herriott grace documentary

by Amy Azzarito

Herriott Grace Trailer from John Cullen on Vimeo.

If you haven’t heard of Herriott Grace, you’re in for a treat. When Nikole Herriott moved 2,100 miles away from home in Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto (you can see a sneak peek of Nikole’s Toronto home here), her dad, Lance, a woodworker, began to send packages to his daughter as a way to stay in touch. Occasionally, he would include one of the small wooden spoons he hand carved. Nikole loved them and thought others would, too. So together, the father and daughter began Herriott Grace. (The full story is here.) Their online shop has grown into a full housewares line (the hand-carved pieces made by Lance sell out as quickly as he can make them), and Nikole writes the popular blog Forty-sixth at Grace, where her beautiful photography documents her forays into the kitchen. Many who know of Herriott Grace know of Nikole, but she wanted us to get to know her dad, too. So Nikole flew to BC with filmmaker John Cullen where they spent 10 days with Nikole’s dad, making a documentary. The full documentary is 27 minutes long and will premier on Herriott Grace on June 14, but this morning, we get a little sneak peek. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Photography by Michael Graydon

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