30 Tech Gifts Under $50

by Kate Pruitt

It’s getting rather chilly in my apartment, and that means two things: 1. My cat is about to plop himself inches away from the space heater and remain there for the better part of four months, and 2. I need to start preparing for the impending holiday season! I must admit that gift shopping has become a bit easier in the age of smart phones, tablets and apps — just get everyone on your list a cute case and call it a day!

In all seriousness, there are definitely some creative, thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts out there for the tech-lovers on your list, and I’ve started rounding them up over at MyLifeScoop. This week, I’m focusing on gifts under $50, but stay tuned for the slightly more luxurious and large-scale presents in subsequent weeks. Hopefully there will be something great for everyone on your list, minus your heat-hoarding cat :) Click here for the full post, including all the item information and prices. Enjoy! — Kate

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