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sneak peek: jane cameron, fête magazine

by anne

Jane Cameron worked as a corporate graphic designer before starting her own stationery business, but these days she’s working on her dream project as co-founder of fête magazine. After teaming up with event planner and stylist Annabelle Kerslake, the two created a new online magazine devoted to parties and entertaining for people like them (without huge budgets). Jane is based in CBD, Adelaide, South Australia, where she and her husband, John, share their 1873 two-bedroom sandstone cottage. One of the earliest in their city, their home was recently heritage listed. Jane, who has always thought that she should have lived in the Victorian era, felt like she was moving home with this house. It’s the perfect setting for her to troll junk and antique shops as well as Etsy and eBay, mixing in modern accents along the way (her husband, of course, would prefer a colorful, contemporary modernist home, but Jane wins out on this one). Thanks, Jane! And don’t miss the latest edition of fête (which means “party” in French). — Anne

Image above: This is one view of my office. The table, made from reclaimed Oregon, is actually about 8 ft. long and fits a number of computers along it, which comes in very handy as Annabelle comes to town a couple days a week so we can work on the magazine together. The Venus chair is from Freedom, the FORSÅ work lamp is from Ikea, the artwork hanging on the wall is a Black Robin Tea Towel by Bonnie & Neil, and the black resin Small Earth Bowl is from Dinosaur Designs. I painted some Ikea wooden storage boxes white, then applied Dymo labels – I am thoroughly addicted to that little machine. Part of my string collection sits on top of the boxes. One of my Victorian brown & white transferware tureens, bought at auction, sits on a David Bromley pedestal that I painted black.

Image above: My office doubles as our spare bedroom. I bought the cast iron bed in all its pink glory from eBay and painted it black. I bought the sign on the mantel from Three Potato Four years ago. The framed etching is by a renowned South Australian artist, Barbara Hanrahan. The Madras Rug is from Freedom. The side table is an old wooden crate, and I found the flip clock on Amazon. Bedlinen from Bed Bath N’ Table.

More inside of Jane’s home after the jump . . .

Image above: Our living room is tiny and doubles as our dining room, which you can see from the other view. It has the original fireplace, which we use in winter despite the fact that it’s not very efficient at heating the room — terribly romantic though. The Storsele Chair is from Ikea. The large etching is another by Barbara Hanrahan. The little turned-leg side table is a junk shop find that I painted white. The bar table is another junk shop find; it took me a number of years to notice that all of the legs are actually different. The plaster cast that is hung on the wall above the bar table is a plaque we brought back from a trip to the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Image above: Our bedroom. The side tables are Replica Eero Saarinen Tulip Side Tables from Matt Blatt; the bedspread and throw are from Country Road; the charcoal velvet cushion is from Laura Ashley; the little plaque on the wall, “Sail Away on a Seed Pod,” is by Angus & Celeste from Koskela; and artwork in frames is by friend Anthony Chiappin and work colleagues Melanie Terrett and Danny Snell, all illustrators.

Image above: Another view of our bedroom. The blue velvet “merry widow” sofa is a junk shop find — it barely fits in the room, but I fell in love with it and just had to buy it. I love nothing more than curling up here on a sunny day flipping through the latest issues of my favorite magazines — albeit on my iPad these days. The lace doily is another junk shop find, and I just reframed it. The chest of drawers is yet another junk shop find, and mismatched antique chairs are from One Rundle. The platter on the chest of drawers was a birthday present from my husband, John, and the tureen on the chair was an auction win.

Image above: I bought this white porcelain horse with my pocket money when I was ten. It makes me laugh to think that I was buying things to decorate my room way back then. I own a little white real-life pony, Nat, who lives in the Adelaide Hills with friends, so this is my little reminder of her. The oval frame is Victorian, bought at the Portobello Market on a trip to London. It holds an 1800s engraving of my name that came from a much-treasured book of monograms that I bought on a trip to Paris. The flower illustration was a junk shop find. The till numbers are from Three Potato Four. The white frame is from Country Road.

Image above: Another view of our bedroom

Image above: A kitchen counter detail. My husband, who is a chef, is driven to despair because I use our 3 ft. of bench space to display all of my bits and pieces. The flip top jars hold baking ingredients, and the smaller ones hold spices. The white Keiller Marmalade pot is a UK eBay purchase, as is the lidded pot to the right. The brown and white transferware dish is a junk shop find. I painted the splashback tiles in the background black — they were a hideous patterned blue when we bought the house.

Image above: A view of our kitchen. Note the aforementioned limited bench space! We have grand plans to knock down this 1980s part of the house and rebuild, but for now it’s functional and forces us to be controlled, as we have such limited cupboard space. It helps that John has a few restaurants, so anything we really need we just bring home and use, and it can go back without having to find a permanent home for it. Especially handy when entertaining large numbers of people, it means we don’t have to store heaps of glassware and dinnerware at home. The clock on the wall is an original Smiths from a local antique shop. There is a hint of my tin collection on top of the cupboards —another burgeoning obsession. The Madras Rug is from Freedom.

Image above: This photograph is an antique shop find — I collect old photos and ephemera that have something to do with Adelaide. I’m a bit of a closet historian and love my city, so I see it as a way of honouring my home town. As I like to change things around a lot, I often stick them to the top of the glass with brown tape; that way I can change my mind as often as I like with minimum effort. The patterned print in the background is an Etsy purchase by Ashley Goldberg. The little Victorian pots are part of yet another collection, all purchased from eBay in the UK.

Image above: View from the front of our house looking back down through the living room and into the kitchen. I bought the table for next to nothing at auction — we had our friend and Annabelle’s brother-in-law, Adrian Cutting from Danish Vintage Modern, restore it for us. The stools are Tolix Tabouret from Thonet; we have a stack that spend most of their time on our courtyard outside during the warmer months. And another pedestal from David Bromley.

Image above: Our drinks table is a junk shop find (as above). The tray is from Crate & Barrel, and the little white porcelain feather in the foreground is from Have You Met Miss Jones. There is a glimpse of the plaque we brought back from the island of Rhodes in Greece. The Storsele chair is from Ikea.

Image above: This is just part of my brown & white transferware collection displayed in our kitchen. I started collecting over ten years ago, and I find it completely irresistible. Nice pieces are reasonably hard to come by here in Adelaide, so I’m always thrilled to find another one for my collection. Whenever we travel, I always hunt around antique shops in the hope of unearthing another treasure. My mum is an avid antique shopper, so she keeps her eyes open for me, too. Given our limited cupboard space though, I’m more controlled these days about what I bring home with me.

Image above: Our ten-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup, Billie. She is our little treasure; we love her to bits, and as you can see, she pretty much gets away with anything — like sleeping on our bed.

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