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jessica helgerson design for corazón

by Grace Bonney

It’s hard to say it more simply than this: Jessica Helgerson is my favorite interior designer. Everything she touches is perfect for me, from retail to residential. And she’s a total sweetheart to boot. She and her team at JHID in Portland just finished designing the interior of a great new Mexican restaurant, Corazón. I love how earthy and laid back the space feels while still being cool and sophisticated. It’s a look that Jessica does so well, and she’s done a great job of incorporating natural materials and decorative elements, too. I love the manila ropes and tile work, but the ombre wooden chairs tug at my heartstrings. I’m definitely going to check this out in person this summer, but in the meantime, you can see more of this space on Jessica’s website. xo, grace

All photos by Lincoln Barbour

More photos after the jump . . .

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  • This sort of reminds me of a swanky bar/restaurant in Madison, WI…at least the shape and length of Corazon. I like how the rope visually divides the space….a great trick (and inexpensive) to try at home. Could even work with long lengths of cheap yarn…which would be a cool way to decorate a trade show booth (knitting-related) now that I think about it.

  • This has got to be some of the most beautiful, comfortable, enticing design for a restaurant I’ve seen. It’s beautiful and well designed but just feels so right. I am pretty much in love with everything in there now!

  • I was so excited to see our handmade cement tiles in the photos of Corazon! The design is Granada Tile / Echo Collection / Fez in black and white. I really like the way they used the tiles to wrap the bar. Many thanks!

  • Love the use of Granada Tile (www.granadatile.com) in this space! I live in LA, where you see Granada Tile often in top restaurants, but I have to say, this is probably the most gorgeous use of Granada I have ever seen! Bravo!

  • Just seeing the name “Jessica Helgerson” on a post, woke me up this morning more than my coffee! I could not agree more, there is no one that comes close to her talent.
    Everything she creates is amazing. Thanks so much for this post!

  • I really think Morgan should be credited for the rope divider. This is just too derivative. Thanks, Amy, for mentioning it.

  • Her spaces are beyond inspiring. I hope to design half as well as her one day!

  • These interior designs are simply phenomenal. So simple yet so elegant… I think anyone would crave to have decorations like these at their own homes. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  • I love those lampshades, they really set the tone for the whole design… Well done, very nice indeed.

  • Does anyone know where those orange jug-style lamps (on the second image) are from?

  • In response to Amy and veeDUB (above),
    For the sake of accuracy, here’s the true progression of the rope wall design.
    I hired Morgan Satterfield to help me with a DIY implemented design for my upholstery class studio around the first of the year in 2011. She did a layout of the space, sent me many DIY photo ideas for me to decide what elements I wanted to implement. ( It was DIY, afterall.)
    She sent me the link to the Remodelista post. I decided to try a version of that. My workers, Paco and Zeus, and I designed and installed the rope walls in my studio in Indianapolis as they are posted on The Brick House. So, we adapted the rope wall hanging over a big dowel rod (as seen on Remodelista), constructed three of them in my space and I sent photos to Morgan at The Brick House. I got many inquiries as to how to we built them and I happily shared our construction and installation techniques. Now, the design has since morphed into what we see here at Corazon. As far as I know, the ultimate design credit goes to someone in Australia who hung rope over big poles for office dividers.

  • Is it obvious I’m finally catching up on my comments for blogs? Haha. I’m in love with those chandeliers (burlap?) So so cool looking! I imagine them in a pretty backyard with comfy patio furniture.

  • Amazing, I had seen only one photo from this restaurant, with the ropes, and I was searching and searching for the rest of it. Eventually I like the whole restaurant!