brass himmeli mobiles

by Grace Bonney

Earlier this year when we moved into our first-ever D*S office, Kate, Amy and I had grand plans for building a whole range of DIY lighting. Cut to a few months later and just getting the place furnished seemed like a Herculean task. None of us had ever dealt with a space that large (which I realize is a good problem to have), so finding enough furniture and larger-scale objects to fill the office was overwhelming. Inspired by Veronika Maria’s beautiful straw Himmeli sculptures, we’d planned on making our own DIY lighting version for our group desk using copper tubing. But our time got used for other projects, and it remained on our to-do list. So I was happy to see that Veronika is now building stunning versions of her mobiles using super-thin brass tubing. The cost of brass and copper tubing isn’t low, so these metal mobiles are more expensive than the earlier versions. But man, are they pretty. I’d still love to try building my own and adding a lighting component, but in the meantime, I’ll be over on Etsy window shopping the heck out of these. xo, grace

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