before and after

before & after: painted patterned rug

by Kate Pruitt

I love it when people discover a technique and then run with it, pushing themselves and their work to amazing places. Such is the case with Holly Westhoff and her painted rug methods. We shared one of her first painted rug designs last year; it was a lovely geometric pattern that reminded me of Jonathan Adler or Hollywood Regency style rugs. Today, she’s taken her rug painting skills to whole new level. After covering the entire surface of a simple Ikea rug with tape, Holly proceeded to measure and cut out shapes from the tape until she was left with this intricate stripe design. It’s op-arty in the best way, and looks so professional—you’d never guess it started as a plain vanilla rug. Keep up the experimentation, Holly! We can’t wait to see what you do next :) —Kate

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Time: 7 hours (6 hours to tape and cut design, 1 hour to paint)

Cost: $100 ($60 for rug, $40 for paint, tape, and fabric medium)

Basic Steps: First I covered the entire rug in scotch green tape placing the pieces horizontally and very close to each other. I then used a square photo frame as my guide for tracing and cutting the design carefully with my xacto. After that I removed every other strip of tape within each square going horizontally and then added vertical stripes of tape in every other square.  once I finished taping the design I mixed the paint with the fabric medium and rolled on with a 3″ paint roller. The rug is an Ikea Erslev rug, the interior flat latex paint and scotch green masking tape are from Home Depot, and the fabric medium is from Dick Blick art store.

My advice is to be patient during the taping process! Don’t stress about any flaws because it will still be pretty cool looking as the pattern is intense enough to hide them. Also be sure to use the fabric medium with the flat latex paint because it makes all the difference in the feel of the finished item! Don’t use the blue painters tape; scotch green masking tape has a much stronger stick and adheres really well to the rug and is what helps the project to be a big success! —Holly


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