wearable planters (for your bike!)

by Grace Bonney

Today’s major plant kick continues. Maybe it was the sun’s appearance this morning or just wishful thinking, but I’m ready to start gardening again. Thanks to Jemma on Twitter, it looks like I can start some small-scale gardening with these awesome bike planters from Wearable Planters on Etsy. I’m the sort of crazy person who actually looks for ways to sneak living things into everything, so this is totally up my alley. I’m not sure if Brooklyn’s bumpy roads would jostle tiny plants too much, but I’m more than willing to give it a try. The bike planter comes in several different colors, but you can also pick up wearable planters in pin, necklace and earring forms right here. I just ordered one of the small necklace styles to use as a light pull; we’ll see how it turns out. Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. Thanks, Jemma! xo, grace

More images (and styles) after the jump . . .

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