after the jump: genevieve gorder interview (mp3)

by Grace Bonney

If I had to trace my love of design and DIY (and moss) back to one person, it would be easy: Genevieve Gorder. She is quite literally the only reason I came to know and love design. I’ll never forget her, barefoot, covering a couple’s wall in moss on Trading Spaces. It blew my mind. Design came alive for me, and everything seemed possible. Why shouldn’t you have a rust wall? Why not make your own artwork with leftover wooden scraps? Why not create an entire room inspired by an artichoke? For me, Genevieve’s style and spirit helped me find and understand where my place in the creative community would be.

So it was a complete and total thrill to spend yesterday afternoon talking with her on my weekly radio show, After the Jump. We talked about good (and bad) TV, how Minnesota influenced her style, how she balances her work and personal life and stays inspired. Genevieve is a complete one-woman powerhouse — whether you listen for design inspiration or just to hear the story of a super smart (and creative) business woman, I hope you’ll download and enjoy this interview. She is nothing short of amazing. (My favorite part of the interview was when she described being a designer as someone whose job it is to “imagine harder and better than you can.” That rang so true for me.)

Click here to stream the podcast for free online (and/or download the file for later) and here to listen on iTunes.

Thanks again to Genevieve and Suzanne for coming out. They are the best pizza lunch dates ever. xo, grace

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  • Great show, Grace! I adored Trading Spaces back in the day, and Genevieve’s energy is so inspiring. Loved starting the work day by listening to this interview.

  • She has always been an inspiration for me as well…ah, the good ole trading spaces days! I have kept in touch with her success over the years, and she continues to amaze me. Great interview Grace!

  • She was definitely my fave! That show in general had the same effect on me and I’ll admit, I was always a little disappointed if the day’s show featured some of the other designers and not Genevieve!

  • I, too, love Genevieve. She is by far the best designer on HGTV, and I love her style. I love yours, too. I saw and met you in Richmond back in November and use my book often. It is awesome……..

  • I really enjoyed this. Genevieve is so fresh and genuine and interesting, and your conversation wither her was inspiring.

  • I can’t even exlain how much I love Genevieve Gorder! Thank you for interviewing her I loved hearing her outside of Dear Genevieve get a real glimpse of who she is outside of the show. Can you interview Emily Henderson too? Another one of my favorties on HGTV.

  • thank you so much for this radio series grace! I just listened to all 3 + can’t wait to see who else will be on! my Genevieve memory from Trading Spaces is the Scrabble-themed room!

  • I remember having that same feeling whenever she first showed up on Trading Spaces. Not only is her design work inspired, but her energy is just so GOOD.

    Can’t wait to listen in the car on my way home tonight!

  • This was such a wonderful interview! I thought I could multitask while listening, but I was so entertained I had to sit down and soak up every single word. Grace and Genevieve had such great chemistry. I was a Trading Spaces addict, so hearing the behind the scenes scoop was amazing. I can’t wait to tune in next week!

  • I love that I just read this post in my google reader and couldn’t wait to write you to let you know that I too am a HUGE Genevieve fan. I’ve watched and listened since Trading Spaces, Town Hall and record the new and repeat episodes on HGTV Dear Genevieve. I love watching the shows over and over. I learn something new and somehow even after watching the episode 7 times, I’m still amazed at the transformations. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast. — wish she was designing places and spaces near Los Angeles. I’d hire her in a heartbeat.

  • i’m looking forward to listening to this interview (just downloaded it onto my ipod!), but the first thing i noticed is — i love Genevieve’s shoes!

  • Thanks so much for featuring one of my favorites, Genevieve! I’m loving downloading and listening to your show; please keep it up!!! My only comment – I’d love to hear more background/current job info on your guests. I know you have a short time, but while I know Todd Oldham’s name, I wish I’d heard more about exactly what he does (just products? interior design?) and how he got there. Great show, thanks!

  • Wonderful episode, Grace! Thank you, Genevieve for reminding me to schedule in fun time—even when I’m tired. Now that I’m a mom, I can totally relate. So excited to find out you started out as a graphic designer :)

  • Hello from Richmond magazine and RHome magazine! Just cleaned my very messy kitchen and dining room listening to all three shows. I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to see who is next and what I’ll learn next!

  • thank you so much for sharing this interview with us! genevieve was for me as well, one of my first introductions to interior design, making it truly come alive for me. i’ve always been a fan of interior transformations and will be the first to give my opinion on your space makeover. as a graphic designer taking a bit of a break, trying to figure out whats next after relocating back to Philly, i truly feel like this interview has shown me that i too can transition from graphics, to the world of interior spaces, which is more aligned with my true passion.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with two fellow Midwesterners in the archives today! It was so refreshing to hear that I wasn’t the only one who initially thought that an art degree meant that I had to be a painter or a sculptor. I switched my major from biochemistry to graphic design once I discovered that it was very much a marketable art skill.