please help: rescue cat in need of forever home [UPDATE]

by Grace Bonney

Last night I found myself in tears as I stood over a tiny kitten we rescued, trying to decide if we should put her down, according to the veterinarian’s advice. I listened to my heart and to my gut and took her straight back home where I emptied our spare bedroom and made her a temporary home while I got to work finding her a new forever home. I know I don’t typically post things like this, but whether you’re a new or long-time D*S reader, I think most people know that I’m a serious animal-lover. And when it comes to cats in particular, my love and devotion knows no bounds. So today I am putting my heart and soul out here with a humble and heartfelt plea for your help.

Yesterday afternoon I heard frantic mews coming from the yard behind our apartment building. It sounded so high and frequent that I thought it was a bird call at first. But when I stood up to listen more closely I realized it was the very scared and frantic crying of a kitten. I threw on my vest, ran out the door and found the source of the cry in question shivering in front of the retirement home behind our house. Sitting outside (in freezing temperatures) was a severely under-weight kitten mewing for someone to help. I asked around and no one thought she belonged to someone there. She was filthy and, at first glance, appeared to be missing an eye. My heart sank and I called every emergency vet and shelter in the area and no one would/could come get her. Determined to save her, I found a vet that would see her at 4pm and I spent the next two hours working as a team with Aaron to coax her into a cat carrier. After a good hour of leaving chunks of tuna, milk and cat treats out on the sidewalk I got close enough to pick her up and bring her (in the carrier) into our hallway. We both sat with her until the appointment, feeding her bits of food and watching her drink more water than I’ve ever seen a cat drink in my life.

Our spirits were high as the vet said her eye would be ok (turns out it was there, just covered in some gunk) and that she just needed a course of antibiotics. I was already planning how we’d introduce her to the other cats when the vet returned with sad news: she tested positive for FIV. Normally I would have shrugged sadly and taken her home to live with me anyway, but FIV is transmitted through fluids and bites, so my fight-prone cats would definitely be at risk if they tussled with her like they do with each other on a daily basis.

FIV is a commonly misunderstood disease- cats that test positive can live happy, healthy lives for years and years and cannot transmit the disease to humans or other species of animals. They can transmit it only to other cats, and only through very deep bite wounds. So that means they’re best living on their own, with other FIV+ cats or with FIV- cats that are docile and not prone to fighting (sadly that doesn’t describe my cats).

So, it’s with a heavy heart that I ask those of you reading if anyone knows of, or would like to offer, a forever home to this incredibly sweet and happy cat. She is SO happy that the vet had to put her near running water to get her purring to quiet enough for her to listen to her heart. It kills me to even think about not keeping her myself, but I just can’t put my other cats at risk. Here are the details:

  • 3 month old female cat
  • FIV+ (negative for all other diseases) Please read here for info on FIV
  • Needs a loving forever home (she’d be perfect for someone with no pets or calm, docile FIV- cats)
  • I will drive her anywhere in the NYC tri-state area to her new home
  • I will pay all her doctor’s bills up front and for her to be spayed
  • I need to find a home for her ASAP as I’m leaving tomorrow for the Alt Design Summit in SLC
  • I have spent the last 24 hours laying on the floor next to her listening to her purr and feeling her vibrate with happiness. As much as I love my own cats to death, I have never met a cat this sweet, loving or appreciative to be cared for. Any home would be lucky to have her, and I hope someone this will have that home.

    If you would like to offer her a forever home (we’re not looking for a temporary home) please email me at DESIGNSPONGE AT GMAIL DOT COM (subject line: KITTEN) to discuss. As I mentioned before, I will pay all the up-front doctor’s bills to get her healthy and happy again and I already purchased food, litter, toys, a carrier and bed for her- she’s good to go and just in need of a new home.

    If you can’t offer her a home, I would be so appreciative to anyone that can re-post, Tweet or Facebook this to their readers. There has to be someone in the NY, NJ, CT or PA area who needs a loving new friend. Thank you so much for helping me try to find that person. xo, grace, aaron and our little rescue kitten


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    • Poor baby! I so wish I could take her! I have a big guy of my own that is preventing me, though. She is so lucky to have you… I am keeping my fingers crossed you are able to find her forever home. What a sweet, precious kitty…

    • Oh this is heart breaking Grace, I will definitely spread the word! I am in Canada & have a 12 year old cat or I would be coming to get this little sweetie. I know your readers have hearts as generous as yours and some one will be welcoming this kitty to a loving home soon. Hugs to you all!

    • What a sweet kitten! I just know somebody will be able to provide her with a forever home. I will spread the word to people I know in that area. Thank you so much for your kindness and devotion to an animal in need :)

    • I have forwarded this to a friend who has a FIV+ female adult cat who is so docile, I call her invisi-cat (the cat we never see).

      I will do what I can on my end, including a brief prayer for both her and you!

      Thank you for your generous spirit.

    • Oh Grace! This hurts my heart! You are such an angel for giving her the care the she needed. I am in GA and already have a cat, but I pray that someone give this sweet baby a home!

    • I’m in Kansas but I tweeted it out! I have two totally docile oldies who would LOVE this kitty… but i have to time machine to come get her! xoxox thanks for the good work.

    • That poor baby :( Bless you for taking her in. I’m sharing this on FB and Twitter, and saying prayers for this little sweetheart.

    • I am unable to take this cat as I’m in NC and already have a full house of fur friends but thank you for saving this cat and finding her a new forever home! Good luck :-)

    • I have tears in my eyes reading this! I have two rescued cats of my own who (play) fight constantly, otherwise I’d take her in a heart beat!! Please keep us posted if you are able to find a home for her!!

    • Just *love* the “happy paws” in the video. We are many states away, but will repost on facebook.

    • Such a sweet story! So glad you rescued her.

      I can vouch that FIV positive cats can live long, happy lives. We have a nine year old, FIV positive cat who weighs 15 pounds and rules a house of three cats and a big dog. He wrestles with the other two cats, but we get them vaccinated for FIV annually.

    • Oh my! This kitten made my heart melt (but honestly, what kitten doesn’t…) I wish I could adopt her and have major snuggle-fests with her but, unfortunately, I’m at school in Rochester. Good luck to you! And please, make sure the person who adopts her is as sweet as she is!

    • hi grace

      love this site and love cats. great of you to take such good care of her. cant adopt her as i am in the uk. but is it possible to make a small contribution to help with costs, maybe through a paypal account. every little can help her find a good home.

    • I’m no where near NY but have a friend that lives there, I’ve shared with her so hopefully she knows someone who would be a perfect fit! :)

    • Good luck, Grace. I’m sure you will find someone. It’s a shame, though, that you have to get rid of her–I think that cat is in love with you!

    • I’ve shared this post with my Facebook and Twitter since I am in NJ and do know many cat lovers, hopefully this sweetie gets adopted right away.

    • You are awesome to step up for this cat! I know she will find a home through your efforts.
      We foster animals in our home and had to find a new place for one of our long term fosters because she started posing a risk to our own dog…it’s hard because you love them both, but obviously she can’t stay with you, but you are doing all you can for her and I think they sense that, hence the loud purrs.

    • In Texas but spreading the word to my tri-state pals!

      PS: Thanks for sharing something like this. There are so many design sites, but the person always shines through and this is why people love Design Sponge – you and your team have such passion + heart (not to mention talent!)

      Safe travels and please keep us updated on Sweet Kitty!

    • I have a cat of my own and am not able to give this lovely a forever home but I will post this on Facebook as well. I have friends who rescue animals so maybe they know someone in search of a kitten.

      You are truly special for taking care of this sweet baby!

    • Aawwww, what a sweet kitty. I will warn, though, that we had an FIV+ cat who lived two years. She was a wonderful cat, but increasingly in pain and had to be put to sleep. It’s not always an inexpensive adoption. Best of luck!

    • Sadly we can not take her but I am sure you will find a home for her soon. I will do what I can to help post and tweet about it. Keep us all posted.

    • Grace, just a suggestion … you may have already thought of this … could she be the D*S office kitty? She could live at your office, and not at your home with your other cats? I confess it’s just a brain flash, and may not be a good idea at all. Wishing you good luck, Claire

    • Lovely, lovely kittie.
      My 2 cats were rescued from the street also, so I totally understand you. Just can’t turn back on them.
      I’m in Lisbon, Portugal, but wishing all the luck across the ocean for the furry little doll.

    • Aw what a sweet little kitty! I wish I lived nearby. But I’m sure someone will be willing to help. Please let us know if you find her a home!

    • Thanks for taking care of this sweet little kitten. Our George was a rescue kitten, too. I’ve shared this on FB and I hope she finds a forever home soon!

    • If you can’t find her a furever home in time, reach out the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ. They have amazing volunteers who will take her into their home and find this little girl a place to live. That is where I got my furever furry friend (kitten)

    • You are SUCH a hero!

      She is a super cutie! I wish I could take her, but my apartment isn’t big enough for two cats (and I think my super spoiled, fluffy kitty princess might initiate some fights while getting used to a new companion). I will definitely repost this in hopes that she finds an amazing, love-filled forever home.

    • Good luck! I hope that this sweet kitty finds a home. I would love to hear a happy ending for this little one – keep us posted on the outcome!

    • My heart is breaking over this. I have three kitties or i would taker her in. Best wishes on finding her a new home. Please keep us updated!

    • She’s adorable, and seems so sweet.. wish I could if I didn’t already have a few cats!

      Thanks for taking such good care of her, I’m sure she’ll find a forever home!

    • Did you try the ASPCA on E92nd street? They’re a no-kill shelter and it’s so nice there. That’s where I got my cat. You should call them to see if they can take her if you are unable to find her a home. This is really sad, and I wish I could take her too, but I too have a cat and would be afraid of spreading FIV to her.

    • Shelters run by Save the Animals Foundation, and others, have FIV+ rooms. Maybe one has room for her?

    • I hope you find her a place. My first cat was a stray with FIV and I can testify that it is very easy to care for a cat with it, if you keep them indoors and feed them quality food. Most cats are asymptomatic and live totally normal lives.

    • Oh, Grace – I am a dedicated cat lover, too…. And what a sweetie this kitty is. I pray you can find her a happy forever-after home. She’s been through it, and really needs someone to love and to love her. Please keep us all updated!

    • I’ve reposted on Facebook. I would love to take her in but my neurotic/hyper dog would prove to be a problem, I’m sure. What a sweet kitty though…crossing all my fingers and toes that she finds somewhere comfy to live

    • Can I add that I have a cat that looks just like her except he is a male and he is the most incredible sweet cat. I’ve always heard that cow kitties (like this one and mine) are the best cats and after 15 years of living with mine I have to agree. They will love you sooooooooo much without being needy. I so want this cat to find a happy, good, loving home.

    • Just shared this on FB. She purrs as loudly as a rescue cat I had for a few years – he was more or less her age, judging by her size, and when my husband and I brought him home with us he purred for a whole day & most of the night!!!
      I hope she’ll find a loving & caring home soon, and I’m sure she’ll give so much love to her new family!

    • Thanks Grace! This breaks my heart and I would love to help somehow.. I’m spreading the word to my old friends in Brooklyn. My fingers are crossed for you and this little cutie!

    • I’ve sent to my friend in NY as well as my parents. I’m hoping they can adopt her, or find someone who can. I wish you guys were in SF – we’d totally take her!

    • Reposted in RI on facebook. We were in a similar situation a few years ago, and are the proud owners of Amelie The Great and Terrible

    • I’d love a kitty, but sadly I have dogs that don’t agree. I’m moved by your story and think the world would be a nicer place if everyone could save just one animal. I hope that sweet, sweet girl finds her forever home, it looks like she’ll make someone very happy.

    • I’m in Brooklyn, have 2 cats, so I can’t take it, but I forwarded to a friend who has been thinking about adopting a rescue kitty! I hope he says yes!

    • I understand what you are going through, as my husband and I have found ourselves caretakers of a neighborhood full of sweet cats. Good luck finding her a home! Will repost!

    • I posted this on twitter!! Not sure if it will do anything but you never know! I would love to take it if I didn’t live in Nova Scotia and already had a cat (who doesn’t like other animals!). Good for you for taking it in and nursing it back to health, even if you can’t keep it. This cat is so pretty and loving I have no doubt someone will claim her soon! Keep us posted – I’d love to hear where she ends up!

    • Crazy timing – I found a puppy next to my door this morning that I’m trying to get back to whoever owns it. No tags and the poor little guy is scared out of his mind. Thinking good thoughts for the kitty!

    • She should be the office kitty! :) If that’s not possible, I hope she finds her forever home very soon! My little guy was a rescue. I was never a “cat person” until I cuddled him the first time. Your description of her reminds me of him. Good luck! :)

    • This breaks my heart. At first when I saw the kitty I thought it might have eye herpes. Our 2 year old had eye herpes when we first rescued him, and he’s totally fine now. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if anyone else adopted him.

      I would totally adopt this sweet girl, but I live in Oregon :( I really hope someone can take her!

    • Reposted on FB in PA! Good luck to you – I would love to have her but would rather not get divorced if I can help it. LOL! We already have 3 and they sometimes fight. :(

    • Awww… wish that I could take her, but I’m far away and with two rescues of my own in an apartment. Good luck finding her a home and thanks for taking her in and taking care of her.

    • i’m asking my friends who live in NYC if they can, or know of anyone who can, take her. i live in florida or i would in a heartbeat; rescuing both my cats was the best decision i’ve ever made.

      what a sweetheart. i hope you’ll keep us updated on her after she finds a forever home — i have no doubt that someone will adopt her.

    • I’m a designer and just found your website and blog and love it! Can’t handle this kitty – so sweet – your blog is heartwrenching. My daughter and i love animals and she actually just moved to long island and got married and is lonely. I am going to post this to her – don’t know the results but I know if she sees this – she will def. be moved. Never heard of that disease but she has no other animals so that could work. I imagine she would have to stay a indoor cat. I will keep you posted. Looking forward to reading your book and your blog. So cool… in VA

    • Grace – this is wonderful! I love design*sponge and follow religiously. I have 7 rescue cats of my own (when I started volunteering with the humane society I only had 2…) and this just warms my heart! Thanks for opening your heart and I hope this sweet girl gets the forever home she deserves :-)

    • oh grace – this hurts my heart. We live in Colorado, but I have friends in the area. I will definitely spread the word. Please consider updating D*S readers with a happy outcome! I know that someone with a big heart and a convenient geographic location is out there waiting to take this little sweetie in!

    • I love the gratitude that rescued animals show. It is humbling. You are indeed a hero for rescuing this neglected and lost little cat. It’s obvious she is full of love and thankfulness. Whoever takes her will be fortunate. (What massive paws she has!)

    • Oh, this just breaks my heart! What a lovely, loving cat. I’m so glad you found her and will help find her person! Crossing my fingers for you all.

    • How lucky that this unlucky kitten showed up in your yard; I’d like to think everyone would be so determined to nurse this kitty to health and find it a good home – but I know that’s sadly not true. I will repost this and send some good juju out for this little sweetheart.

    • In the last few weeks you’re the second blogger I’ve read that has rescued a kitty (also black and white, how interesting!). She was able to thankfully keep the cat (she wasn’t sure how it would work with her little dog), but you are doing your part to help this sweet animal.

    • I reposted this to my Facebook. I have a few friends that live in New York. I rescued a kitten a few years ago that was thrown out of a moving car into a friend’s front yard. I was able to find it a loving home, but it took some time. I hope for the best with this little guy, Good Luck!

    • This is wonderful of you to take her in, and find her a home. You are saving her life. Your other kitties may hate you for it right now, but the love and attention you are giving this kitten will help her keep going until she has her forever home.

    • What a sweetie pie! FIV is vastly misunderstood and does not need to be a death sentence. I’m so glad you decided to help her out. I shared this all over the place. Please let us know the outcome. I am sure it will be positive!

    • You’re an absolute angel. Animal welfare is an issue close to my heart as well, so I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate what you’re doing. Thank you Grace for your kind heart. Hoping kitty finds that forever home soon. X, Janis and feline tribe of rescues.

    • I’m a total sucker for cats, too. Nothing makes me more broken hearted than a kitty in need. Although I’m in Minnesota, I’m originally from NYC so I spread the word to all my FB friends (most of whom are still in the metro) and I also tweeted it from both of my accounts. Here’s hoping this adorable little lady finds the perfect home soon.

    • goodness, I so wish I could take her! I had a similar experience recently with a stray kitten, but when I went home to get the carrier and came back for her she was gone. This breaks my heart. But, I’m so glad you took her and I hope you find the perfect home for her. I can at least help spread the word.

    • THANK YOU for rescuing her from a frozen death and also THANK YOU for not putting her to sleep! I also rescue street cats when I come across them and find them forever homes (5 in the past 3 years).

    • That is so awesome that you posted this!!!

      Will you update us on her status?? The longer she goes without a home, the more we can do to ask neighbors, friends, etc.

    • Can anyone with an FIV+ kitty speak to extra vet bills? I forwarded this to a friend who is looking for a kitty to live indoors (in Brooklyn) without other pets, but she’s an artist and I don’t think she could currently pay for expensive annual care. She’s budgeted out normal care costs just fine, but if this little girl needs extra shots or medication, it may not be a good fit. Can anyone help me out?

    • Aww! This just broke my heart but I live in Chicago and my cats are FIV- and kinda crazy which might not work out so well.

    • Oh…god. If I still lived in New York (I used to live in Woodside), I would gladly take this sweet little one into my home and my heart. I’ve been living in Ireland for nearly 15 years now, and so that’s unfortunately not even a remote possibility for me. My heart is breaking for this little bundle of joy and love and affection. I have some friends and e-friends/blogger friends in the NYC/tri-state area, and I have already contacted them, waiting for a reply with hopefully the news that one of them, or perhaps someone they know/work with might be able to take her home and look after her. I wish to god I could help you, and of course, this sweet little darling as well. Although you’re feeling upset that you can’t take her in because of your own little ones, just know what a wonderful, caring, beautiful and loving human being you are for doing this for her. You have indeed saved her life, and she will love you forever for that. I have to stop typing now, as tears are running down my face. I wish I could do more than just ask friends to help. Please let us know as soon as you find someone who will love her just as much as you do, and who will be able to adopt her. With much love to you and your little bundle of love. – June

    • Yes I agree with folks here. I have FIV cats myself – that fortunately don’t fight – but regardless it is not the death sentence folks think it is. Bless you for your kindness. I have posted on my Facebook just in case any of my Tri-State friends would be interested or know someone who is. Love your blog btw!!

    • Can’t believe a vet recommended putting the cat down just because it has FIV. I have a cat who tested positive for FIV 4 or 5 years ago and he is as healthy as a horse. So glad you didn’t take his advice and I pray you find someone who can take the cute little one.

    • My heart is melting for this kitty. I hope you find a happy forever home for her very soon! I’ve “liked” and tweeted your post!

    • I am in NJ and have passed this on to any people that I know of that are in animal rescue. I pray they will be able to help. I also know of a place in PA. that is called The Best Little Cathouse in PA and they deal with FIV cats. I know they are good since I know people that have dealt with them. 717-469-2540 is their phone number and they do have a website if you care to check them out.

    • That poor sweet little Kitty! I really hope someone takes that cat in. I remember hearing a meowing cat outside my apartment and I walked outside for hours looking for it and could never place. Even tried to get my cat outside to locate it. Good luck and praying for the kitten

    • Dear Grace,
      I will spread the word as much as possible. We are cat lovers also, and truly understand how you feel. We have 3 rescue kittens now that we absolutely adore. I hope that you can find a home soon.
      Best to you,

    • I’m with Kiersten –I can’t take her but I would like to make a donation toward her care, or perhaps to feather her new nest. From the video it looks like she already knows how to make biscuits –who wouldn’t want a cat who can earn her keep?!

      Bless you and your hub for giving her a shot :)

    • Your heart is big… and for the love you share for these animals.. I just want to HUG & KISS you!!! I have a special place in my heart for FIV+ cats.. My last one passed this July… I have another cat (she’s been vaccinated for FIV+ so the two were able to co-habitat) ..
      I would (((LOVE))) to rescue this cat, but my current cat is a loner… but I will pray on this..

    • damn, I read all the comments and also have to say, I am not able to take her. i live in Germany :) but would definitively take care of her immediately. she’s adorable. so sorry to be just another person NOT being able. hope you’ll find somebody soon!!!!!

    • This same thing happened to me! I had a kitten arrive on my front porch and wouldn’t leave. We ended up taking her in then found out she was FIV. Tried to find her a home but ended up just keeping her separated from my other kitties – not an easy task! She was the sweetest little girl and even though she only lived about 2 years with us, I know I gave her 2 great years she wouldn’t have had otherwise. The Vet bills were not bad as long as I kept her immune system up. But each cat is different. Good luck in finding her a home!

    • Blessings to you and the kitten Grace. You have a big heart. Please let us know what happens.

    • Aww! She’s adorable! I’d rescue her in a heartbeat if I didn’t live in SC or live in a dorm. She looks like such a sweet kitty.

    • I wish I could help but I am in NC with four kittens of my own, but I am sure someone will come out of the woodwork to adopt this adorable kitten :) Please keep us posted about how this plays out. I have reposted to FB. Good luck.

    • I’m so happy someone adopted her. She’s so sweet looking. Thanks so much for doing a wonderful thing, both you design sponge and the new kitty owners!:)

    • Any chance she was vaccinated for FIV you think? How old is she? My understanding is that young babies can have false positives. And according to my vet, if a kitty has ever received the FIV vaccine, they test positive thereafter (which is my mine got microchipped whe we had to give him the vaccine before I could adopt a shelter kitty). You can always vaccinate and chip the in-residence babies if you’d like to keep her. Will spread the word but I’m a ways south.

    • Grace, you are a really wonderful person for doing this! I’m so happy the kitty found a home.

    • Aw, what a sweetheart. And it’s wonderful of you to have rescued her, Grace. I hope the blog helps you find a forever home for her soon! I’m in Canada and have a somewhat antagonistic-toward-other-cats rescue kitty of my own, so I can’t take her in. If you can’t find a home for her soon, I agree with the commenter above – maybe she could temporarily be a D*S office kitty, as long as she’d get lots of love during the days and someone could take care of her on the weekends and over vacations.

      Also – to those of you whose hearts are breaking over this little kitty, please consider the other animals in the world who suffer needlessly. Why do we call some animals pets and some dinner? They all feel pain, fear, and have the capacity to experience joy, comfort, and companionship. The vast majority of the ones we raise for slaughter never get to experience any happiness at all. Please give it some thought!

    • HOORAY!!!
      That is such great news, it’s a weight off for those of us who got emotionally invested :P
      Here’s to you and the adopters for their big hearts!

      • Hi Guys!

        Just an update- we found her a forever home! Pete and Tuesday- two talented illustrators in Brooklyn- have given her a home! I’m so excited that she found a new future (and a second chance) in a loving home :)


    • I live in Wisconsin so I don’t think that anyone I know would be of any help. But I’ll post anyways. My cat lived with my old roommates cat for 4 years. Her cat had FIV and they played rough. My cat never got
      It. Not that I recommended it, but it worked out.

    • Awww, what a lovely story. I had a tear in my eye reading this. I’m so glad she’s found such a lovely happy home to live in. Hope her new owners give us an update on how she’s doing!

    • I’m normally a blog lurker, but I just had to comment and say thank you for doing what you did for this kitty! And the fact that the story has a happy ending makes it even better!

    • Thank you guys for saving this little – One homeless kitty less on this planet. I am so happy that this little one has found a home!!! My eyes got so teary while reading this wonderful story. . I used Facebook to help 2 homeless kitties to find their home-very useful :)

    • All hail Tuesday & Pete!! And much thanks to you, Grace, for your kind heart & compassion. When my cat was diagnosed FIV+ 9 years ago, I was devastated & prepared to say goodbye. Now he is 17 & still frisky thanks to the advice of our holistic vet. I’d be happy to share what has worked for us if anyone is interested in adopting one of these much deserving kitties.

    • I’m weeping again…but this time, they are tears of joy! God bless you both, Tuesday and Pete, for taking this little darling into your hearts and your home. And to you, Grace, for being the wonderful, loving, kind and caring soul that you are, for helping this beautiful kitten get a second chance at life and love. May she live a very long, happy, healthy life – we already know she’ll get all the love and affection and care that she needs and is so very much entitled to. This has truly made my night, and probably the rest of my week. I’m so delighted. So relieved. It’s such wonderful news. Uh oh…I’m weeping again. What a wonderful, happy ending for everyone! God bless all three of you, and of course, the little fluffy bundle of love and joy. – June

    • My husband and I have three rescue cats ourselves, and it breaks our hearts to hear about animals in need. I’m so happy that this sweet kitty found a loving family. Three cheers for you, and for Tuesday and Pete!

    • Talk about fate!!! Saturday night I was outside and a sweet little kitten showed up on our doorstep and since it was freezing we gave her a home in our tub for the night. After calls to the Humane Society and the neighborhood, it was clear she belonged to no one. We took her to the emergency vet Sunday to be positive she didn’t have FIV and could interact with our baby of 5 years, Hank. I was so terrified she’d come back with it, but it was all clear and now we have our Hank and a miss Hiver Caulfield!

      I remember talking to you, Grace, about our kitties when you toured in Denver and I am so happy to know that your heart was not broken and this sweet baby has found a home. High five, cat lover!

    • Tuesday and Pete win! I know I’m 9 months pregnant and cry at everything right now, but this broke my heart this morning. The update was much appreciated. And made me cry again.

    • love a happy ending, we have 3 cats of our owm, and one that visits, so I’m glad kitty has a lovely new home. : -)

    • Tears of joy are making it difficult to comment. So thrilled she found her lovely new family. Tuesday and Pete are as adorable as the kitty!

    • As I was reading this, my own beloved rescue cat was climbing all over me, purring.
      He too was sickly when I got him, with bad eyes and a cold and really underweight.
      But now he is a 3 year old healthy, beautiful, and sweet cat.
      And my life has changed because of him.

      Anyways, I was getting teary eyed reading this.
      And when I saw rescue kitty found her forever home, thanks to you, I was so happy!
      People like you make a difference in this world!

    • I have tears in my eyes! What a wonderful new family she is going to. She looks so much like my Ellie May. You did a wonderful thing!

    • Congratulations to Tuesday and Pete! Thankyou Grace for the update and for the compassion you showed to the fluffy one. Good karma going your way.

    • Hugs to you and the lovely guys who have adopted the sweet kitty!
      Those come both from me and my two cats. You are amazing.

    • I am SO GLAD she found a home! What a little darling! We just adopted a kitten and our older kitty is getting used to her new friend…cats are the best. <3 Yay to the new kitty parents!

    • A stray cat finds a loving home and gets to live a long, full life without any risk of contaminating other cats… life doesn’t get much better that this !
      * gone to hug her own beloved kitty *

    • grace, you are amazing. i am crying reading this post. there should be more people like you. and i am SO SO happy the kitty was adopted.

    • I’m way too sensitive… this post brought tears to my eyes… a mixture of sad and happy tears. So sad for that little one to be all alone in the cold but she obviously picked the right person to help her – what a wonderful woman you are Grace… I’m exactly the same about animals and especially cats. Thank goodness for people like you, the vet, Tuesday and Pete… and all 130+ people who left comments before me. It is heartening to see how many people care >(*!*)<

    • That sound is exactly how we met our little Leila Jane (and adopted her along with her brother Kai Vespa). We thought it was a bird in the house and I came running out armed with the knitting needles from my bedside table. Here she had escaped our neighbors who were fostering and she was locked out in the hallway. She now meows nightly for food, but luckily not for a home. So glad you were able to find a home for the kitty!

    • Thank you, thank you! I absolutely loved this post and especially the happy ending :) I have two FIV+ cats that are my world and it’s really sad the misconceptions everyone has about the cat version of this disease. I wrote about FIV on my blog a little over a year ago http://whereisthehombrellah.blogspot.com/2010/03/cat-faces.html and it’s so nice to see it getting more publicity via your post.

      Thank you Pete and Tuesday for opening your hearts and home! Many happy meows and cat naps to come :)

    • Bless you and her wonderful new family! Here’s hoping for a long, happy and blessed life for all of you.

    • My feline aids baby gave me 11 years of unconditional love. Bless all cat lovers and rescuers.

    • Yay! I’m so glad this kitty found a home. I have two FIV+ cats and they are the bee’s knees!

    • I LOVE THIS POST! I love that people here also know what FIV+ is and that it’s not a death sentence. Well done, rescuer, new parents and all commenters!

    • Why on earth would a vet advise putting down such a cute kitten who obviously has a super strong spirit?!? SO SO happy that you made the choice to save this sweet furball and that she has found a wonderful home!

      • ashley

        in the vet’s defense (though i don’t agree), it’s common practice for vets and shelters to put down cats with FIV bc they can’t be kept at most shelters and it’s hard to find them a home. in a city like nyc that’s sadly overrun with strays, it’s often not an option to keep them. that said, there was frankly no well in hell i was going to put her to sleep just because i couldn’t personally keep her. as soon as the vet said “oh no, she can lead a totally long and happy life with FIV” it seemed INSANE to put her down. so i put my faith in our awesome readership and was thrilled to see that it all worked out. we have the best readers in the world, and two of them are now giving her a loving home as we speak :)


    • I have had tears in my eyes from the start — at first knowing how heart wrenching it can be finding a poor bit in such need of help (2 of my 3 found me) and now knowing that you were able to find her a home! Hooray for Tuesday and Pete! Its such a great thing to know that there are people who care in this world.

    • grace, i’m in tears right now. this sweet kitty is so lucky to have found you. i have such a soft spot and fierce love for rescued animals, particularly cats as well. i’m so glad this sweet girl found a loving, forever home.

    • Thank you for your compassion and determination. I am deeply touched by the story and very happy for the kitten. I could feel her purrs from here. Thank you Tuesday and Pete for matching Grace’s compassion.

    • Hooray for you, Grace and Tuesday and Pete!
      Celebrating all creatures large and small and opportunities to stop, even in our busyness, and help.
      Bless you, Grace, for doing just that.
      Now have a fabulous time at Alt!

    • This is wonderful news! I saw your tweet and was hoping you lived near me, so I could check with my rescue friends, but if you did this little sweetie pie would have missed her new home. xo

    • All my pets are rescues. My niece manages a shelter. I read your blog for design, not cats. If we took all the $$ spent on saving cat and spayed them, there would be less cruelty to pets. I’m not impressed with this sort of post.

    • I am so happy! It’s wonderful to hear GOOD news for a change. Can’t wait the hear what they named her!

    • THANKS Grace for saving a little kitten!! I wish more people did the same. It is so so important, especially this time of year, to spay and find forever homes for our fury friends!

    • Yay for like-minded creative cat people! It’s things like this that make me appreciate the Internet. (And the new family is too cute; her little black head matches the glasses!)

    • Yep. I’m another reader in tears. Totally. So, so, so glad you found a home for that sweet little kitten. You guys (and the new “parents”) are so awesome.

    • Yay, I’m so glad you were able to find a home for her! I got my first cat (The Doctor) through an email that traveled through many listserves before it got to me- she was an itty bitty stray but I loved her immediately! Hooray for taking in strays or shelter animals!

    • Grace, Thank you so much for taking care of that Kitten. Not enough people are willing to step up and help. And thank you to the wonderful couple who adopted her. I’m so happy this story had a happy ending.

    • Thank you Grace, Tuesday, and Pete for your huge hearts. That picture of the kitten with Tuesday and Pete is priceless! I have 3 FIV negative cats (all were strays) and recently adopted a calm stray that tested positive for FIV. The key to integrating him into our household was to do it slowly. The cats got to know each other under the crack in a doorway (my new stray was in a separate room) over a period of weeks. Everything has worked out. Thank you to everyone who reached out to help this beautiful kitten.

    • Grace,
      As a cat lover and owner myself the news that you saved this kitty and gave her a new home warms my heart. Thank you for being such a wonderful person <3 Can't wait to see you in Toronto!

    • I wish someone would rescue my cat that escaped my apartment over 2 months ago. I’m glad to see that this kitten was able to find a home :)

    • yay for kitten, tuesday and pete!

      i got my wonderful kitty Dexter in a similar situation. i was walking to the dining hall one cold February evening 4 years ago and heard the distressed (and constant) meow of a cat. i was eventually able to lure him out from under a porch with food. he had frost-bitten ears, worms, was severely malnourished and had a crushed paw that ultimately had to be partially amputated. but he survived and has proven to be the most loving, personable and greatest pet around. i feel so lucky that i was the one who found him!

    • You made me cry on the bus! Do you think you could post an update from Pete & Tuesday at some point?

    • Way to go, Grace, at every turn. And the photo of her with her new family must make your heart burst with joy (and pride, I hope). Are they the cutest together? I am a Flickr pal of your dad’s. I know there is a tradition of animal love in the Bonneys! YAY! This is the story that allows me to shut the computer down with a smile and climb under the covers with our feline and canine crew! Thanks!

    • O loverly – how beautiful to save a cat (every one helps – our Widmerpool is a Cat Protection Society baby & we’ve reached the point where I cant sleep without him on the bed with me…)!

    • I don’t know if anyone mentioned this in the 162 comments (!) and I don’t know if the FIV positive status works the same way FLV does in a young kitten, but Pete and Tuesday might consider having her re-checked in a few months to see if she was able to fight it off. We took in an 8 month old from a rough situation (crack house) and discovered she was FLV positive. I did not know that the status could change, and was stymied about where to place her-, but after three months in quarantine in our bathroom (yes, ugh), it was suggested that we test again- and she had gone negative. We repeated the test twice to be sure, and then folded her into the family where she remains. If FIV does not work this way, I apologize. Too sleepy to research now- but the vets will know!

    • grace,

      as a cat lover/owner/rescuer, i totally understand the heartbreak you feel when you come across a stray. you will do ANYTHING for them, and i’m so happy you went to the lengths that you did, to find kitty a loving home.

      hearing stories like this makes me so happy, xo!

    • YAAAAAAAAAA! After reading your post (from Seattle), I was feeling a heavy heart but then came the happy update and I can happily shut my computer down for the night knowing sweet kitty has a home.

    • So happy to hear this sweet little thing found a home! She sounds like my kitten, Charlie, who we adopted from a shelter. We have had him for about 5 months now, and he still will just sit in my lap all day (if I let him!) and will purr and purr and purr to no end…my heart melts thinking about it. That video reminded me so much of him. I’m glad you’re the one who found her! And now look…she is going to be loved on forever and ever. A happy ending indeed.

    • I am so happy that she has found a forever home. Thank you Grace for helping give her a chance to live a long and happy kitty life. :)

    • Your a good soul! I would have done the very same thing (been there done that prolly do it again) !! Have a great rest of the week!

    • YAY! I’m so glad this story had a happy ending. I got all of my current cats the same way–somebody threw them away like they were trash and they showed up dirty and starving at our house. I know you can’t save everybody but thank goodness for your determination and the fantastic D*S readers. This totally lifted my crappy mood.

    • Bless you, Grace and Aaron, for saving this little life. You are wonderful.
      And to her new family – bless you too. May you all have many happy lives together. Do you know the little kittie’s new name? Grace would be ideal!

      A wonderful happy ending. Bless you muchly xxx

    • Oh how wonderful! Bless you, Tuesday & Pete..and little puddy cat. Please update me on what her name will be!
      Greetings from Australia!

    • Glad you found a home for the kitty! I have both a cat and a dog I’ve rescued from the streets, too. I do think this is something highly rewarding! A very loved dog we had for eleven years, also taken from the streets, died last year and I still can’t get used to the idea of not having her by me… This is the only and big problem about having them!

    • God bless you all for saving the sweet little kitty! All my animals, cats and dogs, are rescues and it’s always a triumph of life over sickness, neglect and death when a poor animal finds a home full of love and care. If I lived closer I’d take her the moment I read this post, but I’m thousands of miles away from NY, in Greece! Anyway, God bless again. Guys, I wish you all the happiness of the world with your new kitty!

    • Great post a good deed done! my sister rescues dogs, there are so many lost, lonely and abused animals that need a second chance.

    • The positive power of the internet. Isn’t it grand when good things, like this, happen? Bless you for giving it a shot and for your success!!

    • Oh bless your heart and theirs, you are such a soul to save this kitty. I have such a soft place in my heart for animal, but kitties especially. I long to have a cat as I had one my entire life growing up but sadly my husband and out seven year old sun are seriously allergic and have asthma to go along with it. No kitty in my future but I love on them every chance I get.

    • That’s the nicest of nice. I can’t tell you how happy I am she found a family! Now I’m weepy-eyed at work. We found a limping stray last year and took him in. He also tested positive for FIV. The vet was going to put him down right then. He’s now fat and happy, getting along famously with our other kitties.

    • I am overjoyed that you found a wonderful home for your kitten. I had a wonderful FIV kitty as well who was the most loving and special cat I have ever owned. But, I have to tell you, Grace, that I thought you were a wonderful person from following your blog for so long, but now I know what a special person you are. You put yourself and your heart on the line, veered from your normal subject matter to save a sweet animal in need. I have so much admiration for your putting yourself out there so completely for a creature whose future was in your hands. I am a follower of yours forever for that, because you and your staff do create a great blog, but you also have a heart and a conscience and I love that even more!

    • Yay!! I felt so sad for her and was juuuust about to post this on Twitter when I saw your update. Hope she has a fab life with her new humans!

    • Grace, what a beautiful story. I was involved in rescue work for over 6 years and every animal that came my way touched my heart. Each and every one of them is special in their own way. This little kitty was so fortunate to cross paths with you. What a better life you made for her now. Cheers to you!

      • thanks grace

        i’m just glad my crazy cat lady status could benefit an animal that isn’t currently my own. all this crazy cat love has to go somewhere ;)


    • Grace — I read your blog every day and my heart broke. I am so glad she found a forever home! Animals seem to be throw-aways. Having pets spayed and neutered would certainly help! We lost our beloved Tess (a yellow lab) last year. She was 13. My heart still breaks when I think about her.

      You gave a helpless creature a new life — may you be Blessed!

    • This blog is my absolute favorate because of the person u are! My husband and I rescue all the time. I think u should post an animal that needs a home every month. Maybe it could be done with fun animal DIY and fun animal finds. With the kind of readers you have …u could help so many find homes. Kill shelters are at an all time high. You are a wonderful person and I happy the kitten found a forever home :)

    • So happy to hear the kitty has a forever home. My four kits are all rescued cats and wouldn’t go anywhere else for another cat. I have volunteered at our local Possitive shelter and all of these cats are awesome. They are happy and loving. Thank you for rescuing her.

    • Thank you so much for the incredible kindness and care you showed this wonderful kitten and huge thanks to Tuesday and Pete. – Happy endings are the best

    • Hi, i am from Brasil and i love everything about Design Sponge, but today it lets me to love more just because the story you wrote about the beautifull cat!
      I want you all to know that here, in Rio we are “animals lovers” and i am happy about the happy end !!!!

    • I am so glad this story had a happy ending. However this cat is not unique – there are thousands of cats and dogs in shelters and rescues that need homes. For all of you who commented “oh I’d take her if only I lived closer” – well guess what? There is a fabulous cat in your area that needs a home too. This cat is lucky for many reasons. She is young and will likely outgrow her FIV status (yes, it happens all the time – kittens tested at 3mos frequently outgrow the virus when tested again at 9mos – i have seen it happen time and time again).
      This kitten found a kind soul that did the responsible thing by getting her the care she needed. Not only that, but this kind soul has a wonderful platform that can reach far and wide – this kitten had a strong voice shouting to the rooftops on her behalf. There are many pets that do not have that advocate speaking out for them; telling the world how wonderful they are. Please, if you are moved by this kitten, trust that your city or town has a rescue or shelter filled with kitties that are equally fabulous and equally deserving of the warmth, kindness and love that this lucky little one has found.

    • Oh my goodness! I am all teary…what a big heart you have! It truly looks like Tuesday and Pete are purring right along with their sweet baby kitty–they are beaming.

    • I also rescued an FIV kitty. He is a big old sweet orangie and lives quite nicely with my FIV negative cats. I was concerned about transmission until I did research too. It is not a death sentence and these babies have just as much a right to live as any other kitty. Good luck!

    • I have three shelter cats whom we truly cherish. And by the way, I clicked on the websites of Tuesday and Pete. Grace, you are right–they are extremely talented artists. In fact, I am going to order some of their fantastic prints right now–both as a way of bringing some great art into my home, and also as a way of showing support for two kindhearted people who are giving a loving home to a sweet little kitten. If you haven’t already done so, click on Tuesday and Pete’s websites (link in body of story, above) and check out their wonderful artwork.

    • God Bless you both Tuesday and Pete. You are thoughtful and generous human beings and we need more people like you.

    • Phew! Thank goodness for Tuesday and Pete!! I was sitting there last night trying to figure out how to get the cat to LA so I could take it!

    • That is the best news ever! Congrats and best wishes to Tuesday, Pete, and their new kitty!


      THANK YOU,

    • There is nothing more heartwarming than the purr of a cat. I hope Tuesday & Pete enjoy every moment with their new Kitty.
      A great story initiated by one selfless act that has touched the hearts of responsible pet owners around the world. It is a wonderful world with people like you in it.

    • Kudos to the proud parents who adopted this cutie. I had a lovely cat who was FIV positive. She lived another 7 happy and healthy years after I adopted her.
      Best of luck to all!

    • Don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many posts for one subject before, glad to see I’m not the only cat lady around! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO releived she has found a home! My cats and I prayed for a happy ending as we were too far to adopt her, so happy for this wonderful ending, maybe the tears will stop now…! : )

    • Willa Cather wrote: “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”

      Cheers to you, Grace, and good health and every happiness to this gorgeous kitten and her (very hip and cute) new parents. I am reading this post w/my two tuxedo kitties, Jenson and Olivia, we love a happy ending!

      We love Design*Sponge, too! We (seriously, the cats + I) read it every morning, gives us something to admire and inspires wishes with morning coffee. All best to you and yours, Grace, and thanks for bringing the daily style into life!

      xo from PDX, Joni, Jenson + Olivia

    • At her age, there is a reasonably good chance that she is carrying FIV antibodies she got from her + mom, but she herself is not +. Where I work, we wait to FIV test kittens until they are 6 mos or older and have had a chance to lose those antibodies. Whoever takes her should retest her in a few months. She’s probably negative. Good luck!

    • yeah, just sitting at my desk first thing in the morning crying. So glad she found a home. Thanks for your generosity Grace, Aaron, Tuesday and Pete.

    • grace!! that kitty is so sweet and adorable.. so happy to hear that she has found a home. what a happy little baby and i hope she has a full life in her new family.

    • You are so wonderful for helping this kitty! My husband and I found ourselves in a similar situation in Brooklyn last summer and were lucky enough to find a no-kill shelter that specialized in FIV cats. Just like you, the vet told us to put the cat down. She said there were too many “adoptable” cats that deserved homes so why waste space on an FIV kitty. I’m so glad we didn’t listen and I’m glad you didn’t either. Hooray for you and this baby cat!!

    • I just had a déjà vu moment reading this heart warming post. I also had a black & white kitty crying outside my front door – but instead of an infected eye, it was her front paw that was in bad shape. I went through each phase of your story – ER vet appointment, kitty surgery, anxious waiting in the lobby, and instant yearning for kitty snuggle time. I was committed to getting her better – despite my cat allergy – and just couldn’t help but love her! She’s been with me ever since. I’ve since saved 6 other stray cats; 2 have become BW’s partners in crime/wrestle buddies & the other 4 have found loving forever homes. Hooray indeed for 2nd chances and purrring cats. PS – how cute are Tuesday & Pete?! They look soooo excited! :)

    • I Love those 2 people who took the cat! They are so incredibly cute and this article made my day!!! Thank God for such nice people!

    • Thank you for listening to your gut and keeping this sweet baby alive! I have had a handful of FIV+ cats over the years and they all lived peacefully with my negative cats; never spreading the disease to any other of my cats. FIV+ cats can live happy, full lives and are a special blessing to anyone who shares a life with them.

    • Grace, you are a dear, and a real champion for pets in need. I can certainly attest to the fact that FIV+ cats can live a long and healthy life–our Sammy certainly did. I’m so glad that little kitten found you, and through your efforts, a loving home.

    • I am late reading this, but it warms my heart. I am teary and touched by your actions Grace…what a beautiful thing you did. So happy that sweet kitty found a forever home, thanks to you!!

    • This story made me so sad and then so so happy to learn she’d found a loving home. Were it not for my crotchety, territorial old lady cat I’d have offered to drive down and pick her up.

      Thank you for taking such good care of the sweet little girl.

    • Grace, What a beautiful and heroic thing, saving this kitten’s life. This post had me in tears, and I’m sure many others were equally touched by this story. So happy she found a forever family. Our boy Romeo was FIV+ and lived a long (17yrs) and happy life. May this kitty, too.

    • I am so glad there are people like you that are willing to open their hearts (and pockets) to rescue kitties and also to the folks that open their hearts to adopt. That little kitty wouldn’t have lived if it weren’t for you. Thank you for stepping up.

    • YOU, my dear, are a design HERO!!!
      and i have all the faith in the world that she will live her 9 lives out happily, FIV+ or not!!!

    • WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I wish all animals could be rescued. I wish that none needed to be even more.

    • Tears of joy right now, seriously. You and Aaron and Tuesday and Pete are GOOD PEOPLE. Love to all, Jen and her rescue kitties Em and Lil.

    • Such wonderful news! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this little sweetie into your home and not giving up on her. I work for a shelter(Bideawee) and we just had an FIV+ boy leave to a wonderful forever family after 2 YEARS with us. Thank goodness for wonderful adopters who see beyond a diagnosis.

    • My cats bring me so much joy and I couldn’t sleep well thinking about this little one and other cats that might be in similar or much worse situations. She suits her new owners!

    • Teared up while reading this and seeing this adorable kitty. Then teared up again while seeing the family photo: so sweet! Thank you everyone for caring for a little lost furry animal. So much meanness out there…The info on FIV is really appreciated even though I now have a dog lest I have another cat. Thank you.

    • I had tears in my eyes reading about this little kitty. It reminds me so much about our cat Roo, who was a stray. She showed up outside of our apartment building, meowing and wanting help but no one would even look at her. I sent my husband out to check on her, and through the course of the day I took her food and water and hid it behind a bush (we had a no-pet policy). I opened the door the next morning and she had climbed the stairs and slept in front of our apartment. My husband couldn’t say no after that, so we took her in. Once we got her to the vet, we were happy to know that she didn’t have FIV, but she did have a permanently broken leg and someone had burned her (she was missing fur on her leg and half of her whiskers were gone). Three years later, she runs around perfectly well because her hip muscles have formed a false joint and I am SO GLAD we broke the rules and took her in.

    • What a wonderful ending! I have a little kitty that I rescued from the ASPCA. I love her so much!
      You did such a wonderful thing!

    • Oh Grace, I’m so glad this story has a happy ending. Our cat, Howard, was found in a similar way, after a snow storm, and I’m so so grateful to the kind people who saved him six years ago. (He could actually be Mischka’s twin.)

    • Grace, you are a sweetheart. How could anyone not have tears in their eyes after reading your story! So glad she found a home. And with such a sweet couple! Many smiles :)

    • what a great blog community here at d*s. so glad the kitty has found a forever family. i have a little rescue dog who was most likely abused and he’s a handful at times but i adore him. i would love to have a cat again but he seems to think they are toys to chase. :P

    • What a wonderful thing you did! I love anyone who loves cats!!!!!!! Hope she lives a long happy life!!

    • I have loved your blog from the start, Grace, and now I know another reason why… this story about the kitty rescue shows your true colors… so kind, resourceful, persistent, loving. Ahhhh, it’s like a wonderful rain shower after a period of dry days… the entire world looks brighter and more refreshed. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    • Yay for saving her. Yay for the wonderful response, and her new lucky people. My FIV+ fellow, Oswald, passed this last June, and I still can’t even talk about him without a huge lump in my throat – best. kitty. ever. He was found in the desert not far from Bakersfield, dehydrated, starving, and mostly bald, with a dislocated tail, partially healed broken hips, and scars on his body like a road map. Took a year to grow most of his hair back, and he was a clumsy funny soul who climbed fences with brute strength and couldn’t even jump onto the table due to his funky hips. Never met a creature (or a person, for that matter) more loving, gentle, funny, and delightful as Oswald. RIP buddy.

    • So glad she found her home! I had a similar situation with a kitten i rescued who had feline herpes and over came it. Then after i had her for four months and took her in for her spay, i also got her tested. She tested positive for FeLV. The shelter told me that only 95% make it past a year. My vet was the one who told me that wasn’t true and i decided to keep her and made adjustments for her to share my home with my other FeLV- cat. She is almost 2 now and has no problems and is a joy to have. I will never regret keeping her. Although FeLV can be a little more serious than FIV, there are some that live to their teens with no issues as well :)

    • Fantastic news! All of our kitties are rescues of one kind or another (wandering stray, former feral, kittens of ferals, shelter cat, etc).

    • I just want to mention Fiv+ in kittens sometimes disappears when the cat is retested. This happened with one of my rescues from Animal Care and Control. I asked to pull a kitten (I’m part of Brooklyn Animal Action) and they told me the kitten was fiv+; I said fine, I would adopt it anyway and since I have been able to adopt out fiv+ cats before so it didn’t worry me, much (yes, it is harder to adopt out an fiv+cat, but most neutered cats aren’t prone to biting down to the bone which is how it would be transmitted). I took her in and let her romp with my kitties who are all friendly and no one fights. I had her retested about a month later and now she is Negative! Yeah! Fiv and felv can both show up in kittens from their mom’s antibodies but the kitten if fed well, taken care of and kept out of a stressful life can overcome it. Their own antibodies fighting. So hoorah for this story, but do have the cat tested again!

    • Grace, will you be going back to the apartment building to locate her siblings? Where there is one, there is more. At the very least there is an unfixed Momma there.Perhaps some TNR (trap neuter return) is needed in your area? Neighborhood Cats has good TNR in NYC info if needed. Would hate for more kitties to be out there.

    • What a nice thing you did and what a cute family that kitty ended up with. Nice work…I love a happy ending

    • SO VERY HAPPY she found a good home, and you ARE a serious and devoted animal lover. I hope for her a long and happy life and know of at least one FIV Pos cat who lived very many years.
      I have 5 kitties, and seriously am thinking of rescuing a stressed out shelter cat, or I would have helped……all my regards and hugs!

    • this story warmed my heart.. completely. i adopted a kitten with an onslaught of issues- scarred eyes from awful infection, horrid sinus issues, and fiv. he spent nine months being pampered and livin’ like a king before he passed. you did such a wonderful thing- i can’t say thank you enough for being such a kick butt animal lover. (:

    • As a couple other people have noted, kittens can test FIV+ because of antibodies in the mother’s milk, but they aren’t actually positive for the disease. In most cases they will test negative by the time they are six months old. Great work finding the kitty a home :)

    • FYI as a catowner with a cat that has FIV and two others that don’t you can safely house a cat with FIV as long as the others have been vaccinated against it. All cats should be vaccinated against it anyway if they go outside at all. I’m glad you found the vet a home but dissapointed that the vet didn’t bother to tell you that all you had to do was have your own cats vaccinated against it and it would be safe to take the new stray home.

      • melanie

        i appreciate that you rescued your sweet FIV kitty, but i actually did have a vet talk to me about vaccines and she claimed it’s only 70% effective (if they’re docile and don’t fight, which my cats do) and that it’s not effective against all strains of FIV, which was what i read online when i researched it, too.


    • I’m so happy to hear about her finding a home! Thank you Grave, I love you even more now :-) and all the best to the kitten and the new owners – BIG THANKS for taking her in!

    • I am so teary-eyed and thrilled that this story has such a wonderfully happy ending. Big love to the kitten and her proud parents. They are AwEsOmE!

    • You are a kindred spirit Grace…all animals in need, need people like you to go that extra mile…good on you! They can’t tell us what they are thinking but I bet that pussy cat thanks you a thousand purry times!

    • There is a special place in the universe for people who care about unloved and sick animals. I just rescued a stray cat who is now up to date on all medical but turned out to be FIV positive. He’s so loving and desperately needs a home as well. What you guys did for that cat was wonderful!

    • I’m so glad your kitty found a forever home. I too am in a similar situation. I had a kitty show up here in mid December. She came in and I had a nice little area for her to sleep. My other three kitties seem to be fine with her. I was able to get some help and have her spayed and shots and testing for a smaller fee due to the help of a friend. When she was tested for feline leukemia and FIV. I was soon to find out she was FIV positive. My heart sunk when I got the news. I was very concern for my three other older kitties. I know that they have a vaccine now for the fiv. I’m a little nervous about the whole uncertain of conflicting research on it. I wish I could keeper, but I’m so torn. I will have her retested in 3 months.

      • judy

        please email me if you need any help– FIV is really not a threat to your other cats if they’re all pretty calm. it is mainly spread through bites (blood/saliva). i spoke with professionals at best friends animal rescue and they assured me my other cats would have been totally fine if they weren’t fighters. (my cat IS a fighter so that’s why i couldn’t keep her). please please consider keeping her if you can. your other cats will be totally ok if they aren’t regular aggressive fighters.


    • You are so so so sweet!! We found a sweet little 8 week old abandoned kitten that was under our porch. My husband had to take out 5 porch floor boards to put a live trap so we could rescue it. We took her to the vet right away to see how she was health wise, I’m so happy to report she is very healthy! She has free of cancer, cat aids, FIV, ear mites and fleas. For being abandonded she was astoundingly in good shape. We first said we would keep her and look for a loving forever home for her….turns out we have fallen for her! Our dog loves and and our cat isn’t too happy about her…..but we believe she will come around! We are very happy that Shebadia choose us!! (:

    • Oh my god! I wish i could take this kitty in but i live in Wisconsin and already own a hedgehog!

    • i would love to adopt her! but i already own a 7 week old labrador/weiner dog mix. she is good with dogs and other animals and im only 9 years old and maybe just maybe i can adopt her when i grow up….actually i will adopt her when i grow up.the only thing i dont know about my dog is if she is good with cats…