Top 15 Gadgets and Tools for Foodies

by Stephanie

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am a kitchen dunce. It’s true; I have never been the culinary genius that my grandmother, mother and sister can boast to be. But not to worry. I have finally decided to jump in and take my place in our family lineage of chefs — or at least learn how not to burn my chicken . . . or myself for that matter.

To make the experience a little more enjoyable, I thought I’d find some gadgets that I could use to “spice” things up in the kitchen. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for this week’s post at My Life Scoop. If you’re also new to the kitchen or are looking for a great gift for the foodie in your life, be sure to check out the items I have gathered. Click here for the full post. Enjoy! — Stephanie

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  • Sorry guys. The post will be updated ASAP! I am new to the kitchen and apparently to counting as well :/ Thanks for catching that!


  • Some cute items, but most unnecessary – I find that the items I use most in my kitchen are the bare basics (I have a lot of nifty looking things that just don’t get used). I completely agree with the stand mixer though!

  • OOh I’ve wanted that measuring cup/scale for a while. And I’ve gone long enough without a manual juicer, thinking it “unnecessary”, but citrus juice on my sensitive skin finally convinced me to pick one up at ikea. And really, most of these items are “basics” (and that’s a different concept for every cook), just in super-cute form!

  • Wowza- I am happy to say while I own a few of these already (I LOVE my kitchen, ok? I have two- mine at work, and mine at home!) but I mostly use the basics- a good knife, my sturdy cutting board and of course, the vitamix. These gadgets are too fun though!

  • The Bodum toaster is amazing. Perfect toast and it includes an ingenious pop up rack for warming larger items like croissants. I use the warmer almost as much as the toaster!

  • I’m a professional cook. To spice up your kitchen I’d recommend some colorful Kunh Rikon peelers, a small paring knife from them as well, and maybe a Japanese mandolin. Also, high heat spatulas from Rubbermaid are the best for everything from omelets to sauteeing fish to caramelizing onions to making jams. Le Creuset also has a great set in a bunch of different sizes.

  • I was given the avocado pitter/slicer as a gift a few years ago & recently discovered that it also functions as a hard boiled egg slicer.