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sneak peek: josie curran and barnaby girling

by anne

British stylist Emily Rickard lived in Australia for the past 10 years and just packed up her life and moved to New York for the next chapter. Before crossing the oceans, she stopped on home turf and teamed up with photographer Anthea Williamson to capture the amazing river home of Josie Curran and Barnaby Girling. The houseboat is situated on an island in the Thames, just a short commute via train to London. A mix of super-vibrant colors and quirky flea market finds, the colors reflect how happy the family has been to start their life together there and welcome their two children, Herbie and Kitty. The home is undoubtedly an inspiration for Josie’s writing and Barnaby’s work as a creative director. They’re getting ready to move on to their next chapter, as well, but we’re thrilled to share this place before they find their roots in a new home. Thanks so much to Josie and to Emily for helping coordinate and assisting with the descriptions while Josie is busy with their new three-month-old. — Anne

Image above: A multi-coloured reading “nook” is home to a salvaged armchair and shelves full of Josie’s many books. Josie has a talent for mixing bold, big colours and creating playful spaces. “Kiss Her” print by Bianca Hall.

Image above: In the master bedroom, “Silence” reigns over the bed, a Bianca Hall limited-edition glitter print.

The rest of Josie’s river home continues after the jump!

Image above: This nurtured armchair passed down from Josie’s grandmother sits on the deck, soaking up the afternoon riverside sun.

Image above: The antique writing desk in the master bedroom, where Josie creates new ideas for each of her books, is also a visual delight, with an antique mirror, jewelery and trinkets.

Image above: The surf-specific art on the walls hints of Barney’s passion for the wave.

Image above: As the doors open at the front and back of the house, the family gets to really experience living on the river in the true sense.

Image above: In Herbie’s nursery, the vintage cot reveals Josie’s knack for the perfect flea market find.

Image above: Collectibles give even the bathroom a nautical feel.

Image above: This brightly colourful Madonna artwork was a chance find — an ex-prop from the backdrop of Fame Academy.

Image above: A colourful kitchen makes for year-round fun in the playful family home.

Image above: Josie and Barney have the traditional megaphone on hand, an essential item for life on the water.

Image above: A secret garden leads through to the back door of the boat, across a small moat, and through artfully grown shrubbery and flowers.

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