d*s radio: feedback + suggestions?

by Grace Bonney

Image above via Caren Alpert

I’ve been dreaming about writing this post ever since I first stepped foot inside the Heritage Radio studios in Brooklyn. I can’t even describe how happy and lucky I feel to announce that this spring, I’ll be hosting my own radio show! It’s been almost nine years since I put down my headphones and left my radio station days behind me at William & Mary (where I hosted an embarrassing but fun jam band show every Friday), and not a day has gone by that I haven’t missed it. I’ve always felt comfortable in a radio booth, and I love that radio lets you embrace deeper conversations and really focus on what people are saying.

For a while now, I’ve really wanted — and needed — a place where I could discuss design and craft in a more serious, meaningful way. I sometimes discuss serious topics and opinions here, but I’ve always felt they needed a more appropriate home where they could be fully fleshed out in real-time conversations. Aside from Debbie Millman’s excellent Design Matters podcast, I think the design community has a gap in great radio programming, so I’ve made it my goal to create a place where each week, makers, artists and design enthusiasts can gather to talk, ask questions and learn more about the community we all love and support.

But before I start my first show (did I mention the studio is in a series of old shipping containers connected to Roberta’s, the best pizza place in Brooklyn? Score!), I wanted to see what you guys, and everyone in the design community, would like to talk about or listen to. It would mean so much to me if you could share your opinions, thoughts and feedback to help me ensure that this show speaks to the issues, interests and concerns of the group as a whole. Here are some points I’d love your feedback on:

1. What kinds of topics would you like to see discussed in a design/Design*Sponge radio show?

2. What people would you like to hear interviewed?

3. What type of conversation/subject matter do you think is missing from the design community as a whole?

4. What sort of additional content (outside of each show) would you like to see included (e.g., slideshows, blog posts, videos, in-person meetups coordinated with each radio show episode)?

5. Would you like the ability to write/tweet/call-in questions on air to be answered?

6. Would you be interested in attending an in-person radio show event or taping if it came to your town?

7. Do you have any additional formatting or content feedback you’d like to see implemented?

8. In what formats are you most likely to listen to a radio show: live on internet radio, downloaded as an MP3 or embedded in a blog as an audio file?

I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you have time to give. This show and this medium mean so much to me, and I really look forward to doing my best to create a show that celebrates and explores the creative community to which I’ve dedicated my professional life. Thank you so much, everyone. See you on air soon! xo, grace

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  • 1. New and up-and-coming designers – discussions of maybe basic design…techniques? Like a show about color theory? Super basic things that design noobs might not be aware of, or know about, but then also maybe design wonk-y stuff like a show all about fonts. And guests from different genres, or what have you – basically like how you have a wide variety of design on the site – maybe a flower arranger, a fabric designer, web designer – maybe even interviews with big names like Marian Bantjes…etc. For some reason, I kind of imagine your show like a This American Life, but design specific. Maybe following the life of one…designed thing. Or on 3D printers, what have you.

    2. Marian Bantjes. Professional designers of things. Maybe students, as well, so long as they’re not tiresome. Other bloggers – I’d like a fun roundtable with a bunch of design bloggers, for sure. Real people, too, though I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head.

    4. I’m not watching videos, since I check this site at work, but the idea of meet-ups/panels/presentations/demonstrations that are building off of topics discussed on the show sounds lovely.

    5. YES.

    6. Probably? It would definitely depend on the subject matter – but as a general rule I don’t like listening to live tapings.

    8. I used to download, but now I listen via my iPhone, so a non-flash way of listening to a podcast would be awesome.

  • How exciting! I would love to hear interviews with design bloggers {my top pick would be Jenny Komenda} and interior designers. I’d love recap posts too. Do you know what station it will be on? I think it would be great to have people call in for design advice and solutions. First Domino and now this! So much fun stuff coming up! For me personally I would love advice from designers on where they spend and save and how to complete high style projects on a real life budget.

  • I think more interviews similar to What’s in your Toolbox would be great. Fresh Air with Grace Bonney instead of Terry Gross. Learning about other designers’ processes are so beneficial, especially the business side of things. How they actually manage to succeed in a profession that is often difficult to even define. And you should definitely come to New Orleans for a taping! Tuning into a live broadcast on the internet is nice, but MP3 option is great too. So excited for the station!

  • What a cool idea! I’ll be really interested to see how things come through in descriptions without any direct imagery. This is going to be really cool!

    As far as topics, I think one thing the design community is still on the edge of is sustainability. In order to continue getting beautiful things from the earth, even – and especially – designers need to find a way to help preserve it. Design*Sponge has always had an eer to the sustainable, so it seems like that would be one place to go with it.

    Write/tweet/call-in would all be really cool – and call ins can help open up the conversation instead of a narration.

    I worry about having to catch things live, especially if the show is when I’m at work. Maybe if the show was available later as a podcast or a streaming audio file with a download available so it can be more easily mobile.

  • Wow… so much big news today!!! Pinterest, radio, D*S has gone worldwide! Congratulations to you, Grace, and the rest of the hardworking team on your many recent successes. As they say, first time caller (commenter), long time listener (reader)!

    I would love to listen into your show live but follow along with twitter feed #DSradio — in my mind, you have a tremendous platform and opportunity to lead your legions of followers in a huge global conversation. But at the same time, you can use Pinterest to post images of whatever “we” are discussing at the moment because the world of design is so inherently visual. Your readers are thus transformed into listeners, imaginers, and do-ers in a whole new way. They can feel like they are playing an interactive part in the inspiration, design, and production process… and isn’t that the goal of social media?!

    Again, kudos to you!

  • I’d like to see some discussion of design in the context of larger issues, such as ecology (making things usually creates a lot of waste/trash — how do we deal with that responsibly?), fair trade, preserving regional/ethnic crafts and design while bringing those items to a larger market, etc. I suppose you could call it something like “Design Ethics.” Well, on second thought, a sexier name would be better! How about “Designing/Crafting a Better World?” Or something like that….

  • 5. I think tweeted in questions works well … that way the asker has to really refine what they are asking because they only get a few words. You can avoid those question askers who are really just wanting to be their own show hosts and offer a little speech with one question tacked on.
    8. Podcasts or something available streaming that will let me listen at work without downloading anything is how I’d be most likely to tune in.

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Hooray!! Grace, I am so excited for you and your team. It stuns me how far you all have come, and how much your efforts inspire others. I am a huge radio fan (grew up with Cartalk and Lake Wobegon every weekend) and am so excited for this new development.

    I would be really interested to hear a show exploring the psychological aspects of design: why does what we see and feel affect us so strongly? why do some people feel so passionately about a marble fireplace or mid-century chair and others couldn’t care less? how do high end designers reconcile their craft knowing most people won’t afford their creations?

    I agree w/ previous comments about interviewing noted designers and discussing their career paths, what inspires them, etc.

    Maybe eventually you can create a “Project RUnway” of sorts with design!!! THAT would be amazing.

  • 1. I would love to hear information on topics such as how to incorporate design into your everyday life. As a webmaster, graphic designer by trade, I love good design, but I am not always sure how to incorporate my love of design into life outside of work.
    2. I would love to hear from people such as Oh Joy (http://ohjoy.blogs.com/my_weblog/) and Julia Rothman (http://juliarothman.com/) on their inspirations and how they got started in the field. I’d love to design products that are actually sold to people.
    3. As a member of the design community, I find a lot of discontinuity between professional designers and everyone else. I actually consider myself part of the “everyone else” category – it’s not like I have my own product line or anything. I would love to find a way to bring the non-professionals into the conversation.
    How to turn inspiration into design, without stealing other people’s work.
    4. Since design is SO visual – you need slideshows, or some sort of visual content. I’m also a really big fan of the video of the week feature that NPR has on Science Fridays (part of Talk of the Nation).
    5. If you really want the conversation to be interactive and real time, you need to have at least one segment of the show where people can call in. You could either do this in the way that Splendid Table does (yes I listen to a lot of NPR) by just having part of the show be where people call in and ask design questions; or you could do it the way Talk of the Nation does and letting people call and ask questions on targeted subjects based on the guest/topic of the day.
    6. I would love to do that sort of thing, but I don’t think there would be much call for you to host your show in rural America … but you could discuss the difference in the design community of rural America v. big city design.
    7. I’d just love to see the show get started …. You can always improve it by adding segments as you go.

  • Wow Grace, is there anything you can’t do?! Congrats D*S. Some answers:

    3. I’d like to hear from designers themselves, how they work and how they got to where they are.

    5. YES

    6. Maybe

    8. Embedded audio in a blog, or iTunes/podcast.

  • i’m so excited for you!! i used to work in college radio for 4 years too at NC State University (WKNC 88.1fm). My show was called the Power Hour :)

  • I would definitely attend a live event! I like the idea of lengthening the conversation in a radio format (podcast, please??)

    Write/Tweet/Call-in sounds great! Would be fun to be able to participate in the show.

    As far as interviewing, maybe an extended version of “what’s in your toolbox?” and what inspires artists/designers/crafters/chefs. It would be interesting to listen to them discuss what gives them inspiration and what sparks their interest outside of what they do for a living!

  • Grace that is so great! Congrats! Newspaper, book, radio show – what’s next, a d*s tv show? (I would totally watch)

    I agree with those who have made the points for YES on call-in/tweet/facebook questions (much like a “Watch What Happens” Live situation) but I would also vote for having the show as a podcast later, so the two may be slightly at odds with each other. I think that it can be appointment listening – on a weekend, if I can tear myself away from Click and Clack – but I think that having it available later too is the best option. Maybe having a forum, on Twitter or elsewhere, so that a portion of the next show’s topics can be culled from the discussion pool so there is still an interactive quality for those who couldn’t listen live.

    I would love some portion of the show about what to see – any exhibits coming up, a pop up shop that looks great (like David Stark’s Wood Shop), something new in a store that we should check out in person. Any call to action to get listeners to go out into the world to see design. I know obviously you could recommend New York places, which is great for me, but I think that with your network of d*s contributors you could do a roundup for the entire country.

    I am sure that we will get more information as everything is firmed up, but that is so exciting!

  • CONGRATS GB!! I would love to hear any business advice for creatives- maybe like biz ladies for the radiowaves (organization, marketing/strategy, accounting, legal(if possible), efficiency, etc). Also, I love hearing honest, success stories of folks like ben from pinterest so maybe something TED talks-ish with different movers and shakers, business owners, designers, etc (David Stark, Dana Tanamachi, Nathan Williams, Maira Kalman, etc… any left-brained advice for the right-brainers out there would be great! So happy for D*S!

  • Congratulations Grace! The radio show sounds like a lot of fun, in addition to being a missing part of design world conversations. I think that the call-in aspect is important, and I would most listen to it in MP3 format during my commute or at work.

  • Podcasts would be amazing!

    I listen to absolutely everything through the stitcher iphone app, which is an amazing way to navigate podcasts- it downloads your favorites automatically, is less glitchy than itunes, and is easy to use at work…

  • There is definitely a need for this type of show. I routinely listen to radio shows/podcasts about some of my other interests, such as history, cooking, or comedy, but haven’t found much out there about design. I would STRONGLY prefer something that I can download and listen to on my phone. Good luck!

  • I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier, but the whole Biz Ladies thing could be its own segment, if not its own show, really. Like how Planet Money spun off from that one TAL ep. I really like TAL, in case anyone was wondering.
    But I always want to sit down and read the Biz Ladies posts, which seem so helpful and informative, so shows geared around that aspect of design, with guests who could speak to their experiences, or offer advice like a Suze Orman for design, would be awesome, too.

  • As someone who doesn’t really see themselves “in” the design community, the most helpful posts on here are the Biz Ladies and the other ones that focus on how to bring lovely design into my own life.

  • It would be great if you’d tie it in to a blog post of the same topic here on D*S – and perhaps include a download able typed play by play. I know your deaf readers who couldn’t listen to the program would be THRILLED to get access to the content, as well! Thanks!

  • 4. I would vote slideshow over video for the reason of “tuning in” at work.

    6. Yes

    8. Listening to a podcast or embedded in a blog post would be my vote – the ability to listen at a convenient time and more than once.

  • A mix of news (upcoming events and gallery shows, meetups), hot topics and trends, and more in-depth discussions of technique and theme as topics would be interesting.

    I’d like to hear interviews from up-and-comers working in a new medium, people who have access to or work with excellent resources (not just librarians, but people working at smaller museums and archives), and established people actually making a living at what they do.

    Meaning and practicality is something that’s missing from a lot of design discussion. Something can be beautiful, but first: is it useful? Practical? Does it need to be to justify its existence?

    Blog posts or some sort of visual accompaniment/link pool/summary would be great to go along with each show. If the shows are archived as embedded MP3s, the show could be at the top with the information neatly underneath in order of discussion.

    If it’s appropriate for the topic, I’d love to have the ability to interact with the show. There could be portions of shows where calls are taken and questions answered, but it needn’t be for the full duration.

    “ Would you be interested in attending an in-person radio show event or taping if it came to your town?” YES.

    Other radio shows I’ve like have had success with setting up message boards for the show, where given a few general overhead subjects, the readers/listeners sort it out and discuss amongst themselves.

    I tend to listen to most radio as a downloadable archive through ITunes. It’s easy and self-updating. Surprisingly I also listen to a lot of shows I like in person, at their live tapings. It’s always nice to meet up with fellow listeners.

  • How awesome!!!

    I’d love to see a wide range of folks from the industry be interviewed, so that the show could give a wide range of perspectives on design (just as the site does). Stylists like Emily Henderson could be cool as well as product designers. It might be neat to actually take people from different realms of the design community and put them in conversation WITH each other, i.e. choose a topic as a starting point and have a conversation between 3 or 4 of you – bloggers, decorators, designers, etc. It would be great if you could offer it both live and otherwise, sort of like how NPR does on their website. That way, if I’m free to tune in I totally would, but otherwise I can hear it at my convenience.

  • so excited for you!!

    1. -trends; historical context
    -101s? like color theory, furniture history, etc

    5. absolutely

    7. blog embed, mp3 download podcast

  • Congratulations!

    I agree with Kristina and Emily – the BizLadies information is so helpful/useful/relevant and it really isn’t available in such a concentrated form anywhere else. Using your broadcast as a platform for encouraging entrepreneurship and for helping people overcome their fears and really put themselves out there…what an amazing opportunity for us all!

  • Oh this is SO cool! I would definitely listen. I LOVE the idea Liz has above where you match creatives together and have them discuss different topics.

    I am also in the process of starting up my own creative business so conversations related to that would definitely be helpful to me (like a biz ladies series once in a while for instance!), although I’ll most likely be happy listening to anything related to design – sounds like heaven!

  • I love the iHeartRadio app- its easy to listen daily where ever you might be. Most of the shows play on a loop, so if you miss part of it, or don’t get to listen, then you can catch it later. I am sooo excited to listen, and hope you consider iHeartRadio!

  • This is really cool!

    Actually, I went to the Apt Therapy ABC home meetup where you gave a little talk, and loved hearing about your music background (which was a cool surprise!) I really enjoyed hearing how the D*S newsletter design was somewhat inspired by those great (almost bygone) music newspapers…hearing that radio is in the future strikes me as another really nice dovetail. I can’t wait to listen, and think this is such a cool addition to the ever-growing suite of D*S projects. I’m a big fan of radio, and have always loved the medium…it’s neat to see it taking on new shapes these days. Really cool, and congratulations!

  • oops. i forgot. would love a podcast and slideshow. : ) i really love the idea that design is something you can apply to almost any discipline, and any profession. i would love to hear about design as a way to create things, solve problems, and make the world a better place.

    there’s so much on the web about what things look like, and what we can buy. it would be nice to hear ideas about design outside of appearance, a wider view of design as a force for good ideas and solutions in our lives (for example, designing a business plan, a public space, or a humanitarian project, or designing a product that helps a community.)

    the idea of designing beyond decoration is what interests me, and i wish there was more accessible/down-to-earth content about it. designers have much to offer this world, beyond just dressing things up. sorry for the double comment : )

  • 1. What kinds of topics would you like to see discussed in a design/Design*Sponge radio show?
    I would love to hear about designers’ process, how they get inspiration, what their studios are like, what have they learned from their mistakes, how do they create income, drive their business, how they are connecting to their communities, sustainability in their art [on personal, local and further-reaching levels as well], ethics in design….etc. A mix of new, upcoming designers and established ones as well.

    2. What people would you like to hear interviewed?
    Designers from all different areas: digital, interior, fashion, jewelry, food, craft, etc. I’d love to hear about the whole renaissance happening in Brooklyn…..and other areas as well.

    3. What type of conversation/subject matter do you think is missing from the design community as a whole?
    I think what’s missing is that design has a whole language [principles of design & elements of art] and that we can use this language to discuss: aesthetics, production methods and history-THEN having the use of this language, we can critically continue to discuss design and its implications to and within our societies as a whole. I think what’s missing is the ‘language’ and being able to ‘use’ that language. Radio is a great format to begin this discussion.

    4. What sort of additional content (outside of each show) would you like to see included (e.g., slideshows, blog posts, videos, in-person meetups coordinated with each radio show episode)?
    I’d love video, blogs, and podcasts of the radio show [in case I can’t get it in my area]. I would love in-person meetups with radio shows as well. Transcripts would be wonderful as well.

    5. Would you like the ability to write/tweet/call-in questions on air to be answered?
    This would be great!

    6. Would you be interested in attending an in-person radio show event or taping if it came to your town?
    You bet! In fact, I’d help coordinate an in-person radio show event or taping in my area!

    7. Do you have any additional formatting or content feedback you’d like to see implemented?
    Well, it would be wonderful to have the podcast/MP3 formats somehow connected to Pinterest and other social media.

    8. In what formats are you most likely to listen to a radio show: live on internet radio, downloaded as an MP3 or embedded in a blog as an audio file?
    I like the option of having the embedded AND downloadable MP3 file as well.

  • I love that you’re asking for contributions from your biggest fans! Your blog has helped me with so much that I am happy to look back in any way I can!

    1. Latest inspirations around NY + wherever you travel (current exhibits you’ll be attending or wish you could if you were there, etc). Maybe a bit of BizLadies (and Gents) tips.

    2. Designers. Their backgrounds, their inspirations. Maybe similar to “what I love most about my home is…” have “…about my work” or “…life right this moment” or even just “the song I love most right now is…” and then play a tiny clip since it is all audio it could be a sweet little insight into their tastes.

    3. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is totally missing but I’d encourage collaborations of some sort. Somehow maybe in one day interviewing 2 separate artists/designers that could take inspiration from each other or maybe one day could work together.

    4. Slideshows of the work they reference in the interview would be cool.

    5. Twitter would be helpful.

    6. As a Bay Area dweller ABSOLUTELY (especially since I missed the book tour!)

    7. I take daily inspiration from NPR, particularly Fresh Air. Just putting that out there. Also, I love the way you do “Living In” (partly because I’m an actress with a love of design and I’m particularly interested in the environments created to establish a scene/film) so if you could get ahold of designers for movie/theater sets and costumes I think that would be very interesting.

    8. Live on internet or on blog as audio file. Have you considered a podcast? I’m not well versed in that sort of thing so I apologize if that’s a foolish question…

  • I’d love a link on this blog each time you record something ! I love DS and a few others, but I’m not looking forward to adding another favorite (have too many already), so a reminder to check wherever the audio file is would be welcome ! Embedded would be just the thing, but I don’t know if the radio will allow it.

    I’m French, so I probably won’t be able to listen to a live show, but I’d really love to have a podcast to listen to it while you guys are asleep !

  • Congrats! Another radio lover here and so many have good suggestions I echo. Perhaps you can place your radio show on this site so we can listen? Not quite a podcast…sim to what KUSF in Exile does; they have it for the i and for listening via regular computer. Thanks. Enjoy :)

  • Podcasts would be brilliant to listen to on my way into work! I currently listen to this american life and would love something new and design related!

  • Grace, you continue to amaze! Huge congrats on this. I think the biggest challenge, from my vantage point is making the show relevant to the design “pro” and the person like me. Someone who knows and enjoys living an aesthetic life but doesn’t make a living from it.
    I think you’ve done that brilliantly here, so maybe it won’t really be that big of a deal.
    I would try to make it relevant, however because of our current economic challenges and try to produce segments on doing more with less, going to flea markets, repurposing, etc.

    I love the idea of your taking the show on the road. No one does design radio from the field!

    Good good luck to you from a HUGE fan!

  • What a great idea–D*S radio!
    I would find it helpful to learn about great sources for things like special paints, silk flowers, unique ribbons, driftwood, places where you can go to cast glass in sand, or learn how to wire a lamp on your own, etc.
    Also, centers of design activity, for example an interview with someone like Andy Ward of Garment Industry Development Corp. in NYC. Since some of the D*S readers (me included) are making the leap to production, finding sources for making t shirts, tablecloths, quality fabric printing, etc. might help designers and artists learn how to take the next big step–where to go, how to find sources, etc.
    Also, maybe interviews with heirloom garden experts, for example Stephen Scaniello who installed the heirloom rose garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, or Phil Edinger from the Historic Iris Preservation Society, since I suspect D*S attracts lots of garden lovers :-)
    And I agree with this great suggestion from another reader: “I’d love a link on this blog each time you record something !” Good luck, Grace and D*S team!

  • I don’t know if this is too peripheral for where you want your show to go:
    I love the resources you provide on your blog for new artists and DIY/inspiration, but I’d love to hear more conversations on the intersection of design, communication/education and policy. Design is SUCH an effective communication tool, making unfamiliar topics accessible and relevant in a way the written word cannot and there are so many topics that would benefit from a greater public understanding in order for us to continue our happy existence on this planet with all of our neighbors. So: How do designers think about this challenge? What are the avenues that new designers can take to participate in this intersection? Where does mindful communication fit within the greater design community? What do designers think about their existing or potential role as messengers/educators?
    A link within the blog would be great, but it would also be lovely to be able to download episodes (hello, roadtrips!)
    And just as an aside, your continual pursuit to incorporate your passions and cultivate new skills in your work is a really lovely inspiration, apart from all the visual inspiration you provide here. So, thanks. And have fun on the air!

  • Congrats! First thing I’d like to hear on this radio show is how you seem to have 48 hours/day when the rest of us only have 24. The activity you pack in is inspiring!

    1. Ideas for turning creative ideas into realities whether they be grants or business plans. Time management tips and new tools (from individuals and from the tech world too) to help with all the juggling of projects. Design ideas for the global good. Maybe some historical references such as the history of letterpress and then seque into the new trends featured around printmaking.

    2. Specifically- the Selby! Generally speaking, something along the lines of TED talks for the design world- inspirational, articulate people with a clear, concise message to spark debate and help creatives find their path. Additionally, interviews with creative collaborations. How do they work together and work through differences?

    3. Design is often something cast aside or not taken for its full value, whereas, we know the effects of design can make or break things like company culture or even the dynamic of a home. I’d like to participate more in the conversation about why design matters and how it can make a difference, especially against a backdrop of a poor economy. This topic is also relevant for how a designer markets him or herself and proves the importance of good design. On a very basic, DIY level, this discussion can inspire minor changes that make a space cozy or brighten someone’s day. I read the DS book and immediately started making changes to my apartment. Just little things, but I felt the difference!

    4. Based on my addiction to DS, I would overwhelmingly welcome any additional visuals you might want to share via the blog or a slideshow or pinterest. Maybe you could also make playlists (on spotify?). For example: what are songs food bloggers are listening to right now as they bake up their next post? What are printmakers playing?

    5. I would like the option to tweet in my comments/questions.

    6. Though I doubt the radio tour would include PGH, I would be interested in a live radio show. I’d probably venture to Philly for the occasion! Please hit the road!

    7. It’d be useful to have visuals and supplemental articles pertaining to the radio show.

    8. I’d like various options for listening, both live stream and the option to listen later. A podcast format would work well.

    Can’t wait!

  • Bravo Grace! (college radio is so fun) I am a podcast & dvr kind of girl. Would love to download your show for my commute! Horray for design on the radio :)

  • Honestly, I think that the only way I would think to regularly listen to a radio show, even one as amazing and enlightening as I know yours will be, is if it’s offered as a Podcast. That way, I can just subscribe and it’s always there in my iTunes. I can’t wait to see how this project turns out. It’s going to be awesome!

  • Oh, and taking the show on the road would be perfect. Somehow these traveling shows (Radiolab, etc.) seem to always skip over Michigan. The truth is, however, that the Detroit/Ann Arbor area is full of people who would jump at the chance to see their favorite podcasts/radio shows in action.

  • Grace, maybe have a look at this service:
    Essentially, you’d have your on Internet channel where you can have in-depth conversations, in real-time via audio, audio/video and text. It’s the complete interactivity you want, the total access your fans want. Chat Auditorium is all about talking *with* people, not talking *at* them…and they can to talk with you too.

  • I would love to hear task items for staying creative. Anyone who is constantly producing can get burnt really fast. How do super creative, multi-tasking pros stay on top of their game in the area of creativity? I would love to hear more about this topic.

  • 1. What kinds of topics would you like to see discussed in a design/Design*Sponge radio show?
    Design ethics, design for social change, I love the biz ladies column, as well as What’s in your toolbox?

    2. What people would you like to hear interviewed?
    I love the people you’ve been talking to for What’s in your toolbox, so whatever your strategy is there, it’s a good one. Otherwise, graphic designers, typographers, textile designers, and all of the talented crossover artists whose work you so often feature. I find it so inspiring when someone trained in graphic design, sculpture, etc. expands into product design, event planning, animation, etc. Interviews would definitely need to come with an online version—I want to be able to see visuals of their work, links to their shops/portfolios, etc.

    3. What type of conversation/subject matter do you think is missing from the design community as a whole?
    Design ethics and design for social change. Sustainability, authorship, and copyright, but those are more widely discussed. Consider also: design that addresses global issues, but beyond the more obvious industrial and architectural design areas (meaning portable water filters, hurricane-proof housing, modular affordable housing, etc.). Any designers addressing literacy issues, public health issues, etc.? Fair trade and maintaining traditional crafts (I love how many companies are working with artisans worldwide, often even educating them in business practices, trend identification, product design, etc.), or the related authenticity vs. mimicry discussion (big box companies selling “American Indian,” “Moroccan,” etc. craft work).

    4. What sort of additional content (outside of each show) would you like to see included (e.g., slideshows, blog posts, videos, in-person meetups coordinated with each radio show episode)?
    Definitely some sort of online presence—whether a summary post on d*s (a la your Friday wrap up) or otherwise—for reference to names, companies, and their accompanying URLs. I’d prefer slideshows to videos—like many have said, I often catch up at work, and a slideshow is easier to share via Pinterest, etc. A great way to tie things in with the blog would be to provide a post re the interviewee: visuals of their work, links to their sites, etc. that would supplement the radio show (or that the radio show would supplement). I’m not in NY, so meet-ups wouldn’t help much, but if you ever took the show on the road I’d love to partake.

    5. Would you like the ability to write/tweet/call-in questions on air to be answered?
    Yes, and based on the number of comments your blog regularly receives, others would too! I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to scan through them all, though…

    6. Would you be interested in attending an in-person radio show event or taping if it came to your town?

    7. Do you have any additional formatting or content feedback you’d like to see implemented?
    Think the other questioned about covered it.

    8. In what formats are you most likely to listen to a radio show: live on internet radio, downloaded as an MP3 or embedded in a blog as an audio file?
    Definitely a downloadable file for listening, with the option to stream live. I’m in the US, but I suspect many are not, and in any case, sometimes work/life just gets to crazy for tuning in at a set time.

  • I can’t wait! There are so many good suggestions, I’ll just add that I would also love a podcast (and more BizLadies!).

    Thanks for all you do!

  • omg Grace this is REALLY exciting. Ironically, as a designer of visuals, audio is one of my favorite mediums and other than Debbie’s show and studio 360 there aren’t very many design shows. You’re gonna be great. . . answers to your questions when i’m not half asleep. . .

  • 1. Sneak Peek is my favorite D*S column for its focus on real and particular private-spaces. How about Spoken Walk-throughs? Not of entire homes but just special tidbits. Little vignettes we can imagine ourselves in with our eyes closed.

    Short, call-in or write-in segments. There can be organized themes like “My First Apartment” or “Memory of Grandma’s House” — almost like a folk-knowledge bank of how design impacts our lives.

    In general, content relevant to renters as opposed to owners. I suspect we’re a large and growing percentage of your audience.

    Take us with you to fairs/conferences, flea markets, etc. It could be a gateway to candid conversations with people about trends as they emerge “on the ground.”

    What’s in your toolbox, kitchen edition?

    2. Maira Kalman (please!)
    George Nakashima is mega-important historically, but you NEVER hear about him — maybe interview one of his children who still carry on his legacy of modern, timeless furniture.
    Isaac Mizrahi is always fun to listen to.

    3. Trends in historical/economic/geo-political context. example: The “dream of the 1890s is alive in Portland” and everywhere else. Why? Will it herald new, sustainable economic models or is it just a precious dream?

    4. If anything, a slideshow, but radio needs no supplement in my opinion.

    5. yes. builds connection.

    6. yes. keep Oakland in your thoughts.

    7. I love casual round-tables and big-group discussions (like NPR’s pop-culture happy hour). There’s something about 3 or more people conversing that has built-in rhythmic appeal and body. Laughter ensues.
    A mix of professional studio recording, grainy call-ins, field location background-noise, keeps things texturally interesting.
    Don’t be afraid to momentarily veer off-topic (or off-industry entirely). Keeps things charming and harnesses momentum for the listener.

    8. podcast via itunes

    — I am super looking forward to d*s radio!