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DIY Project: Tape Stencil Stationery

by Kate Pruitt

Now that summer is over and the nights are growing a bit chilly, I’m sure many of us will start spending more time indoors, cooking hot meals or catching up on our favorite shows. (I recently became addicted to The United States of Tara, and highly recommend it — Toni Collette is amazing.) If you’re looking for an activity to keep your hands busy on those cozy nights, I think this easy stencil paper project is a beauty.

Kristen Sutcliffe submitted this project to our recent DIY contest, and when I saw it, I was very impressed by how many different designs she was able to achieve using one simple template. I can easily see this as a whole set of stationery in complementary colors but with varied patterns. It would make a wonderful gift for a friend or a great project to set yourself up for increased correspondence during the holiday season. Grab a roll of tape and get to it! — Kate

Read the full how-to after the jump . . .

I love paper and stationery. There is a local shop in my neighborhood that sells cardstock by the sheet in so many nice colors, so I love to head there to start a project. I liked the idea of cutting the painter’s tape while it was still on the roll, so I could cut through several layers at once. When you start playing around, you will realize how many different designs you can make with the simple cut-out pattern on the tape roll. Have fun! — Kristen


  • roll of painter’s tape
  • X-Acto knife
  • pencil
  • cardstock
  • ink pads
  • mini hole punch
  • twine (for gift tags)
  • vellum envelopes (optional)



1. Start by cutting a small triangle template out of cardstock. Use a pencil to trace triangles along the bottom edge of a roll of painter’s tape. Also use the template to space the triangles evenly apart. Now trace triangles along the other edge (staggered between the triangles on the bottom edge).

2. Use an X-Acto knife to cut along the pencil lines. Go over the cuts a few times with your X-Acto until you have cut through several layers of the tape.

3. Now use your tape to decorate cards, gift tags, postcards, etc. You can stagger and space the tape in many different ways to create different designs.

4. I used small ink pads to color in my designs. Just turn the ink pad upside down and pat it onto any exposed parts of the paper.

Tip: If you have used several layers of tape and it starts to rip when you are trying to peel it, go over your lines again with your X-Acto knife, and also peel off the leftover triangle bits of the tape.

You’re done! You can use your stamped designs for gift tags, stationery, gift wrap — you name it!

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  • I am missing something, what is the template, do you mean the triangle shape is the template, not a template to do more than one card? It is very cool, I was wondering if you could use watercolors as well.

  • If I dont have ink pads…I guess I can use a sponge and watered ink or watercolors?? Love this, its so simple and cute!

  • Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love how you used a stamp pad instead of just painting with like acrylics or something. That’s clever, I love the look that the stamp gives.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Do you just make one triangle template? How would you use it to space the triangles out evenly on the tape? I can’t wait until my daughter gets a little older and I can do this project with her.

    — Kristy @ Wine Logic

  • Gosh, projest like this make me wish i had better follow through on crafts projects :/…great job!

  • Thats a smart idea. Why not put it to good use that you can remove washi tape so easily :) Will try this on the next wrapping!

  • Thanks for this idea! I’m hosting an “altered art club” for home schoolers of all ages, and this will be a fun thing to do. We can use different types of stencils, and on paper and pots.

  • Not to detract from the adorable stationary, but I actually really like those scissors, too… Where are they from?

  • This is such great inspiration, I’m already thinking of other stencils & shapes that could be cut out of painter’s tape. Thanks for sharing this idea, Kristen!

  • seems like steps are missing. what do you do with the template? and after you paint, you pull up the tape.