striped teacups

by Amy Azzarito

I recently (as in yesterday) made the switch from coffee to green tea. I get migraines, and I know tea is better for me, but I do love coffee so I’m not sure how long this will last. For now, I’m trying to hold strong. I spotted these beautiful teacups and thought they might make my transition a little smoother. The teacups are sold by Ferse Verse, an online shop based in Hong Kong. They have lots of other little goodies that caught my eye — I love the mini salt shakers and the Good Morning towels, but unfortunately, both are sold out. So I’m acting fast for my teacups! — Amy Azzarito

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  • Lovely shape, so many cups have the same style, but these are original.. vintage without being twee! Ferse Verse have an elegant website.

    • flwjane – Caffeine is good for migraines if used medicinally at the onset of a migraine. In order for it to be effective you can’t have built up a tolerance to it. Believe me, I’ve been dealing with this since I was 12. Yikes. No guilt feelings. Just trying to avoid pain. :)

  • I think I’ve seen these at the Japanese $2 store (in Richmond, BC, Canada). They definitely have other dishes in this style/pattern!

  • Amy, have you ever tried Tiger Balm (Chinese stores sell it). I used to get terrible tension headaches and a Chinese man that lived next door told me to apply it to my temples and to my neck at the onset and it worked really well. I put it on and then lie down for 15 minutes if I can and then it usually will make it go away. Just make sure you don’t put it too close to your eyes as it burns.

  • Years ago, I too gave up coffee for tea in order to avoid migraines. Worked for me – I went from about a headache a week to one every couple of months now. I actually think the caffeine is irrelevant for me, but that dehydration triggers my headaches, and coffee seems to dehydrate me much more than tea. I find that indulging in the occasional cup of decaf still works for me, as long as it’s accompanied by a lot of water. (There is anecdotal evidence that dehydration triggers migraines, not just “normal” headaches, although I haven’t been able to find any careful studies of it.)

  • I recently switched from coffee to green tea also. I spent about half a week fantasizing about punching people in the face. I didn’t know that coffee was keeping me from turning into the Hulk. Go figure. I still miss the taste of coffee. I found a company that claims to make tea that tastes like coffee, but I haven’t tried it yet. Just search for coffee flavored tea on Amazon. Good luck and thanks for sharing the lovely cups!

  • @Mary – I wondered if decaf coffee would help/not hurt. Thanks for answering before I asked. :-)

  • Ha! I have an entire array of little bowls, cups and dishes in this exact same pattern that I use for office supplies. I got them at a store called Daiso in Seattle, where everything is $1.50.
    Good luck with the headaches! I don’t think I can ever give up coffee!

  • You can get the Good Morning towels at the Pearl River on Broadway. They’ve been my go-to tea towels for years.