakefield furniture I picked up from Pennsylvania. The poster by the tree is a French social studies teaching aid, and the nine prints of leaves I hand silkscreened to go with the room. Everything in the room was bought second hand or from eBay.

Image above: The furniture was found in various vintage shops, but the CD holder was purchased from Ikea. The poster of cowboys is a Polish interpretation of The Sheepman from 1958 created by artists from behind the Iron Curtain. Art works on the right wall are from books I illustrated for children.

See more inside Gilbert’s Brooklyn home after the jump . . .

Image above: The living room has a sectional sofa from A&G Merch and Heywood Wakefield coffee tables and lamps that were purchased secondhand. The silkscreen print is my artwork inspired by the French social studies posters hanging throughout the apartment.

Image above: Here are some display shelves containing writers, covers, and artifacts that have influenced my work.

Image above: I don’t have time to watch much TV, so the Apple TV is mainly used to stream music while playing a screensaver of whatever I have been working on.

Image above: I collect Russel Wright casual dining china in the cabinet and other artifacts created between 1939 and the 1960s.

Image above: Dinner parties are mid-century modern with Dansk designer Jens Quistgaard’s Fjord silverware and Russel Wright’s American Modern pottery on a Heywood Wakefield table.

Image above: A classic Kit-Cat clock moves his eyes back and forth while surrounded by vintage 3D lenticular photos of birds, making cooking in the kitchen quite kooky.

Image above: Most of my time is spent in the messy studio where I am surrounded by French social studies posters of everyday life.

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  • What a lovely place! I’m in love with the display shelves and the casual dining cabinet, and with everything else! It’s my secret dream home.

  • Oh my gosh, this might be my favorite sneak peek ever. Lovely home, and I covet almost all of the furnishings. But especially that speedy yellow teapot, which looks like its moving when its standing still. So cute! Wonderful and whimsical and warm.

  • I loved this apartment and, as a children’s librarian, was curious to see if I knew his work. I was so excited to see it’s the illustrator of The Secret Series! I was drawn to the first book because of it’s interesting cover. Such a cool series and I just love the illustrations. Thanks for sharing.

  • I loved this apartment and what a surprise to find in the last picture that I have the same French poster…sadly it’s sealed up in storage in the UK – with all my other lovely possessions while I decide whether to make a new life in New Zealand. They don’t seem to have the mix of lovely vintage objects here and missing the chance to find things of interest.

  • I LOVE this guy’s place! Wow. One of the more original Sneak Peeks I’ve seen in a long time (although I love almost all of them). I actually felt like I was looking inside a quirky story book which has come to life – there is such a unique blend of character, coolness and a strange but wonderful hint of surreality.

  • I was suprised, too, to see the French posters. I specialize in them and rarely see them in my clients homes. So I especially liked seeing them in the home of someone with such a good eye. What a neat apartment. Great spread and thanks for that overhead shot of the table.

  • Where, oh where, did you get good secondhand furniture in PA? I have yet to find any in the southeastern region (and I do a lot of looking). Most of it gets snatched up by people who then go on to sell it at 5x the price.

  • hey Alison, I bought it from a man in Lancaster in 2008. I imagine that it would be hard to buy mid century furniture for a reasonable price post Mad Men. I know that I can’t afford it now.

  • Gilbert Ford and his apartment are too cool for school. This is one of my favorite sneak peeks. Thanks for the great tour – and the reminder that I need to get my Kit-Cat clocks out of storage boxes and onto the wall. :)

  • Beautiful. My Grandmother bought the exact same table and chairs years ago, and we still have them!

  • You collect Russel Wright American Modern, not his Iroquois Casual! American Modern is much more esteemed as a design than Casual…so take full credit for what ya’ got! It’s apparently the best-selling dinner line ever. It’s beautiful.

  • where are the coffee / side tables from? I wish I could buy them (or tables similar to them)!