Top Discount Subscription Design Sites

by Stephanie

(I’m thrilled to welcome one of our contributing editors, Stephanie Todaro, to our Design*Sponge guest column for My Life Scoop! Her first post is up this week, and after a couple more columns from me, she’ll be taking over. Welcome to My Life Scoop, Stephanie! — Kate)

This is the year I finally decided that a home renovation was a must. I moved into my sister’s condo (now essentially my own) almost two and a half years ago and haven’t touched a thing since. Now that the place is mine (and my pup Mr. Harvey’s), it is time to jazz things up and add some personal flare — on a budget, of course. Working with limited funds and taking my time with this what-seems-like-forever project, I decided that my first design/home decor shopping would be done online. So this week on My Life Scoop, I’ve rounded up some of the best discount design subscription sites. These sites showcase some incredible pieces at even more incredible discounted prices (sometimes up to 70% off!!), and they essentially do all the legwork for you by sending a daily newsletter reminder about new featured products. Easy as 1, 2, open! Click here to see the full post. Happy discount shopping! — Stephanie


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  • this post reads like an ad to me, am I the only one who feels a bit uneasy? Maybe because I’m wary of my email inbox cluttering with shopping subscription emails. Maybe because the post lacks some ‘how to’ (is there any shopping ‘strategy’ to using these kinds of sites? a separate inbox to manage 10+ shopping subscriptions?) I know that DS needs to create revenue- (and should be applauded for doing so!) That said, I’d be much more comfortable with this post if there are revenue connections, that they were stated. To what extent does ‘the best’ equate to ‘companies that pay for the most ad space on DS’? Maybe this has already been covered in a biz post and I missed it tho!

    • Trish

      There is absolutely NO payment correlation between these companies in the post and us. I am completely committed to transparency and would always say if something was sponsored.

      Also, we do not accept paid mentions and never will. (we also don’t do affiliate links so you don’t need to worry about us sneakily profiting from mentions in some way). So, to be 100% clear, NO ONE mentioned in this post was chosen because they are paying us or giving us anything- in any way. They are merely our team’s favorite resources.


  • Hey Kate!
    You’ve done a fabulous job with this column! Thanks for all your lovely posts ;)
    I love this week’s My Life Scoop and am pumped to have a few new online destinations. Do you happen to know if some of these sites ship to Canada? Cheers!

  • I’m a avid subscription shopper – I have all of these coming to my inbox and more. I love looking through everything that’s available. Except that lately I’ve also become a comparison shopper – at least half of the things I’ve been interested in buying have been available at a lower price elsewhere, sometimes a LOTS lower price. So I’d suggest making sure that you check out other sources before hitting the buy button.
    And Trish – all my shopping emails go to my “shopping” folder. Otherwise I’d never be able to manage them!

  • I have one little quibble with these sites sites: they don’t seem to cater to working women, meaning that for some of the sites the sales open at a specific time during the day when most of us are at work. There are still working environments that restrict Interet access (I know, right; unbelievable in this day and age). So, when you get home at five or six, everything truly fabulous and truly discounted is sold out. Granted, I belong to a Vente-Privee (and a few others not mentioned above) so perhaps that is the problem. I wish some of the sales events would start in the evenings to give us a chance to get things.

  • I was just looking to sign up at One Kings Lane! I got a great deal on some wonderful lights at Joss & Main a couple months back. I can’t wait to install them… I just need to actually get the room finished. :/

  • Tisha- I noticed the same thing. I stop even looking at One Kingslane after I noticed that a couple of the things I was looking at were either comprably (sp?) priced or better from the orginal store.

  • Don’t forget us foreigners! In the UK there is Achica and Dalani. Achica is more lifestyle based home decor + personal accesories + children’s clothes/toys.. it’s all kinds of awesome. Great for Christmas :)