heath ceramics + alabama chanin

by Grace Bonney

When Heath Ceramics introduces something new, chances are, I’ll love it. And when they started doing more collaborations with some of my favorite contemporary artists, the chances got better. I love that Heath chooses artists who embrace handmade work from such an interesting perspective, and their recent collaboration with Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin is a new favorite.

Heath and Natalie teamed up to create a beautiful collection of dinnerware and curated place settings that translate Natalie’s unique, gently loved style into timeless pieces that maintain a modern feel. The team at Heath use inscribing tools to hand-etch each design into the pieces between layers of glaze. I love the worn-in feel and think these would remain a family favorite for years to come, which is exactly the sort of classic style I expect from Heath. Click here to check out and shop the new collection online. I think I see a few of these pieces in my cabinet’s future . . . xo, grace

Images: All photography by Angie Mosier.

More images of the collection continue after the jump . . .

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