constellation mugs by jake vinson

by Amy Azzarito

It’s finally beginning to cool down a bit, and even though I stubbornly drink hot tea throughout the summer (sitting near the air conditioner), I enjoy it so much more when there’s actually a chill in the air. These mugs are getting me excited for serious tea-drinking weather. I have a very soft spot for anything star related, and I love that these designs are actually constellation patterns based on Hubble telescope images and star charts. Plus I’m totally into the ’70s vibe. Designer Jake Vinson grew up in Wyoming’s desert mountains, where he spent summers falling asleep under the stars. He received a BFA in ceramics from Utah State University and has spent years refining his glazes, which are made from scratch and informed by Japanese and Korean ceramic traditions. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. (Available from the lovely Pour Porter.) — Amy Azzarito

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