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2011 gift guide: ginny’s homebody holidays

by Ginny

This year instead of trimming the tree and hanging stockings, my husband and I have been labeling moving boxes and lovingly wrapping our knickknacks. We are in the process of buying our first home, and all I want for this holiday season is to feel settled in a place where I can plant my roots. Maybe Santa will magically move us and all of our belongings while we sleep. If that’s too tall an order, I wouldn’t mind his elves pitching in to help me clean! At the very least, here are some picks guaranteed to make anyone’s home a little merrier this year. — Ginny Branch

1. Custom Return Address Stamp, $59; 2. iVictrola; 3. Moroccan Wedding Quilt; 4. Cire Trudon Louise Wax Candle; 5. Handmade Home, $29.95; 6. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins, $59; 7. Carron Cream Enamel Wood Stove, $1254; 8. Library Trunk by Timothy Oulton, $1495; 9. Merry Maids Cleaning Service; 10. Beeswax Bottle Gift Set, $105; 11. Wallpaper Samples from Secondhand Rose; 12. Complete Set of Observer Books

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