the new d*s office: before (in 3D!)

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday Amy and I picked up the keys to our very first D*S office. It was a pretty big moment for me, considering I’ve never had an office of my own that didn’t involve someone else being my boss. To have a place where I (along with Amy’s input, of course) can make my own decisions about everything (desks, tables, paint colors, layout) feels both overwhelming and amazing.

I’m going to take more official “before” pictures, but I wanted to share a few snaps inside the new, raw space. We’re getting ready to tear down the makeshift walls in the center of the room and by the front door (I hate dividing open space), but we came up with a few ideas we’re excited to DIY next week — primarily painting the floors and adding a little pattern where the painted wood meets the unpainted wood. (We’re also going to build floor-to-ceiling shelves on one wall with a rolling library ladder!) I’ll be sharing photos along the way, but I hope this rough glance at the initial space will give you an idea of where we’ll be calling home. Stay tuned; we’re going to have our first D*S event in here before Valentine’s Day. xo, grace

*I took the panoramic photos with my favorite new app, PhotoSynth. It’s far cooler on my phone because you can move the images and see them like a 3D video. There are 3D versions of both panoramas here and here if you can’t see them above.

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