After Labor Day White Gadgets

by Stephanie

white gadgets I know it’s a major faux pas to brandish your whites after Labor Day, but I’m feeling a little rebellious these days. I say we get crazy and embrace the white year round, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite all-white products on My Life Scoop this week. Click here to see the full post and join in my “All White, All Year” revolution! Enjoy! — Stephanie

white gadgets

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  • I am all for white revolution! Who came up with no white after labor day anyways??

  • I love white!!! The only thing that I prefer in black is my Blackberry smartphone, which I find hideous in white. Other than that, all my other gear is in white! :p
    And what I find funny about all this, is that when you open the black gear travelling bag, since everything’s white in there, you can’t really tell what’s in there if looking from a distance… :p