big news: the portland bazaar dec 10 + 11!

by Grace Bonney

Today I am thrilled to announce a special project that I’ve been working on since my trip out west this summer: The Portland Bazaar! After an inspiring month spent in Portland, Oregon, I found myself wondering why Portland didn’t have its own version of The Brooklyn Flea. Portland is positively teeming with talented woodworkers, metalsmiths, designers, bakers and chefs, so it seemed like the perfect city to host a recurring curated event that celebrates artisans of all types. I brought up the idea over dinner at Biwa with my friends Matt (Wood & Faulk) and Greg (Antler & Co.), and the three of us decided to team up and start one ourselves! Cut to a few weeks later, and we’d come up with a name, our mission, a list of dream vendors, a location and a date: The Portland Bazaar: December 10th and 11th, 2011!

To kick off the very first Portland Bazaar, we’re holding a curated holiday fair on December 10th and 11th at Sandbox Studio in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to celebrate the high-quality handmade work being produced in Portland’s incredible creative community. In addition to offering a curated selection of vendors in a wide range of categories — clothing, accessories, home goods, books (Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis will be at the Reading Frenzy booth to sign copies of Wildwood!), music, vintage wares, fine art, food and spirits — the Bazaar will also offer live music performances from local bands, unique demonstrations and classes, including whiskey & gin tastings and DIY workshops on how to make holiday wreaths from Portland flora taught by our own Amy Merrick (stay tuned for class times/signups)!

To complement the excitement happening inside the Bazaar, the street in front of Sandbox Studio will be closed to traffic and lined with some of Portland’s finest food trucks. We aim to provide each and every guest with not only great holiday gift options and DIY ideas but also tasty snacks and drinks.

The Portland Bazaar will feature 50+ carefully chosen sellers who wonderfully represent the city’s creative community, but we are going to add a handful of vendors to the final lineup this week, so if you’re interested in joining us (food carts included), drop us a line right here. Want to join us for some of the best holiday shopping around? The details are below. See you next month! xo, grace

The Portland Bazaar
December 10th + 11th, 2011
9am–6pm both days
Located inside Sandbox Studio (420 NE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR)
More info (full vendor list, maps, etc.) at the Portland Bazaar website

Vendors: Wood & Faulk, Antler & Co., Ampersand, Beam & Anchor, Phloem Studio, The Official OMFG Co., Alder & Co., Frazier & Wing, OLO, Bridge & Burn, Studio Olivine, The Good Flock, Haunt, Satsuma Press, Sketchbook, Pigeon Toe, Poler, Scout Books, Seaworthy, Julianna Swaney, Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., Caravan Pacific, stone and honey, Favor Jewelry, Little Otsu, Walnut Studio, Pinball Publishing, Reading Frenzy, Shwood Shop, Beckel Canvas Products, Confectionery, Eden, Grove, Old School Stationers, SPACECRAFT, Maak Soap Lab, Heartwood, Egg Press, Una, Kim Boyce and more . . .
Events: There will be live music performances, craft classes, demonstrations and food/drink tastings each day. Stay tuned for the full schedule and sign-ups.
Food + Drink: The street in front of the Bazaar will be shut down for food trucks and coffee carts serving delicious local treats.

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    • carrie

      i can only be in so many places at once. portland stole my heart this summer so i wanted to do something to give back and celebrate that community for being so supportive of me when i was in town ;)


  • What a grand idea! Of course it’s the same weekend and just blocks away from Crafty Wonderland’s annual Holiday Sale at the Convention Center. Oh the choices!

  • So awesome!! Can’t wait to go. Now we just need to get going on a year-round GOOD flea market : )

  • I need more time to save up before this! I have often wondered why we don’t have something like Brooklyn Flea. Maybe this is a good step towards that. Thanks, Grace!

    • andrea (and everyone else)-

      thanks so much! i hope to see you all there. i’m bringing d*s team members kate pruitt and amy merrick with me, so there will be a lot of craftyness happening ;)

      portland does now have a monthly flea you can check out: http://www.facebook.com/PortlandFlea (it hadn’t started in july when we discussed making the bazaar)

      there are a lot of great shopping options in portland for the holidays, so i hope you’ll be able to give them all a visit :)


  • thank you so much for putting this together. you really are a dream come true! i’m so excited to attend {& bring a handful of friends!} hopefully i can squeeze into amy’s class too!

  • I’m with you, Rena – I’m looking at flying in! Brilliant idea, D*S team.

    Grace, are there any entrance or additional fees? Didn’t see anything posted on the official site about it, but thought I’d double check.

    I can already tell that I’ll be spending a lot on actual items (and food!) and want to make sure my budget can swing this…

    • Hi Diana

      For attendance? No. Some of the classes will charge to cover materials fees but the main event is free and demos will most likely be free (as will the music) :)


  • this is so exciting! another reason to make the drive down to pdx. any plans to do something like this in Seattle?

  • Oh, the excitement is palpable. This is the same weekend of Crafty Wonderland…and somehow I have to work both days. (Insert angry scream here!).

  • This looks amazing! I’m a little bummed it’s the same weekend as Crafty Wonderland, but I’m sure I can fit in both :)

  • Hi there! Actually, Portland does have it’s own version of the Brooklyn Flea. This past summer was the first annual Mississippi Flea, held in Portland’s Mississippi neighborhood. We featured high end apparel, accessories, and art, as well as some of Portland’s best vintage boutiques. The event was a huge success and will be held as an annual event, perhaps even occurring monthly during the summer.

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful! Oh, I so wish I could be a vendor or even just go as a shopper… too bad it’s the same weekend as Crafty Wonderland :(

  • Sounds like some folks will have to choose, but I say I’m glad it’s the same day as Crafty Wonderland- I will go to both and make a whole day of it :) Very exciting! I’m glad you’ll have those food carts!

  • Why would you do this the same weekend as a long time, long established, LOCAL, event? I just can’t understand the mentality behind this at all.

    • John and Kelly

      I feel Portland’s creative community is large enough to handle more than a few art based events on the same weekend. In New York we always have several indie holiday events on the same weekends and the events always seem to support and bolster each other, along with the creative community as a whole. I’m unsure why anyone would assume otherwise.

      To make sure we didn’t overlap, we waited until the Crafty Wonderland event had invited and announced their chosen vendors to invite our group. I wanted to make sure we didn’t effect their show.

      Everyone involved in the Bazaar has been either a member of or supporter of the Portland arts community for many years, so it seems unfair to suggest those people not participating in CW shouldn’t be able to show their work at the same time.

      Personally, this was the first free weekend I had to organize the event based on my book tour schedule- and to delay it a week until December 17th seemed like it would be cutting it too close to give the vendors the best chance of sales.

      I know Portland is a smaller city, but I feel strongly that the arts community is strong enough and talented enough to both support and understand the reason for multiple events celebrating local makers.


  • I want to be excited about this, because it sounds great. But with Crafty Wonderland, a long standing Portland tradition, featuring local artists, the same weekend as this, I can’t.

  • @John @Kelly, this is a local event. Greg and I are here working on this event just as hard as Grace. The three of us are helping promote local designers that produce much of their work in this town. I can’t imagine why anyone would be worried that a smaller event would be on the same weekend. There’s nothing to be upset about – we just want everybody happy.

  • Personally, I think it is great that the Portland Bazaar is the same weekend as CW. I can go to both, with a break for lunch in between! For people to say this is not a local show is ridiculous and misleading. Cool your jets people, lets be happy for a weekend with 2 great holiday sales!

  • It is not local, the organizer doesn’t live here. Portland is not New York. Have your event in the town you live in.

  • If you won’t post my comments, maybe I should send them to the Portland Mercury. They might enjoy a story about a New Yorker coming in and splitting the market from a grass roots local sale.

  • Jane, you don’t know what you are talking about – frankly, you should just pipe down and go to the crappy wonderland, this event is being hosted by the best of Portland, and the items that will be sold are actually rad instead of the worthless chotchkies that CW will be hawking. #occupybazzar

  • Look. How long do you plan on blissing out at Crafty Wonderland? Yes it is awesome. Yes it is an institution. I can’t believe the general apathy and crabbiness about having some really talent artisans showcase their wares on the same weekend – if anything you guys should be grateful there is so much prolific design and craft going on in the city right now.

  • @Jane, I can understand if you don’t want to attend, but saying it’s not local is wrong. Two of the three organizers and 100% of the vendors are Oregon residents. I know our vendors are quite happy to have the support and far-reaching voice of Design*Sponge to bring attention to Portland, where all the sales that our vendors make go directly to them and into our local economy. Grace is a huge supporter of Portland and this is a perfect example of her supporting our city. So yes, please go tell the Mercury.

  • The degree of outrage expressed here by some is ridiculous. How is competition not healthy? Will the existence of two (very different) craft fairs actually burden the community of independant makers, artisans and shops or will it serve as a broader stage on which to highlight our town’s artistic population?
    For you naysayers, were you aware that Crafty Wonderland turned down approximately 100 vendors who they would have otherwise accepted due to the constraint of not having enough allocated space?
    The Portland Bazaar presents another venue for those rejected by CW for space reasons (and other local companies) who now have an opportunity to bolster their businesses with local holiday sales.
    Grace Bonney and Design Sponge have been instrumental for years in highlighting Portland’s creative community and, regardless of whether or not Ms. Bonney actually resides here, the Portland Bazaar is another opportunity for Portland to be showcased on a local and national level.
    Besides, for shoppers, taking on two fairs in two days seems entirely reasonable, not to mention that they’re practically within a stone’s throw of each other.

  • I’m so excited to be a part of the Portland Bazaar and also so excited it’s the same weekend as Crafty Wonderland. What a great opportunity to make a day of it! There are also 6 other sales (that I know of) sharing the same weekend. ‘Tis the season for community and sharing. Lets all be friends!

  • I fear that the underlying, unsaid message of this whole event is expressed by Tim. This event assumes that CW artists are hayseeds and Portland needs a New Yorker to come in and show us how to throw a sophisticated event.
    It leaves a terrible feeling in my stomach.
    Thanks for bringing this attitude to Portland, not to mention further damaging the occupy movement’s message with your nastiness.

  • @everyone – I just want to clarify that I don’t actually think Crafty is Crappy – I just peeved when I see someone calling what is clearly a PDX event something less than upstanding. Portland can handle both of these great events in a weekend and we can all benefit from the increase in exposure both of them offer to the community.

    Booya <3

  • Also – @jane, I DO NOT speak for this event, but for myself – you seem to be speaking on behalf of all of Portland, Crafty Wonderland and the Occupy movement, and have essentially spammed this board all day with nasty accusations about the intentions of an event that’s clearly pro PDX, pro Artisan and pro Lets have some FUN! I truly hope you stop by and check it out, you just might have some fun :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • I don’t want to be a hater. But I know I and most of my friends agree with Jane. Local artisans work really hard to prepare for Crafty Wonderland and planning your event on the same weekend is really tasteless.

  • There is a an event planned for every weekend through the rest of the year. I don’t understand why Crafty Wonderland has dibs on this. It’s a big world out there. Lots of choices. Would it be better to just have the same event with the same vendors every year? Go where you want, buy want you want. Calm down.

  • @Megan, do you really mean to imply that the LOCAL PORTLAND ARTISANS that constitue 100% of this event are NOT working hard? You are ether blind, deaf or a hater – which is it?

  • Wait, so am I correct in interpreting that people are mad because there will be TWICE the amount of awesome on one weekend?

    I know I’m not the only one who feels that CW is not the appropriate venue for showcasing my work. I was ecstatic to be invited by the bazaar to show and not miss out on the fantastic amt of support our community has for local makers. CW is indeed an institution, which means I would be very surprised if it was affected by another event encouraging the same shop-local principles a stone’s throw away from it (if anything could both not benefit?). It is also my understanding that there will be a shuttle bus going to and from the events to make it easier for people to visit both. Seriously, there’s room for all of us this season – I don’t understand how this conversation has developed into an us vs. them – we have the same goals and mission!

  • SO EXCITED to be a part of this event! As someone who’s new to the Portland, I’m eager to meet my fellow makers and bend their ear about the scene here. There is so much creative energy and talent in this city, I’m glad there are a host of events to showcase it all. We’re having a good time thinking up some fun booth displays, see you soon!

  • Wow Tim. How fascinating that you think PDX artisans are working really hard… but yet might be working really hard on …. worthless, un-rad chotchkies. Your judgement points to an ignorance completely negated by the historical success of that event. You call CW ‘crappy’ but then a day later ‘clarify’ and refer to it as a great event. So what is it, Jekyll? And Jane was spot on by calling you out on attaching your sentiments to a movement active with people that may not necessarily agree with yours at all. BAD TASTE, BRO.
    At any point, without wasting any more time or energy on your self congratulatory douche parade, it bears mentioning that most locals here have no problem supporting multiple art events in the same weekend, particularly when they are locally driven. It’s happened before. Quite frankly and with no offense (you’re totally awesome, Grace…really!), it seems more in line with Portland’s style to shrug off the hype. Portland will support it’s artisans without the pomp and circumstance of being spearheaded by something as ‘far reaching’ as Design*Sponge. I agree that every talented artist should have the opportunity to profit from our community’s willingness and desire to support, but under what circumstances? In a larger city (ahem, like New York perhaps?) a general bolstering effect would definitely occur. However, the fact remains that Portland is not NYC, and this event and it’s timing may well undermine the success of CW this year. I think folks, whether they’re a vendor at CW or not, are entitled to have concern about that without being labeled apathetic, nasty, crabby, or the voice of outrage. At any rate, I’ll see y’all at both events.

  • Yikes! Grace Bonney I for one am REALLY excited about this event, having been a vendor at many different holiday shows in Portland…I hope the arguing taking place here won’t shy you away from coming back! And thanks also to the team of hard workers alongside you. I suppose we all have the right to voice an opinion, and admire Design*Sponge for allowing all the wide range of comments…that takes class ladies and gentlemen! Both shows are fantastic! More for the shoppers!

  • @Kay, If you personally knew Grace, myself or Greg, you would know that none of us have any ‘pomp and circumstance’. We are all just trying to make a fun event for people to enjoy.

    @Lisa, thanks for your support and we’re super happy to have you involved. However, there will be no shuttle between the events as we had hoped. We were asked by CW to not provide this service.

  • I find it amusing that people are complaining about too many events going on at once, whereas i would love to be in Portland able to attend both events. Where I live we dont really have any of these awesome events and I would love the opportunity to attend both! Attacking the organizers who are just trying to open up more opportunities for artisans and vendors is just childish. No one is forcing anyone to go, there are just more choices available now. I think it is a fabulous idea and I hope it inspires more people to start events like this all over the US :) Keep up the good work Design*Sponge Team!

  • @Kay – I made a mistake, pretty sure I already apologized for it, what you want me do, beg? Get down on ma knees for ya? Jane spammed this board with straight up lies about the intentions and organization of this event and it pissed me off to the extent that I matched her lies in kind – not sure either of us can cite higher moral ground at this point but at least I retracted my vitriol a bit – please dont defend her. I have friends selling stuff at both events, I was, in the heat of the moment, simply trying to push her buttons ;)

    Also, and quite frankly, the idea that my #occupybazzar tag was actually a political statement, and that I am somehow providing confusion within the occupy movement is providing me with a solid St. Nick style chuckle right now. I fully support it, but the last thing the movement has going fro it right now is clarity of message and that has nothing to DO with my post – silly.

    Do you REALLY think any single customer plans to spend more than 8 hours on BOTH days at either of these events? Now THAT is really laughable. I realize it’s hard to perceive from the perspective of someone who has a booth at CW (or maybe Jane is just assuming that she would be involved in both events if it they did in fact to fall on a separate weekends?) but most of your customers are going to be at CW for an hour, 2 hours tops – Bazaar wont be stealing any sales from CW, and neither will CW from Bazaar – cant we all just get along?

    Happy Holidays,

    – Tim

  • Omg grace you read my mind. I love the idea of going to both this event and cw. The more the merrier right? Thanks for bringing this event to pdx! Ps haters will hate. Hope this doesn’t discourage from an event next year.

  • I am SO excited and support this event 100%! Cant wait to see it all and congratulate those who are making it happen. Thank you.

  • I think I met you when I asked (during a wreath making workshop) whether or not you knew where I might find a wire wreath frame. You suggested Portland Flower Market in Swan Island, and that if I wanted to join the workshop there might be space the following day? Anyhow, as I walked from you back to my friend who invited me to the bazaar, she said, “oh my gosh! I think that was THE WOMAN WHO ORGANIZED THIS WHOLE THING!” a little in awe that I had the courage to engage you in conversation. I thought, how cool is this that crafters/designers have now reached rock-n-roll celebrity status? And the crazy part is, I’m so out of the ‘loop’ that I didn’t really know this super strong community even existed! The bazaar gave me the same kind of creative kick in the pants that I get every time I have the opportunity to visit NYC. When I see the work of others, I remember that I have this same crafty blood driving me as so many others do, and I feel kind of like I’ve found my kin (as dorky as that sounds!) Bottom line, I left on Saturday, came straight home, and created for hours. I called some friends, planned some creative projects with them, and tweaked my kids rooms here and there before they got back from their dad’s. I got my groove back. Just needed a little reminder of how that felt. Thanks so much.