Living in a Nutshell

by Amy Azzarito

Image above: Classical columns on the front door drawn in chalkboard paint

Living in a Nutshell (just released yesterday!) showed up in the office last week. We’re pretty picky about books here and can be particularly hard on craft books, but I literally found myself saying “wow” on nearly page. The book is packed with more than 100 simple projects to revitalize apartments. It’s perfect for renters — almost every project is reversible or portable, and all are accomplished on a tiny budget. It actually inspired me to begin work on a kitchen makeover in my own apartment. Author Janet Lee is an Emmy Award-winning television producer (she worked for 10 years as a senior producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show) who lives in New York City where she has styled countless tiny apartments.

All images: Aimee Herring and Living in a Nutshell

Image above: New uses for vintage paint-by-numbers — a small side table gets a woodland topper.

Image above: Liquid starch is used to adhere fabric to apartment-grade cabinets. (These are easily removable when you leave.)

Image above: A custom window cover-up. From the outside, this privacy film reads “You Look Good in That.”

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