matter matters

by Grace Bonney

I’ll never forget the day my local Matter store in Park Slope closed. My weekly design destination sadly moved across the river to Manhattan, but it has been on a roll ever since. I’m always excited to get their newsletter with updates, and the most recent one contained some seriously beautiful work. A few of my favorite pieces from this update are the incredible gold candlesticks from Lindsey Adelman, an airy Bubblebank for change and Jamie Gray’s Shaker Chair. The classic stools from Sawkille (below) are beautiful, too. Really solid, timeless pieces like this are totally up my alley these days. Click here to check out and shop Matter’s most recent additions. xo, grace

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  • I absolutely love the bubble bank, but I would hate to have to break it open, especially considering that it is not likely to contain the $300 that I had spent on it.

  • These designs are very nice, especially the bank. I’d like to offer a suggestion, and it may just be me, but when there is a lot of white in a photo, I’d love a dark background. I spent a good minute trying to figure out what the candleholders were since the white candles fade into the white background. Not a criticism–I’ve found nothing to criticize your great blog about–it’s always the highlight of my morning email opening. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Hanukkah.

    • linda

      i’m afraid i can’t help what the product photos are styled like- that’s the shot that came with their press release, sorry.