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sneak peek: best of guitars

by Amy Azzarito

I love pulling themes from our Sneak Peek archives; it’s fun seeing how people creatively respond to different problems. One of my recent favorites was our best of bikes, and after looking through hundreds of homes, I realized we had a lot of musical home dwellers. Everyone seems to have a guitar propped in the corner or hung on a wall. Here are my favorite pics of guitars in homes. If you’ve come up with a unique storage option for the guitars in your house, I’d love to hear about it! And let me know if you have any “best of” requests! — Amy Azzarito

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Image above: Guitar propped next to an auction find in Morgane Sezalory’s Paris home.

Image above: Guitar as bedroom wall art in the Brooklyn home of Whitney & Dustin of Oh Darling

Image above: Cassandra Ellis & Ed Prichard have eight guitars in their Victorian home in South East London.

See more guitars in homes after the jump!

Image above: This old Victorian home in San Francisco’s Castro district houses the music equipment of Laura Brunow Miner and Wilson Miner. Wilson is head of design for the music streaming service Rdio and grew up playing several instruments.

Image above: Josh Vogel’s guitar collection in his Hudson Valley home. (See Make It Yours: Josh Vogel to get the look!)

Image above: This guitar in the corner of Björg Juto’s Icelandic home is often used to entertain the family in the evenings.

Image above: A guitar propped up next to a bookcase in Diane Toepfer’s Portland, Maine, home

Image above: Not quite a guitar, but a ukulele and banjo on a wall in Allen Hemberger’s Chicago apartment

Image above: The guitar in Joyce de Lange’s Amsterdam home is propped against the antique cupboard that holds her china collection.

Image above: Three guitars — one for each of the Gray Pants members — hang on the wall of the collective’s live/workspace in Seattle.

Image above: Guitars behind the sofa in the Brooklyn home of Toni Hacker of Hayden-Harnett

Image above: Kai-Wei Hsu’s Brooklyn home — the guitar on the right is his favorite.

Image above: Kevin Corn’s gallery wall in Los Angeles is accented by a guitar in a case.

Image above: A child’s guitar next to a dollhouse in Kevin Dean’s Southsea, England, home

Image above: A guitar nestled in Jessica Lynch’s living room on Guemes Island in Washington State

Image above: Guitars in front of the fireplace in Tanya Aguiniga’s Los Angeles bungalow

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  • Nice post! I have lived with guitars throughout the house for twenty years so it’s fun to see other homes with guitars living in them!

  • This makes my beat-up guitar rack look downright slovenly. Definitely hanging them all back up on the wall once I’m moved into the new apartment.

  • Love the guitars in decor, but you should never keep a guitar next to a radiator (3rd picture). The heat will warp the wood and ruin the glue on the bridge. I know this from experience!

  • @ Emily:
    If you read the text for this post, the guitars aren’t being showcased as a trend. All of the photos are curated from several different individuals’ Sneak Peeks (like home tours). I don’t believe any of these photos feature a guitar solely as a visual style element; all of these photos show different people’s methods of storing/displaying their guitars in an aesthetically pleasing/creative way.

    For example, I wouldn’t call pots and pans a trendy style element, however, (nearly) everyone owns them and has them stored or displayed in some way.

  • Our set up is very similar to Bjorg Juto’s. My husband plays classical guitar and has a music stand and foot stand in the living room. He was always leaving his guitar on the sofa or arm chairs (and he’s very particular about people touching his guitar!) so I finally convinced him to bring the guitar stand down to the living room. Now it’s on permanent display, which is much nicer than on the sofa. It’s a beautiful instrument, so I definitely do not mind (and now I can actually SIT on my sofa). :P

  • Just what I need! My husband has 2 guitars and 1 bass guitar, plus an ukulele. I have been looking for inspirations on how to display them! Thanks.