after the jump: sibella court interview (mp3)

by Grace Bonney

I’m not usually one for idols, but for me, Sibella Court definitely approaches that status — not just for her incredible talent, but also for the endlessly creative life she leads and all the exciting projects she handles with grace, skill and ease. Sibella took time out of her incredibly busy schedule (she just got back from traveling to Milan, Transylvania, Turkey, Singapore, the Maldives and the East Coast of the US) to talk with me on After the Jump, and it was an absolute pleasure.

Despite what must be killer jet lag, she was still bursting at the seams with enthusiasm for her work, her life and the beauty of found and handmade objects. We talked about everything from respect for stylists, inspiration and favorite shopping haunts to the types of goods she’s always hunting down and can’t keep in her shop. If she doesn’t inspire you to lead the life you truly love, no one will. Thank you so much to Sibella for speaking with me; it was such an honor. xo, grace

*Click here to see a tour of Sibella’s Australian home and shop on D*S, and here to read her What’s in Your Toolbox interview.

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