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2011 gift guide: bbbcraft sisters’ natural gifts

by The BBB Craft Sisters

Our family loves a gift theme. We have given knitting, crafts, cooking, sewing and even butcher shop-inspired gifts in years past. This year we are excited by the multitude of handcrafted, naturally sourced and locally focused gifts available (many of which come from our hometown of Portland, OR!). “Natural” is a rather broad, all-encompassing term that we use to mean original and small-scale, made with materials often relating to nature and closer to something made by man than by machine. Though we did throw in our favorite nail polish — free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or parabens — in a festive, party-perfect red. And for the day after the party? The Beekman Lump of Kohl skin detox treatment bar scented with frankincense and myrrh — fit for a king and just about the best stocking stuffer we could ever imagine. — bbbcraft sisters

1. Birdseed Snowflake Ornament, $16; 2. Denim and Canvas Waterproofing Wax, $12.95; 3. Petrified Wood Tray, starts at $65; 4. Beekman Lump of Kohl Skin Detox Bar, $15; 5. Pinecone Garland, $48; 6. Dansk Pepper Mill, $40; 7. Scout Books, $10; 8. Tatine Garden Forest Candle, $32; 9. Ethically Mined Fair Trade Gold Hummingbird Necklace, $246; 10. Tourne Eraser, $1.50; 11. Nikki McClure’s To Market, To Market, $17; 12. Butter Natural Nail Polish in “Come Back to Bed” Red, $14; 13. Handmade Beeswax Taper Candle, $7.90; 14. The Good Flock Pendleton Wool iPad Case, $55; 15. Serving Board, $164

16. Napkin Rings, $30; 17. Wood Teether ABCs, $20; 18. Wood Wall Art, $100; 19. Wood & Faulk Leather Camera Strap, $49

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