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diy project: hand-stamped valentine kit

by Kate Pruitt

The one-week countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you haven’t been preparing. There are tons of elaborate and expensive gifts out there, but you certainly don’t need to shell out a lot of money or time to pull together a sweet, thoughtful valentine. Anna Liesemeyer customized this cardboard picnic set with adorable chevron and arrow stamps that she hand-cut from old erasers. The cost of this project (not including whatever tasty treats you choose to stock inside) is close to zero, and the stamps could be made over a lunch break. The best part of this idea is its versatility; you could easily use these stamps for tons of great craft projects and gifts for all seasons. Thanks so much for sharing, Anna! — Kate

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Time with loved ones is hard to come by these days. With the fast-paced beat of the world around us, it can be tough to find those extra minutes to focus on those who mean the most to you. I thought this would be an easy way to steal some time away, with fun personal touches added. Unpack this Wine & Cheese Party for Two in your living room, backyard or favorite local park, and you’ll have all you need for some time well spent with your loved one :) — Anna Liesemeyer


  • pencil
  • cardstock
  • erasers
  • X-Acto knife
  • craft paint
  • cardboard wine canister and box (I found both at Hobby Lobby.)
  • 1/2–1 yard of fabric
  • handkerchiefs (used as napkins)
  • plates and glassware
  • snack (I chose some crackers and a wheel of cheese.)
  • bottle of wine
  • knife


1. Draw your desired design on the erasers with a pencil.

2. Use an X-Acto knife to trace and cut the background (negative space) areas of your design. I used a flat-head-shaped blade, which helped with getting a clean cut. You can cut the areas about 1/8 inch deep.
3. Use your desired colors of craft paint and test your stamp on scrap paper.
4. Create your design in a repetitive pattern across the wine canister and picnic box. I wanted a herringbone effect and used contrasting colors. The possibilities are endless!
5. Cut a piece of cardstock to notecard size and stamp your pattern across the bottom. After your notecard dries, write your handwritten note (because a handmade/handwritten note speaks volumes).
6. After your picnic set is dry, pack your picnic! Grab your favorite bottle of wine and place it inside the canister, pack cheese that complements the wine, crackers, plastic plates, plastic wine glasses, a knife and napkins (I used two handkerchiefs), and wrap it all in a fabric piece inside your box. Stick your note inside. If you want to get really creative, add your iPod or a CD with a personalized playlist for background music. Cheers!



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