pink: having a moment

by Grace Bonney

Can we talk for a second about how pink is having the craziest moment ever? I have never been a big pink person (I was more of a purple girl growing up), but for the past year I have been squealing like an idiot any time I find something in a super-saturated shade of pink. I’m not sure what it is, but this color has a hold on me like no other. Yet, oddly, while I was walking around Brooklyn yesterday, I picked up a dishtowel with pink stitching and found myself mouthing a rather lackluster, “Wheee . . .” I know some people will think pink jumped the shark long ago, but I think pink is only beginning to see the end of its trend moment.

It will, of course, return, but something is starting to shift internally for me, and I’m feeling pulled toward softer “spa” colors like pale aqua-green and soft, butter yellows. Perhaps my humiliating elementary school wardrobe of Laura Ashley jumpsuits is finally coming back to haunt me (so much pale yellow!), but these softer colors are creeping in and making me think twice about bright pinks right now. So as an early farewell to bright pink, I wanted to celebrate with a little pink explosion in the form of this Chinatown photograph by Horacio Rodriguez. In the next few months, I’m sure the moment will come when I won’t want pink anywhere near me, but for now, this still makes me smile. Click here to pick up a mini-print version of this photo ($20.80) online. xo, grace

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  • I love seeing soft pink that’s not baby pink, like in this beautiful photo… I happen to prefer bright pink though. I wrote about the much-discussed tangerine on my site… The right shade of soft pink with tangerine would be a fun mix-up.

  • Sometimes I feel like my blog is about my love affair with pink. And houndstooth. And purple. I can’t get enough! I love this photo!

  • Grace, you must be from the Richmond, VA area. Those Laura Ashley jumpsuits were the absolute rage here. I didn’t think anywhere else caught on to that mess of a trend!

  • I never got into pink while growing up, but I am definitely making up for lost time now! Dusty rose has to be my favorite shade, but a bright pink brings out my inner 8 year old and a little giggle and hop may ensue.

  • I was just discussing my recent pink moments with my other half the other day – as green is my favourite colour I think part of the draw is that apple or lime green look great with bright hot pink.

  • Think pink!! I am always in love with pink at this time of year, but this year especially! Love it!! (I am also quite prone to sparkly things right now? Anyone else, or just me attracted to shiny objects!)

  • We had pink uniforms when we were in high school so I was bought up to hate the colour pink, but like you I’ve been really drawn to the colour pink lately, not pure pink, but more coral pink and musty pink.

  • Something’s in the air for sure. I too am completely obsessed with intense pink right now, even though I’m not a pink person. In particular I’m loving neon pink. Love it combined with neutrals like natural linen and kraft paper brown colours.

  • Hi Grace – This is going to sound so weird and incredibly stalker-ish but we were in the same third grade class at KGES and I totally remember your jumpsuit(s) and loved them :) I had a similar one as well. Haha. Ok, hope I didn’t weird you out. Congrats on your successes!