lots of love (decals)

by Grace Bonney

I can’t think this morning. I can barely tear myself away from the bedroom because inside, tucked away in a little carrier, is a kitten we rescued yesterday. Sunday afternoon I was working on my laptop when I heard a series of tiny high-pitched mews outside that sounded urgent and scared. I thought it was a bird and then stood up to listen more closely and realized it was definitely a cat. I threw on my vest and flew outside to discover a sickly little kitten crying its heart out and trying to get warm. Aaron and I spent the better part of the afternoon tempting it with tuna, milk and cat treats until I finally got close enough to pick it up and put it in the carrier. Two heart-breaking hours later, the vet said she was FIV+, and now I’m desperately trying to find her a loving home.* So between her little face, tiny purr and my other cats, all I can think about right now is love — how lucky I am to have the love of my friends, family and, most of all, my closest furry companions. They are the real glue in my life; they hold everything together during ups and downs. All I can think about is finding a home for this kitten so she can show someone how much love she has to give (the vet could barely hear her heartbeat because she was purring so loudly during the exam).

These Valentine’s Day cards from Shanna Murray really sum up how I’m feeling this morning. “For Keeps” keeps repeating in my head as I try to find a home for our new rescue. If you’re looking to send someone a sweet note to remind them how much you care, click here to order some of Shanna’s pretty new metallic and neon cards. xo, grace

*More info on the kitten coming this afternoon. I’m hoping someone in the D*S community can give her a forever home (I will happily drive her anywhere within the tri-state area and pay for all vet bills). Stay tuned for that post at 10am.

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  • Oh bless! You are so wonderful, Grace! How lucky this little kitten was to be found by you! We just adopted a kitten from the Humane Society in December and we are so lucky to have him! I *know* you will find a loving home for the little one–this community is so great!

  • Poor thing! You’re such a sweetie, Grace. Good thing you have a FEW friends to call on–get ready for an outpouring of cat lovers!

  • For anyone considering taking the kitten – please do not be discouraged by the fact the she is FIV+. We have an FIV+ cat and apart from the odd eye infection he is perfectly fine and happy and we love him to death. Yes, he will probably leave us sooner than a healthy cat but that does not mean he isn’t having the best/happiest life possible right now. If you already have other cats it might be a serious consideration because there is a chance she might infect them but if you don’t and are thinking about adopting the kitten do not be deterred by the FIV.

  • You are amazing.
    Once in a similar situation of rescuing a feral kitten, he, too, purred so loudly at the vets that they could barely hear his heartbeat. A cat who, hours before, was petrified of humans. It’s such a reinforcement of the love we receive from our pets. I hope that kitten finds a great home – you are so kind to offer to drive and pay vet bills. Good luck!!!

  • this made me tear up a bit, I have such a soft spot for animals who are lonely & left behind–how they must feel! Lucky for the little kitty, you were there to help it out–I’m sure it appreciates you. If I didn’t have 2 cat princesses already I’d grab her up! Good luck! I hope someone wants her to keep!

  • I was watching the kitty drama unfold on Twitter, and it just breaks my little heart! I would totally bus it down to NYC to take her if I didn’t have an elderly cat at home. Kitty rescues are the most uplifting and most heartbreaking, all at once…

  • You are an absolute sweetheart. I really hope that someone just as wonderful decides to take that kitten home and give it some well deserved love. Bless you and your big heart.