geode trinket box

by Grace Bonney

I spent a chunk of my afternoon yesterday organizing our photo props, craft supplies and various bits & bobs into IKEA storage bins (I even got to bust out my vintage typewriter to make the labels). I spent an inordinate amount of time ogling the beads and glue-on jewels we got from Tinsel Trading. They make up one heck of a magical box and are almost too pretty to use. Because they’ve tipped me into “jewel crazy” land, this little bauble box seems perfect. Tiny, sparkly and made from a one-of-a-kind geode, it’s the perfect place to hide (or display) a treasured piece of jewelry or just a little (each box is around two to three inches in size) something special. Click here to check out the various styles and place an order for a special TGIF gift. xo, grace

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  • are the geode boxes coated with anything on the inside to even out the jagged surface? if not, i’d be cautious about putting softer gems in there, such as opals or pearls. geodes tend to be predominantly quartz, which has a hardness of 7 – many semiprecious stones are softer than that.

  • So pretty! My grandma always had tiny empty cloisonne boxes on her dresser, and I was so taken with them. Not many jewelry items would fit in there anyway, but it’d be a beautiful presentation for gift-giving, and later as a display piece. Two in one!

  • Bought one, really pretty geode, but didn’t realize it is glued together with rubber. It makes it look cheap. But, now that I look at the images, I should have noticed that before ordering…