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2011 gift guides: $100 and under

by Grace Bonney

Today is my final budget-friendly gift guide (there are still more guides to come), and I’m wrapping things up with gifts on the higher end of the price spectrum: $100 and under. For those with a little extra to spend this year, I’ve rounded up some great options, from jewelry and accessories to tabletop goods, gadgets and handmade specialties. I hope you’ll find something here for someone on your list. And if you’re looking for less pricey items, check out this week’s earlier budget guides: $50 and under and $25 and under. Our full gift guide list is right here (11 guides so far). xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Kin Votives, 5 for $58; Striped Leather Gloves, $98; Plumage Pendant, $64; Belle Jewelry Holder, $69; Spider Web in Glass, $69 (no spiders are harmed in harnessing the web); La Sardina Lomography Camera in Domino, $69.99; Cashmere Peace Sign Hot Water Bottle Cover, $98; Maple Burl Frame, $65; 100% Linen Red and Charcoal Striped Tablecloths, $98 each; Walnut Rear Seat Bicycle Case by Rare Wood, $55

Image above, clockwise from top left: Hemp Pouch by Virginia Johnson, $98; Artbreaker Paperweight, $64; Hex Necklace #2, $98; Mano Storage Jar, $59.95; Pig Butter Dish, $68; Snowshoe Pillow by Virginia Johnson, $98; Crystal Bottle Stopper, $55; Agate Plate, $60 for set of 2; Beeswax Bottles Candle Set, $105 (okay, a little over); Selene Bud Vase, $68; Hive Honey Set, $75

The full 30+ product gift guide continues after the jump!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Ceramic Tea Tower, $55; Handmade Wood & Faulk Leather Belt, $85; Indoor/Outdoor Post Planter, $92; Handmade Half Butter Dish, $98

Image above, clockwise from top left: Tip Top Hat, $60; Needlepoint Stripe Flask, $75; Hot Pink Camel Pouch by Virginia Johnson, $98

Image above: Coyote Bookend, $68 each

Image above, left to right: NPG Everyday Napkins, $60 for set of 10 (I love these); Lime Helene Vase, $79

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