olive you

by Grace Bonney

I’m having a moment with a color right now. And that color is olive. I don’t think I’ve ever liked anything olive green in my life other than actual olives, but it’s seeming like the clear replacement for hot pink in my life. I’m not sure if it’s the slightly yellow base to the color or just a desire to have more green around me, but I’m reconsidering my need/desire to have every table in my life be wooden or marble. This table above is the Asplund Tati Console Table by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle, and it would be perfect for a small apartment where counter space is limited. The tables are available in different sizes (all of which nest together), and you can even choose to have the tabletop finished in wood, leather, metal, marble (ding ding ding!) or slate. If the model above isn’t your style, Blu Dot’s Strut table comes in olive, too. We use the watermelon-colored Strut as our team office desk and love it. I can only imagine how cute it would be in olive. xo, grace

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  • You are right this table is perfect for small spaces. I have been looking for one that would fit in our kitchen as a coffee station & something like this would be great. Our kitchen was a drabby dark 1970’s style that we are renovating to a modern cottage look. PS. I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and saw your book! It made me smile b/c I’ve only been blogging for about a year and I’ve never seen a fellow blogger (well you are more than a blogger!) but book in a bookstore. I hope to buy it soon :)

  • I’d murder for an affordable version of that console table. I love the simplicity of its design.

  • LOVE the console table. But, ouch $$$$. The idea of nesting them is a multiplied ouch.

  • Back in the early 80s everything in my parents house was olive. Appliances, dishes, upholstery – you name it, we had it in olive. To this day, it remains one of my favourite colours.