nightwood weavings

by Amy Azzarito

I don’t have a single piece of art in my bedroom, and to remedy that, I’ve been considering tracking down a vintage textile wall hanging. I was having trouble finding just the right thing when I stumbled upon these weavings in the Nightwood shop. They might just be what I’ve been looking for. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Loom wall hanging — jute & cotton on poplar loom, $180

Image above: Metal weavings — copper, steel wire and cotton, $120

Image above: Arrowhead tapestry — wool & organic cotton, $140

Image above: Lowtide tapestry — cotton and wool, $280

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  • What beautiful weavings. Nightwood really has such amazing things! Firs the furniture and now this – I am impressed.

  • Dear Nightwood,
    It seems you have stolen my dreams and fulfilled them before me! :) I am currently working on a loom wall hanging. It is large-scale and made out of vintage sheets though. But still. Also, I have been toying with how to explain in the tagline for the business I am planning that I work with re-inventing furniture, textiles, and other materials for interior design. Well, thank you for showing me it is possible! Here’s to you and your marvelous brain that’s a few years ahead of mine!
    Love, Jamie

  • If anyone is interested in these loom patterns, Lombok has a tradition of women hand loom weavers, and their cloths are just amazing. It’s also a great place for a beach getaway, which is how I found about the textiles! :)