pigeon love

by Grace Bonney

I’m indulging in a NYC moment this morning. It’s hard to avoid pigeons in the city, no matter what borough you call home. They’re everywhere and tend to hover over you at the most inopportune time. While I spend most of my time trying to decide whether to fear them (please don’t poop on me!) or embrace them, this morning I’m settling on embrace. I mean, when pigeons are immortalized in such a cute knitted toy, it’s hard not to love them. It’s not their fault that they’ve become the mascot for dirty birds everywhere. Click here to pick up a sweet pigeon toy at Oeuf online. xoxo to you, NYC. — grace

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  • But the toys are cute. Maybe I speak for pigeons everywhere when I say a re-brand is in order?

  • This is brilliant. I have baby gifts to get for New Yorkers and I know the moms-to-be will find these so amusing.

  • Anytime I think of pigeons in NY, I think about Home Alone 2 and the lady who lived above the theater and fed them.
    They don’t bother me, and these toys are adorable!

    New “dirty bird”: sea gulls.

  • I just added this pigeon to my baby registry last week. I love to see you post kid friendly stuff, being a toy designer! The mountain pouf has been a favorite for awhile, too. It’s the best when children’s toy items cross over and pique the interest of adults.

  • I had that same love/hate relationship with seagulls when I lived at home in Hampton, VA. Now, hearing them outside on a rare occassion in Richmond makes me happy and nostalgic, haha.

  • I think these little knitted guys are wonderful and really capture the essence of a real life flock. Pigeons get a bad rap. They’re beautiful birds and deserving of love and respect. Their industriousness has made them despicable to many people.

    • Sandy

      Handmade things take time to make. That time plus supplies = costs that often go over $50. That’s the nature of handmade work. It’s not in everyone’s budget but that doesn’t make it insanity. It makes it something that most of us either decide to save up for and support or choose not to buy.


  • Thank you, Grace! I think so many people don’t realize the time that goes into making something by hand. It’s so hard to survive as an artist when you are competing with so many mass-produced items. They say, “Oh, that’s so beautiful,” but aren’t willing to pay for it unless they get Walmart prices. Just because I love what I do doesn’t mean it isn’t work.

  • We should all support our local artists!,for creating some individuality in our world.
    K.Vincent London, England :-)