before and after

before & after: pegboard bedroom wall

by Kate Pruitt

Using pegboard as wall art is just a really cool idea. I’m surprised it hadn’t occurred to me before, although admittedly, I could see many ways in which it could go wrong and look overly industrial or officey. Not so with this version from Ashley of Sugar & Cloth. Ashley and her husband wisely kept it minimal and clean, with just a few special pieces. I love how unexpected it is to see a vase of flowers on a pegboard (I might have to add one to my own pegboard tool wall immediately), and it’s perfect for quickly swapping out art and for holding bedroom necessities like a couple good books and that cute alarm clock. Awesome job, Ashley! — Kate

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Time: about 1 hour

Cost: $30

Basic Steps: I originally decided to create a white pegboard headboard because I have a tendency to want to change things up after a while. Choosing a white background that also allows easy rearranging made it a perfect blank canvas to display on. I mixed modern and vintage pieces with an organic flower to keep it interesting yet soft. You could easily keep the pegboard in one large piece instead of breaking it up into four squares, which I would have done except our little cars wouldn’t allow it. Buying the extra two spacers to place midway on each square of pegboard was also a must, because it gives you a perfectly even surface with or without heavy objects. — Ashley

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  • It’s a nice idea, but they remind me of audiology rooms in hospital (spent my childhood in those rooms – they look like what was used to soundproof those rooms). Maybe if they were painted a nice colour, they’d be more appealing to those who had to spend a lot of time in audiology!

  • Love this idea. I have a full size peg board that I will be hanging on to not sure what to do with. Now I have some ideas!

  • Where did you get spacers? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the same thing for my sewing room, and I ran into a snag when I realized it has to stand away from the wall.

  • It’s a great idea for my sewing room!… but it’s too busy for the bedroom (for me). Would also be good for a small kitchen (like mine, lol!)

  • In California we call this an earthquake hazard. One day I will live in a state where I can hang things above my bed without fear of them smashing down on me. On that day, I will make this for my bedroom.

  • I love it , you can change out inspirational items whenever the mood hits. Plus it is cheap, I think I might try something like this in my bedroom but I probably will use color.

  • I think it’s a rather impractical project. Both people lying in this bed will hit their heads against something sticking out of the wall if they choose to grab the suspended books and read. I think the concept is lovely but I’m not keen on its application in this particular setting.

    • alla

      it seems much higher than the headline to me, though. i see your point and agree, were it a bit lower, but it seems like someone 6 feet or under would be fine to sit in bed against the pillows and not hit anything. (and they could always adjust the pegs higher if it was indeed at head height)


  • Great idea for a workroom or kitchen but I don’t like it in a bedroom, it doesn’t feel warm cosy or lux enought for me…and it is a little bit hospital as Anita said!

  • Great idea and I love pegboard, but it bothers me that the edges of the boards and rows of holes don’t line up well. A single board would have solved the problem. A little attention to that, and it’s a fabulous project.

  • @Jane: you could also trim out the edges with moulding to hide any tiny imperfections in the edges.

    where did the wire basket with the clock & book come from? i’ve been looking for something similar for my office.

  • I love this idea! I’m hoping to do the whole wall behind our headboard as pegboard, just for texture. I’m not sure I’ve completely convinced my husband yet, though… I did find someone selling pegboard left over from a retail store closing that were really cheap. 4×6 sheets for $3 a piece.

  • Ha! I had already decided to do the wall behind the bed in this, and love seeing someone else having done it! Thanks for the share :)

  • Lara – why not just make the “adventure” print? I just whipped one up in Word in about 4 minutes. Use a 3×4 table, merge the bottom row, set it all to center, pick your font / color / size and adjust the spacing for the bottom row. Easy peasy!

  • I ‘ll use the idea for my art collection. I want to create an area to feature aselection on a seasonal or monthly rotation. Yes, I ‘ll place a trim around the peg board.

    Since we are moving to Florida ,our home will be decorated differently.having my own “measure ” at the home.

  • I ‘ll use the idea for my art collection. I want to create an area to feature aselection on a seasonal or monthly rotation. Yes, I ‘ll place a trim around the peg board.

    Since we are moving to Florida ,our home will be decorated differently.having my own “measure ” at the home.

    This is not a “d….comment. ” Explaine ,Please

  • Sorry…never heard a reply to the question from SKYE :
    Where do you buy the spacers?

  • I have looked and looked for the ‘cup’ style holders but no one seems to have any??? They obviously would have to have a hole in the back to hang them??? Where???