by Grace Bonney

“Reclaimed wood” has become a phrase and a concept so popular within the online blogging community that it’s hard to come up with new ways of using it. But rather than inventing an entirely new method of use, one company has created a new way to apply it. Stikwood has taken reclaimed wood pieces and made applying them as easy as peeling them off and sticking them on the wall to create that “reclaimed patchwork wall” we all know and love. Whether you’re covering an entire room or just an accent wall, Stikwood has 11 types of real wood that they’ve turned into finished paneling (corner trim included) — just peel, stick and apply. As much as I love a hammer and nails, I like that this could encourage more people to work with salvaged wood or just wood in general. Modern homes often shy away from the warmth of wood, and this is a great way to bring it back in. Click here to check out the full collection and shop online. Thanks to Rhys for the tip! xo, grace

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