tool & tack pop-up shop

by Kate Pruitt


Sadly, I have yet to visit the state of Texas; if there were ever a time to plan a trip, this is it! Some of our dear friends — including our very own DIY expert Matt Pierce — are collaborating on this incredibly awesome-looking gentleman’s pop-up shop called Tool & Tack, which will happen this Saturday, October 15th at Gray Duck Gallery in Austin. According to Natalie Davis and Ben Runkle, the duo behind Canoe and hosts of the event, Tool & Tack will feature a highly curated selection of hand-tooled leather goods, heritage American clothing, handmade bow ties and waxed canvas bags, plus a dang good time. If you’re within walking, biking, driving or any other kind of traveling distance, you should definitely check it out! — Kate

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  • You’ve never been to Texas!? That’s crazy talk. I work and live in the heart of Austin and it’s a fun, eccentric city. Be sure to hit up Chuy’s for some great tex-mex (ask for the creamy jalapeno dip) and Salt Lick for amazing bar-b-q!

  • Yes, you must visit Austin – we love it here!

    Now, I will warn you that the Creamy Jalapeno Dip from Chuy’s that Meagan mentioned above is evil. I believe that it has single-handedly been the impetus for more people moving to Austin than any other factor! It’s crack, I tell you!

    I wish your friends the best of luck with their pop-up shop and will pass the news along to my boys!

  • I love hand-tooled leather, cowboy boots, Austin, and this post! It’s so cute (I mean, handsome!). Wish I was local to check it out for my hubby. He’d look pretty cute in that bowtie and he even knows how to tie one himself (which he’s just so proud of).

  • Love this! Perfect timing for the BF’s birthday on Monday. And the D*S book signing is Saturday night–good weekend to be an Austinite.

  • @KB – The knives are made in France by a company called Opinel. I assume there has been some aftermarket craft work performed on the beechwood handles, but just so you know, they are handy and extremely inexpensive. In other words, if you’re paying more than 15 bucks, you’re paying too much.

    Also – they are carbon steel, which means they naturally rust and patina which gives them great character.