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sneak peek: andreas uebele

by anne

Andreas Uebele, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a visual and communications designer and professor with a background in architecture and urban planning. In 1996, he founded his own visual communications agency, Uebele, which focuses on visual identity, signage and wayfinding systems, corporate communications and exhibitions. His home was built more than 100 years ago, and everything possible has been done to save and restore the building’s original details and soul. But overall, Andreas says that he tries to avoid any personal style (though the addition of mirrors to simple furniture is a really interesting trick, in my opinion). Thanks Andreas, and thanks to Daniel Fels for the photos! — Anne

Image above: The dining room. The bookshelves are from Ikea, which we have modified with mirrors at the bottom and side walls. The table is Carlo Mollino for Zanotta, and the lights are Achille Castiglioni.

Image above: The room of our youngest child, Willi, who is five. This bed doesn’t exist any more [since the picture was taken], now that he’s grown larger. We invested a lot in keeping all the old details, and even missing parts have been produced to original patterns. After running out of money from doing this, we chose to modify Ikea furniture, like this shelf.

More inside Andreas’ Stuttgart home after the jump . . .

Image above: The color concept is white for the wooden wainscoting (the original color was dark brown), neutral grey for the ground floor (living) and warm grey for the second floor (sleeping). The garden room on the ground floor, which is related to the green of the old, hundred-year-old orchard of the emperor of Württemberg, has a greenish grey. The rug was a special colored production in blackberry red.

Image above: Max’s room

Image above: Home office. My desk is Quaderna 2830 by Superstudio for Zanotta. The mirror is Les Grands Trans-Parents by Man Ray 1938.

Image above: The dining room, with walls in neutral grey. The molding is reichbleichgold, the lightest gold you can get in acrylic.

Image above: The living room, which was formerly the dining room, with the greenish grey walls.

Image above: The bedroom in warm grey. The Ikea wardrobe is completely mirrored.

Image above: The kitchen, with the stone floor, walls and sideboards in neutral grey. The new sideboard is completely mirrored. The concept for all new furniture [pieces] is that they are mirrored.

Image above: The kitchen. The table is Traccia by Meret Oppenheim.

Image above: The courtyard. To the right is a hundred-year-old box tree. The balustrade on the right takes you to the kitchen. The stairs straight ahead take you to the garden and the pavilion. The estate has a slope of 40 meters. The furniture is early drafts by Le Corbusier!

Image above: The view from the garden to the house. Below you see the colored windows of the living room. Above you see the windows and the balcony of the bedroom. On the left side, there’s a hundred-year-old yellow blooming climbing rose, and on the right are hundred-year-old climbing vines.

Architect: Zieglerbuerg, Büro für Gestaltung

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  • the most inspirational use of mirrors i’ve seen in ages (and i love all the different personalities grey takes on throughout the spaces). beautiful home!

  • This place is stunning. I’ve never seen mirrors displayed on a bookcase! Absolutely love that. And the family room with the rug … so amazing. I appreciate the style of this home indeed!

  • I love the use of bookshelves as room dividers! Could anyone help identify the Ikea shelves used here? Would you need extra support to prevent toppling?

  • The use of mirrors is beautiful. Practically, there must be frequent Windex use?

  • this is probably one of my favorite Sneak Peek entries, and I’ve been following for over a year. Beautious! It’s my dream house, everything about it.

  • Absolutely beautiful. Tess, I believe those are the Billy bookcases with the add-on. I have 3 just like this as well and have them secured to the wall with simple L brackets.

  • Can anyone please identify the funnel lamp in the kitchen? It’s fantastic – as the rest of the house.

  • Love the staircase with that lipstick rug, the many tall windows and interior doors – did you notice the windows in them? The inside and outside seem to be two different houses. I’m so not a minimalist person, it’s a little to stark for me, but I can understand the ease of this look.

  • Tess and Birdie, I think these are the Ikea Expedit shelves, not the Billy ones – the Expedit ones are deeper and squarer (I spend waaay too much time in Ikea)!

  • Well done for mixing designer pieces such as Zanotta with Ikea! That is the way to design smartly and avoiding making a home look like a ldesigner showpiece rather than a home. This is a home by all means, and even your surrounding vegetation is something you really seem to appreciate.

  • beautiful home. I’m in love with that desk, and the use of mirrors are inspiring.

  • what a lovely home! rare example of mixture of modern and vitnage that makes regret so much you can’t do the same!

  • very inspirational! I have (and love) too much of my stuff to not display it, but your space looks personal enough without it.