Sleek Clocks for the Home

by Stephanie

clocks for the home

Time is very important to me.  I often feel as though I don’t have enough of it.  So in an effort to make more time, I fill my home with clocks.  (One day, my logic will hold true.  I am certain of it!) So this week I decided to take some “time” (I could make these punny jokes all day, but I will spare you) and round up my favorites in wall and standing clocks on My Life Scoop.  Click here to see all of my favorites and share your own.  I truly think that a well-designed and well-placed clock can help enhance and define any space in your home. No time like the present to add a clock to your space! —Stephanie

favorite clocks

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    • Good flip clocks do, unfortunately, come at a higher price sometimes. I did however find some variations on the flip clock at clock3.com. You might want to try there. I hope you find something great :)