d*s book

design*sponge at home is officially out!

by Grace Bonney

After two years of hard work, editing, photoshoots, endless all-nighters, Design*Sponge at Home is officially out! I thought writing that sentence would knock me off my feet, but to be honest I don’t think it’s hit me yet. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to work on something so consistently for two years and see every element of it slowly come together. To finally have it finalized, in print, and in stores feels like a dream. A beautiful dream, but still a dream. It’s raining cats and dogs here in Brooklyn today, so as soon as it lets up I’m going to sneak around like a dork and see if I can find a copy in my local book store. I think the moment I see the shiny gold cover and the silly blog name I typed into Blogger.com seven years ago it will feel real. But right now I can’t believe we actually did it!

The book was (as still is) the biggest team effort I’ve ever undertaken so I just wanted to thank everyone involved for every ounce of energy, support and inspiration they brought to the pages of Design*Sponge at Home. People keep telling me that this is the publishing version of giving birth and if that’s the case, the “in need of a long nap” part is definitely accurate. But until that nap comes around (I think that will be in December after the book tour) I’m so excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on so hard for the past two years. This book was really about facing all of my biggest fears (Would anyone actually pay for something after reading D*S for free for this long? Does anything I say really deserve to be printed? Can I push myself hard enough to make my deadlines and beat my harshest critic- myself?) and doing the best I could to tackle them. I have the utmost respect for anyone who’s ever written a book- this process was harder than I could have ever imagined. But I have a feeling that getting to meet all of you out there in person on the book tour will be the most exciting and rewarding way to celebrate ever. I just can’t wait to hit the road, start crafting and see you all.

Thank you so much again for your support. To all of you who have purchased, wish-listed or even thought about picking up a copy of Design*Sponge at Home– thank you. Your support has really made all of this possible and all of us here at D*S are so grateful.

I’m heading out to prep for this weekend’s first book tour event, but until then, you can read more about the book, the book tour and find links to buy the book right here (store links are on the right hand side of the page) on the book page. Whether you pick up a copy at your local book shop or order online, I hope you’ll enjoy flipping through these pages as much as we enjoyed creating them. xo, grace

*Book trailer above by Ryan Marshall, music by Rabbit!

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  • HUGE congratulations, Grace! I’ve been a D*S reader for 3 of your 7 years and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to take a trip to Austin for your book tour event there. I have such respect for anyone who is willing to undertake the process of writing a book, and no doubt that D*S at Home is as beautiful and well-crafted as this blog. In other words, MAD PROPS. :) Xo, Katie

  • The first book trailer I ever saw was for Thomas Pynchon’s “Inherent Vice”. Yours is much more succinct and makes me want to pick up your book.

  • Whee! Just got an email notification that my copy is on its way to me, and it made me do a little happy dance! If I’m this excited as a reader, I can’t imagine how thrilled you must be feeling–and deservedly so. Well done, you.

  • Ooh it’s here already! I love it when I preorder stuff and then the date rolls around and it’s like an unexpected present to current me from past me! Or… I’m crazy. Anyway, I will watch the mail for my copy! Yay!

  • Congratulations Grace & team on an amazing achievement. I can’t wait until my pre-ordered copy arrives in the mail.

    As an author myself, I understand how challenging, exhausting, and rewarding putting this book together was for you. It will feel so surreal when you see your book at the bookstore (and if you’re like me, you will do a little rearranging to make sure your book is front and centre, ha!).

    Enjoy the accolades. Looking forward to seeing you on your tour stop in Toronto!

  • So excited for this Grace, can’t wait to get my copy! Thank you so much for everything you do. p.s. great choice on the music!! I absolutely love the band Rabbit! Hearing them on your awesome book trailer was absolutely the cherry on top to this righteous occassion :))

  • Yay! The day has finally arrived! I will be checking my tracking numbers for my preordered copy. Congratulations to the team for reaching this goal!

  • The book is amazing! Can’t stop reading it and don’t know, where to start to realize some of the great DIY’s. I have it hear at home (Germany) almost two weeks :)

  • Pre-ordered mine back in July and just received notification that I’ll be getting it this week….YAY! Congrats and I can’t wait to devour the book! :)

  • Congratulations!! I picked up a copy at West Elm this weekend; it’s beautiful. Job well done!

  • Bought this book last night and haven’t stopped reading it since! I’ve been a design obsessed reader since college and over the years since I’ve graduated your blog has helped me move on to real life, even encouraging me to start my OWN design business and still inspires me everyday! Thanks for everything you all do! You have no idea the good things you are doing in your readers’ lives! Congrats on the book! It’s beautiful and everyone I’ve talked to is LOVING it!

  • Question about special edition for anthropologie customers

    Hola Grace!

    I’m from Mexico and just moved in a new appartement and I didn’t start doing anything, because I wait for your book! Now I have a question: When I see the preview of your book at Amazon.com it says that there is a special edition for anthropologie customers with additional content. I would love to have this edition but I don’t see it online on anthropologie.com. How do I get this edition?

    Saludos y un abrazo fuerte de Mexico! Eres increíble!


    • hi clau

      i believe it’s in store only, but if that changes i’ll let you know.

      but you get additional content (online) if you purchase the barnes & noble addition, too. (different content from the anthro edition)


  • Hi Grace

    Thank you so much! I will order my book at barnes and noble today because I can’t wait anymore :-)

    As soon as it’s available online at anthropologie I will order another edition (together with a shower curtain…) and give my first book to a happy mexican friend.

    I can’t wait to read your book!



  • Hooray:) Just checked and my pre-order was mailed today. Can’t wait to pour over it. Congrats!!

  • I just received the mail I was waiting for so long: “Your Barnes & Noble Order Is On Its Way”. So exciting! Can’t wait to have the book in my hands!

  • can’t wait to bring my copy for you to sign in person in chicago. a million congratulations grace (+team)!! xo

  • Congratulations! I ordered my copy a while back, and am looking forward to attending the book tour event when you come to SF! I can’t even begin to imagine my little blogger blog ever being published into anything, you should be so proud!

  • Wow! Congrats and thanks for the reminder. I had to go looking around the web to see where I could find it as our friendly, neighborhood Borders is now gone. Found it on Book of the Month Club already (but it’s only for members to purchase). And naturally Amazon… but confused as to how Amazon already has used DS books for sale that COST MORE (although slightly more) than a new DS book. V. strange. :-)

  • What a fantastic achievement, you are an absolute inspiration to all bloggers, crafters, renovators and designers (did I miss anyone?). Bestseller list, here you come!

  • Yay! Amazon told me mine is on the way! Congratulations! I am scheduled for surgery on 9/20 and am considering forcing myself to wait until I am home recovering and getting bored before opening the book…but I doubt I will be able to wait! Yay for you!

  • I just checked my amazon pre-order and I should be getting my copy this week! Congrats Grace! You did it! I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  • Congratulations, Grace and the D*S team!!!! My pre-ordered copy is on its way and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! I hope to see you at the West Elm event in NY, but as I am almost 37 weeks pregnant at that point, I’m not sure if my body will allow me to be there physically… (it’s getting really hard to do anything!) but if not, will be there in spirit!! Congratulations again and again!!! xoxo Hijiri

  • Hi Grace I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!! I read you every week, and love your blog, so good ideas, information and your taste is great!!! Luckily I´m flying to New York on october, and your book is in the first place of my shopping list!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Just picked up my copy of Design Sponge at Home. It’s fab’! Congratulations from Sydney!

  • I am so excited, I bought the book this afternoon at Barnes and Noble! I have been reading ever since. Great job! It is an amazing book. A great combination of inspiration and instruction. Thanks for such a wonderful resource!

  • Hi Grace,
    Congratulations! So exciting. I own a gift shop in Perth, Australia, and was wondering if there’s any way I can stock your book? Thanks!

  • “Amazon.com items (Sold by Amazon Export Sales, Inc.):

    1 Design*Sponge at Home

    Shipped via IPARCEL”

    I just got the email… Its on its way to me in Oz…. YAY!!

  • I got my copy yesterday after pre-ordering weeks ago… just in time for our move back to Brooklyn this month!!

  • just ordered my copy! it should be here friday. i have been enjoying your site for the past year with my morning cup of coffee. thank you for making good, smart and chic home design so much more fun and accessible.

    congratulations! your story is inspirational.

  • I just got an email that my pre-order through Barnes and Noble has been delayed. :-(

  • I got an email from B&N also saying that my pre-order was delayed. The email said “Unfortunately, we just got word that the release date for this item(s) has been changed. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will email you when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the item(s) within 30 days, we will notify you by email.”

  • I got the same e-mail as Julie saying: “We want to give you an update about the pre-ordered item(s) listed below. Unfortunately, we just got word that the release date for this item(s) has been changed. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will email you when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the item(s) within 30 days, we will notify you by email.”

    Sad…but still so excited about this book!

    • hi guys

      that’s so odd- the release date was actually moved UP (earlier) so maybe that’s the confusion in their system? either way, i left a message with my publisher and emailed them to have them check on this. the book is definitely out (it’s been spotted at barnes & nobles stores) and ready to ship. hang in there, i bet this is a mistake and it will mail asap.


  • I got the same delay message from Barnes & Noble :(

    “We want to give you an update about the pre-ordered item(s) listed below. Unfortunately, we just got word that the release date for this item(s) has been changed. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will email you when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the item(s) within 30 days, we will notify you by email.”

  • oh! It also says “We are working to fulfill the rest of your order as quickly as possible. Because we value you as a customer, we are sending the items that are currently available in your order now at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your patience.” Which would be all well and good, except your book is the only thing I purchased…..that “no additional cost” thing has me a little confused…..

  • I’m also on my way to amazon.fr to buy the book. I have high hopes that it’ll one that I keep… I’ve kept the Domino book and the 8 week AT cure, but I’m donating Jonathan Adler’s book on colors and the house tours by AT. Considering how I love your blog, I’m betting on my loving and keeping the book !

    PS: any chance you’ll be touring France too ?

    PS2: I really love the cover already. It’s as beautiful as the Domino book, which means something !

  • Yay, so happy for you! Paris in the spring…I’ll be there for a signed copy! WH Smith, Galignani, Brentano???

    • hi guys!

      just heard from BN and – whew!- books are shipping now. the email was a mistake- please please disregard. your books are on their way now… so sorry :(


  • Pre-ordered book and received e-mail today that release date on book has been changed and i can cancel order if i want to. What’s up? I preordered and can’t get it ?

  • Congratulations Grace and team! The book is amazing from cover to cover! It has earned it’s keep as the first “official” coffee table book in my new flat! It’s a beautiful book. Congratulations again!

    PS. I can’t wait for you to come to London! Any ideas where you are going to have your event yet?

  • Hi Grace! Just wanted to let you know that I received an email from B&N letting me know that the book has shipped. Thanks for looking into it!!

  • Hey there,

    So happy to hear that the book is on its way. I received the same negative email from B&N today!!
    Will keep you posted!

  • Hi Grace and Congratulations for the book! I think was very hard to complete this book. Also i will try to order one from amazon.co.uk soon. If you are interested for giving away in my site a book or so I think i can participate sposoring this.

    Thanks, and keep doing this!

  • I got an email from Amazon.ca that my book (which I preordered 3 weeks ago) won’t ship until late October! Sadface :( Anyone else have this problem?

    (So now I REALLY can’t wait to get it! Congrats on the book, from all the previews it looks like you’ve done a stellar job – I expect this will be my go-to design book for ages).

  • Congratulations Grace and team!!!! Love your blog and I am certain I will fall in love with your book too. Patiently awaitng the delivery of my pre-ordered copy. Keep up the good work!!!! Looking forward to meeting you on the 14th at your Boston book signing!!!!!!

  • HUGE congrats Grace! As you probably know, I’ve been a huge fan from the very beginning. I pre-ordered via Amazon and can’t wait until tomorrow when the book arrives! Looking forward to your book tour stop in LA xx!!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and i’m loving your DIY stuff! I’m obsessed with doing little craft work myself :)
    Now i’m really excited and cannot wait to get a copy of your book. I’m living in Finland and and just happened to walk to a book store and ask if they by any chance have your book, and they did!!! although they have to order it and now i have to wait maybe 2 weeks or more…
    Thanks for the great ideas it get from your blog!

  • Congrats! I pre-ordered here via Amazon Germany some weeks ago and received the book 1 week ago. Have been flipping through the pages and reading it every evening this week so far and I am absolutely loving it! Great work, ladies!

  • So excited for you , Grace !. Amazon sent me a notification that the book have been shipped , it will arrive to my home in Buenos Aires, by the end of this month, I´m very anxious .
    Thanks !!

  • I got my book yesterday and it is amazing!!! Even my husband who could care less about design or decorating paged through it and thought it was pretty cool!
    Fabulous job!!!

  • I checked out the iPad version, but decided I wanted to hold it in my hands instead. Ordered it through Amazon, and I can’t wait!

  • Got my copy in mail today!! So much more amazing than I could have imagined! Truly a design bible! I feel so honored to be included in the before and after section as well! Page 364 – is that really me?! aah! Planning on going to the Austin book signing! Thank you thank you thank you! Love every page of it!

  • my book arrived today (a day early!) and i just could NOT put it down. i LOOVVVEEE it! great job!! can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and dive right in again and again!

  • Dear Grace, I made a post on my blog (in FRANCE) about your book, and lot of people ask me where we can find it ! You have lot of success in France. Best regards.

    • thanks so much erno!

      if you need a list of places in france (besides amazon.fr) just shoot me an email and i’ll see if we can help :)


  • Just got your book today. It is more beautiful in person than it is on the site! Congratulations!! So excited to finally have it in hand.

  • YAY!! Congratulations Grace!!! I’m loving the cover and can’t wait to see inside! All the best with the book tour. xoxo

  • My mom ordered the book for me as a surprise, and it arrived yesterday. Possibly one of THE BEST presents I’ve ever received. And super gorgeous in person! Thanks for making something so spectacular and good luck with the tour.

  • I just tried to buy the book on amazon.com and got this message:

    Item Under Review
    While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by Amazon.com because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

    We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

    BOOOOOOO Amazon!

    • seren

      it should be fixed asap. apparently a few books arrived damaged so they review ALL the stock for a day if that happens. you can still place an order (it says they have 15 or something in stock, so weird) and it should be fixed by tomorrow morning at the latest.

      in the meantime barnes & noble, anthro, west elm and indiebound are selling copies that are ready to ship :)


  • Hello Grace and all at Design Sponge! I have been reading the blog for years and pre-ordered the book and received it Yesterday. I have to say that it IS THE BEST deisign book I have ever purchased!!! It’s lovely and Fresh. I have to give props to all who helped make this book what it is…I knew it would be good, but it’s not, it’s great. Yummy comes to mind :)

  • I received mine in the mail Friday and I have already read it cover to cover. LOVE LOVE LOVE is all I can say. Beautiful book, full of inspiration and practical tips. It will find a home along side my gardening, crocheting, and cook books. Thanks Grace!

  • Hey Grace, congratulations on your book!

    I saw it yesterday at my friends house and I have to say that I must get a copy for myself!!! It is gorgeous! You did such a good job!!

    Having you as a blogger has inspired me to create my own blog at BetterDecoratingBible.com . I hope to follow in your footsteps and be as successful as you are!

    All the best to you and hope to hear from you soon!


    Suzy Q

  • The book arrived on my doorstep no less than 5 minutes ago… I have a feeling my to-do list will be taking a hit today. It’s even more gorgeous than expected – bravo! That gold foil was such a good call. Looking forward to seeing you in pdx in two weeks. Happy trails!

  • Cool! I saw and bought your book in my local bookstore last Sunday (Sept 11). Though I had no idea what was inside (the copy was wrapped in plastic) I bought it knowing that I would love it if it came from Design * Sponge. Loving ti!

    I’m surprised that my local bookstore already has a copy if the book was just launched last Sept 6. I live in Manila, Philippines btw. :) Asia represent!

    Congrats Grace! Hoping for a book 2, 3, 4 ….

  • Just a quick update on my previous comment: Looks like Amazon.ca got their act together, as they shipped my pre-order today! (NOT late October as they had told me previously). Can’t wait :)

  • Congrats! My copies arrived in the mail over the weekend, and I’ve sent one on to my sister as a housewarming gift. Already planning on tackling one of the featured projects (the DIY hanging light made out of wire garden baskets). Now I just need to finally thrift a coffee table to properly display my new favorite coffee table book!

  • I think I am the only one in America who still has not gotten her book. I received an email last Monday from BOMC telling me that they don’t have any copies in stock – this was after I placed my order the week previous. Don’t get me wrong, they did have it up on their website for sale, but they either sold out quickly or haven’t, as yet, received their shipment. I know that it not your fault, I just feel a little left out of all the fun. :-) Next time I’ll do the smart thing and order from Amazon or B&N like everyone else, but the book at BOMC was such an amazing deal!

    • hi teresa

      could you tell me what BOMC is? im happy to help however i can- so sorry for the delay. not sure why that’s the case- all the sellers got their books in august :(


  • Sorry, BOMC =The Book of the Mouth club. It’s probably just back ordered or something. They told me that I may have to wait up to 30 days! OUCH!!!

  • Congratulations, Grace! I’ve been following D*S since (nearly) the beginning, and just seeing the site grow over the years has been such a treat. I’ve ordered the book from Amazon and it will hopefully be in my anxious hands this weekend. I absolutely cannot wait to sit down with it!

  • Dear Grace, just received your book and I am very very V E R Y thrilled by it. So many pictures, so many happy colours, SO MANY PAGES ;) Even my 12-year old daughter (who actually only speaks and reads dutch) is enthusiastic about some ideas and colour schemes and wants them done in her room. Keep up the good work, lots of greets and kisses from Tom and family in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • YAY! I finally received my book. Now there is no need for me to plan a raid on the BOMC offices! :-) Thanks, Grace, for whatever you did to get them to ship.

    The only bone I have left to pick is with the mailman… he just left the package at the door to my apartment where anyone could have walked off with it. Apparently he had no idea of what precious cargo was inside!! :-)

  • Congratulations, Grace!
    I’d like to know if the book is available in Spain or any good site to buy it online with free or low shipping rates, could you recommend me any?

  • I finally got a copy of the book today for myself and I have to say I am so PROUD of this book and happy to have been a small part of it. Thank you for including me! Jenny pg. 336