keeping things tidy: bookend roundup

by Grace Bonney

Now that I no longer work from a couch all day, my view has changed significantly. Rather than staring at a wall with a TV, I now stare at a wall full of art and design books. As much as I miss my daily movie fix (the best tool for getting through hours of research or roundup building), I love having colorful book spines to look through for inspiration. Today I thought I’d round up pretty ways to organize those inspirational books so that they always stay protected and easy to find. I have a habit of stacking books and coming home to towers that have cascaded all over the table, so these will definitely come in handy for my personal life, as well. Happy book organizing! xo, grace

Images above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Blenko Bookends, $950; Cork Planter Bookends, $44; Bookbinder, $56; Naked Bookends, $29.95; Owl Bookends, $195; Vintage Jacks Bookends, $450; Dachshund Bookends, $29.95; Brazilian Agate Bookends, $98; Silver Ceramic Bookends (set of 8), $159.60; Gem Bookends, $950; Fornasetti Bookends, $348; Balloon Dog Bookend, $39.99

Images above, clockwise from top left: Marble Bookends, $120-$195; Fin Bookends, $32.40; Shaped Bookends, $160

Images above, clockwise from top left: Pig Bookends, $29.95; Impala Bookends, $82; Rabbit Bookends, $62; Horse Head Bookends, $345

19 more bookend options continue after the jump (animals, type, retro)!

Images above, clockwise from top left: Agate Bookends, $159; Vintage Murano Glass Bookends, $750; Hay Bookends, $32; Agate Bookends, $98; Bookends of the Earth, $168; Modernist Brass Bookends at 1stdibs, $1800; Bookend Table Lamp, $500

Images above, left to right: Owl bookends, $29.95; Brass Owl Bookends, $25; Cast Owl Bookends, $125

Images above, clockwise from top left: Brackets Bookends, $45.60; Alphabet Bookend, $55; XOO Bookend, $190

Images above, top to bottom: Black Cat Bookends, $27; Westie Bookends, $40

Image above: Coral Bookends, $52.31

Image above: Fork and Knife Bookends, $45.60

Images above, top to bottom: Vintage Ship Bookends, $39; Mermaid Bookends, $46.99

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