new: shanna murray

by Grace Bonney

I’m always always excited to see an email from Shanna Murray. Her glittery designs are the only thing that can thaw my icy heart when it comes to the world of decals. For some reason, I really can’t stand most decals and hate how generic they tend to feel. But Shanna’s never feel that way. Maybe it’s the handwriting style or the love and thought she puts into the phrases, but they have a special feel that comes off as anything but generic. This afternoon, Shanna is introducing some beautiful new decals to her shop, as well as some new color options (neon pink is only available through the summer — hurray!) like fog and mint. I’m particularly fond of the “Be Kind” style — always a good reminder on rainy weeks like this when it’s easy to be a grump (looking at myself there). Click here to check out and shop all of Shanna’s new designs. They should be up this afternoon! xo, grace

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