before and after

before & after: bathroom renovation

by Kate Pruitt

A majority of the bathroom projects we share lighten a space with lots of white, so it’s nice to see a dark bathroom makeover every once in a while. Lindsay added a lot of sophistication to this small bathroom with black walls, an eye-catching patterned curtain and a small pop of color with hot pink-framed artworks. The results are dramatic, especially for such a tiny space. Nice job, Lindsay! — Kate

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Time: 1 month

Cost: $4K

Basic Step: We did a mini renovation ourselves when we first moved into our house four years ago, giving the room a new coat of paint and a new sink and toilet. Later, when we decided we were ready to complete the project, we pulled the shower panels down and found a ton of mold – that’s when we decided to hire some professionals to take over. We had the old metal tub reglazed, re-tiled the bathroom walls and floor, and updated all the fixtures and lighting. They also walled in the exposed plumbing pipe, matching it on the other side of the sink for symmetry, which really brought everything together. Our advice is to DIY as much as you can (we saved about $1,000 by doing the painting ourselves), but don’t be afraid to hire some help if you need it. — Lindsay

Wall Color: Soot by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
Mirror: Custom
Light Fixture: Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce, Chrome Finish, from Pottery Barn
Shower Curtain: Chevron Shower Curtain from West Elm (no longer available)
Rug: a wedding gift, from Anthropologie
Art: Charmaine Olivia
Frames: Re-Nest Target frames, spray painted with Rust-oleum “Berry”

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  • Kate and Grace: Delighted to see this! Our bathroom is equally narrow, which seemed to rule out some redesign ideas that I had been considering. I was at the home improvement warehouse just 72 hours ago, puzzled by how to renovate our bathroom. Your concept of the columns on each side of the pedestal sink may very well be the solution we need. I want to show these pictures, and our bathroom, to a carpenter & get bids!

    One question: Do you feel it saved much money to reglaze the tub instead of replacing it? Does seem smart to reglaze instead of buying a new tub, transporting it home, and hauling up the stairs.

  • That shower curtain is on sale right now at West Elm….fyi anyone that might be interested

  • Fantastic bathroom! Love the colours and the shower curtain (too bad it’s no longer available). What is the handheld shower bar info? I’m looking for exactly the smae thing to replace mine when I reno in the next month or 2. Thanks!

  • Eileen 2 – I definitely think it saved money in our situation. I have no idea how anyone would have been able to get the tub out of the bathroom even if we wanted to! It would have been way too much of a hassle. Reglazing was only a couple hundred anyway (about the same as a new tub) and it looks like new.

  • Good ideal about walling up the pipe and doing it on the other side. You could put towel hooks on them if you wanted too.

  • Didn’t want to see toilet skid marks when I am relaxing, eating breakfast and reading my favourite blog.. totally grossed out now :/

    • Avery – those look like rust stains to me. Not that I want to argue about it over my breakfast either. -Amy

  • It might just be the shower curtain that’s making me think what I’m about to write, and the color of the new bathroom plays a role too… but this totally reminds me of what my husband and I recently did to polish up our bathroom, seen here: http://sulu-design.blogspot.com/search?q=bathroom
    I only wish we had a shower as pretty as the one above! And nicer before and after shots, too.

  • I am so impressed. I hate to admit it, but my bathroom looks almost identical to the before picture! Between my job at Dish and keeping up with the rest of the household, the bathroom renovation has been placed on the backburner. This post has inspired me to take action on that hideous room, so I can make it something I’m proud of! I have to ask, do you come up with everything on your own or do you have outside resources for inspiration? My only sources for décor information are HGTV and the DIY network. My DVR is chock full of home and decorating shows. I’m lucky to have the Hopper DVR with loads of recording space to accommodate my little obsession with these channels! But, I’d really like to hear where you get your inspiration from! This bathroom is gorgeous.

  • This looks stunning, I’m about to renovate my bathroom and have been struggling with the lighting, I found the guide but I think I need some more help

  • Are the floors a dark tile as well? Adore this bathroom. Mine is similar – so very small. But I love the color pallet.