lace art by elodie antoine

by Grace Bonney

Textiles will always be my first love when it comes to design. There’s something about the idea of textured, tactile pieces that are woven or created by hand that is at the top of my list. The older I’ve gotten, the more interest I’ve taken in the actual techniques behind my favorite fabrics and weavings, particularly when it comes to lace. These beautiful pieces above and below are by Belgian artist Elodie Antoine, who is using lace-making techniques to create contemporary artwork that contrasts the delicate and romantic material with more severe industrial imagery. I love that she’s left the end of each piece loose so the strands flow freely. It reminds me of hair (but in a less creepy way) and is such an interesting approach to creating smoky imagery in the pieces. I Love Belgium did a great piece on her work, which you can check out here, and you can also visit Elodie’s site to see more examples of her contemporary lace-work pieces. Thanks to Tom for the tip! xo, grace

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