top 5 sites for design inspiration

by Kate Pruitt

Whenever I get stuck in a creative rut, I like to step away from what I’m doing and see something new. Sometimes I’ll head to a gallery or museum, but often I’ll find myself wandering the aisles of a hardware store, salvage shop or flea market — just to see some stuff and take in a few new materials, colors and objects. And if I can’t head outside to discover new things, I can always turn to the treasure trove of visual curiosities, creative marvels and endless inspiration found online. This week at MyLifeScoop, I’ve rounded up my five favorite sites for design inspiration, and I hope you find them as useful as I do when you need a little creativity pick-me-up. You can read the full post here. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above by Tony Martin.

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  • Kate, thank you for posting this information! It made a nice break in my crafting day :-)
    I craft and work, and I like to take small inspirational breaks to lift my mood to a higher level – your suggested links did it! Thank you :-)

  • When I go to MyLife Scoop to read the entire article, I can only see 3 of the 5 sites suggestions. :( What am I doing wrong?

  • Susan, I had the same issue. For me, refreshing, then clicking page 2 again worked, showing me not the last two sites, but all five. Funky, but it worked.